Tuesday, January 27, 2015




其实怀这一胎很明显的比上一胎累和辛苦。我想一定是因为还要24小时照顾我的贴身膏Aden,还有年龄的关系 (所以要生孩子还是早点生好。。)。毕竟怀Aden是3年前的事了,当时体力还算ok。。。Erm 也有可能是上回月子没坐好吧?(决定了这胎要好好坐月子和哺乳更久,上回因为某种原因没办法哺乳很久呢)

(孕妇可会想很多 :P)

Anyway, 这几天除了很累之外,偶尔会想做呕,肚子也会涨的硬硬的很不舒服。脚也开始水肿了。腰酸背痛更不用说!总之整身很不舒服就对了!

胃口方面,还算ok。。目前为止重了7kg =_= 我都提醒自己要控制点,吃得多不如吃的好right?我希望这胎不要像上回那样重。那些脂肪好难好难减啊!

这一胎呢,我也很少出外走动了。怀Aden时我每个星期都会去太平湖走走3-4次。这次就很少了,有心无力啊!要一个人挺着肚子带着Aden我不敢。。。 因为他很爱我抱,而医生吩咐我最好不要再抱他了,他现在至少有16kg,家里只有他老爸有力气抱得起他罢了。所以为了自己和宝宝的好,我就很少出外走走了(不过到shopping mall 逛逛也算是一种‘运动’吧?哈哈!)




Have a nice day!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Random notes/杂记

If you notice, I don't really have much topics to blog about lately, cause life is pretty boring (yet busy) lately xDD

Anyway, I did have a good rest during the past weekend cause Aden wasn't around, in laws brought him to KL for 2 nights so I sorta had a free and quiet weekend ;)
But I miss him the moment he left, hehehe, kinda confusing la, I look forward to enjoy my weekend with hubby but at the same time, I miss this naughty boy.

Picture taken by SIL

Being pregnant for the second time, I started to eat more healthily (for the sake of the bb and myself cause I am not young anymore, haha), I hope this time around, I won't gain so much weight like the previous one (about 13kg in total), cause those fats are so hard to shed off!! 
Thanks to blogger Eve, I started to consume this grain drinks (which is suitable for everyone) and I love its taste, best of all, it's lactose-free, so much healthier compared to those maternal drinks in the market.
So now, I take this grain drink and the Alpha Lipid milk powder more often, rather than milo or those maternal drinks.

One more month to CNY and I think weather has started to 'change' too, it's been so sunny these few days. Managed to swim a little bit this evening with Aden, swimming is good for preggie like me! ;)

Been addicted to online shopping lately :p Not for clothes though. I need to charge my phone like every night cause I used my phone very frequently. I think I am slowly falling into the group of those 'who cannot survive without phone/wifi', LOL!

Lastly, this Pitu apps is getting viral on social media lately so I decided to join the fun xDD

Ok, that's all for today! Shall come back to blog again when I have a proper topic (I hope).
Have a nice week ahead!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Awesome promotions

In conjunction with CNY, I am pleased to announce some promotions of my online business.

 Laxka tube masks, normal price is RM 150 per box (5 tubes) and now it's only RM 130.
This tube mask comes in a course of gold and platinum. The platinum one is more on anti-wrinkle, whitening, moisturising, calming and repairing. And the gold one is more on lightening spots, brightening and acne control. 
So if you take one course, your skin will be smooth like Angelebaby's skin :p

Don't worry, it's suitable even for sensitive skin.

Miracle aloe vera gel, now only RM 80 (normal price RM 99).
Can be used as body lotion or sleeping mask. And can be used on hair, chapped and dry lips/heels and wounds/scars. Suitable for the whole family.

Maqui lite coffee and maqui detox drinks is RM 120 per box. Promo price now 2 boxes RM 230, 4 boxes RM 440.

Maqui lite coffee focuses on improving bowel movement, skin whitening and improve body metabolism.
Maqui detox focuses on detoxification and lose weight. Both are made from plants extracts so it's safe to consume, works for both male and female.

DK whitening body mask, RM 35. Normal price RM 49. Suitable for tanned skin, it makes our skin smoother too.

Promotion valid while stock lasts, I personally think it's very worth, I even stock up a few for myself ;)

Come, let's grab these awesome products and have a pretty CNY together ^^
(Free gifts will be given to all customers, as usual la....)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The mid-week point forms

1. So it's the 14th day since new year but life is like usual to me. Got to pay attention to my online business and look after Aden as usual, but at the same time doctor advised me to rest as much as possible. Very difficult to carry out the latter action but for the baby and myself, I know I have to rest a lot also. Thank God I got helping hands which is my mum and the in laws. 

2. I miss baking and Yoga lessons. Guess I can only resume baking and attending Yoga classes months later (that also depends on if I have the time >.<) I foresee this year is gonna be busy for me, and I will become one hectic aunty, LOL! But I do hope I will have at least some extra time to come and update my blog. 

3. CNY is coming within a month but there's nothing exciting for me, we cannot 'celebrate' yet due to grandma's passing 2 years ago (the Chinese pantang larang ritual). I din't really shop much and in fact I think I can just skip the CNY shopping this year ;) 

4. Aden is currently 2years 8months young and he will be attending Montessori school next month, while I am currently 23 weeks pregnant. Sure not easy to be pregnant while looking after an active toddler but I think I can do it ;)

That's all I can think of now. Thanks for reading my random notes and I wish you all a happy Wednesday! 

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Life is always full with challenges. I pray that the challenge I am facing now can give me a positive outcome. Wish me luck!! 

Meanwhile, have a nice weekend everyone! 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Hubby and I thought about Aden being jealous when he has a sibling eventually.
I imagine it could be hard, but then having one child is sure not so good :p So we went and carried on to have a second baby ;)

So now that I am pregnant, Aden's terrible Two becomes worse. We keep on telling him that he's going to be a big brother soon, and that we all love the baby as much as we love him and bla bla bla... But things doesn't seems to get better also.
He is already a sticky child to me all this while and now he becomes even more clingy! Everything also just want mummy mummy mummy!! Really can't help but to feel even more exhausted and impatient these days.

平时的Aden已经是很粘我,现在我怀了第二胎他更是变得更厉害!什么都要妈咪就是了~ *喘*  而且脾气也变得更坏,有时要某样东西就是不肯说,就在那里扭计。在外面也是,甚至可以直接坐/躺在地上!别人看了都摇头。。。哎,这些苦只有父母明白啊!


 Also, it's so hard to get him to sleep and wake up these days! 

 All the misbehaves actually made me think that he's so much cuter and adorable when he was younger!!
这些种种的情况都让我觉得还是他小时最可爱!! (不过我还是很爱他啦,嘻嘻)

Sigh, guess there's nothing much I can do now besides trying to be more patient..... *breath breath breath*

Sunday, January 4, 2015

More new products(更多新产品)

1. Beauty buffet whitening facial foam
100ml, product from Thailand.
Not only whitens but very moisturising, rich in Vit E and Q10 co-enzyme, works as a make up remover too.
RM 45.
(Beauty buffet 2合1卸妆洁面乳,可以美白也同时很滋润皮肤,洗了皮肤不会觉得紧近干干的,含有丰富Vit E 和抗氧化。产品来自泰国,RM 45/100ml)

2. Skinaz peel off lip gloss, colors stay on for 24 hours. It's safe and very moisturising too.
Comes with 6 colors as shown in the photo.
Product from Korea.
RM 45
(韩国Skinaz 拉撕魔法唇彩,24小时不掉色,改善唇部纹理,让双唇看上去丰润更有光泽,健康安全,RM 45)

3. Petitfee gold eye and spot patch. 60 pieces per bottle, product from Korea.
Helps in reducing dark circles, eye bags and wrinkles. The spot patch can be applied on acne areas.
RM 59.
(韩国Petitfee 眼膜,一罐60片,可以帮助减轻眼袋,黑眼圈和眼部细纹。RM 59)

4. innisfree paper mask, products from Korea, available in 10 different types for moisturising, oil control, calming, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, whitening, firming, de-speckle,  brightening and anti-acne.
10 pieces per box, RM 38.
(韩国innisfree面膜,一共有10种功效,美白,补水,控油,镇定,修复,抗老,抗皱,紧实,淡斑和抗痘。一盒10片RM 38)

As usual, kindly leave your comment here if you wanna know more about the products, and I will prepare small gift for all my customers ;)
还有,有买有送 ;)

Here's the updated list of what's available as some products are no longer available:

- Paparazzi ampoule
- Guerisson cream
- Anna lip mask
- Enz slimming serum