Saturday, November 22, 2014

Aden boy: 2 years 6 months

Hello everyone!
How's your weekend? 
Just a short post today, not my travelogue but some updates about my naughty boy.

 I have been wanted to bring him to Taiping museum but keep procrastinating... Decided to bring him there 2 weeks ago before school holidays started to avoid the crowd. 
It was his first to the museum, excited? Erm not really, because this museum got nothing much to see also, hehe! It has been renovated but collection inside remain the same.

 Brought him to the newly opened Aeon at Taiping and we spent like 2 hours at the playland >.< Poor mummy and daddy have to stay there and watched him play. But seeing him so happy, we also happy la! ;) He had so much fun until he refused to leave, daddy had to lift him up and carried him away, of course he struggled and cried a bit but in the end succumbed cause he is not as strong as his daddy LOL!

So yea Aden still has his stubborn-ness and tantrums which drive me nuts but I realize as he grows, he tends to understand and most of the times will listen to us when we tell him nicely, compared to few months ago.

And boys will be boys, Aden still loves to climb here and there and attempt dangerous acts and stuff, here he was climbing on those trolleys in one of the mall here =_=" And he looked happy when able to climb from one side to another so I just let him be la xD Perhaps it's part of the learning process?

Then another milestone I would like to record is that Aden is not that clingy to me anymore. He is ok if I go out without him, or he goes out without me.
Photo taken by my sister-in-law at her condo at PJ, yep she followed the in laws to KL few weeks ago, without me, and according to them he was totally fine. My boy is really grown up already! Though I miss him the moment he left home but I did enjoy a few days peace of mind at home ;))
I think he started to learn that he will see mummy again no matter where mummy goes. 

Same thing happened when hubby and I went Europe for 10 days last month, he was totally fine, there were a few times he even din't want to talk to us when we video-called home (actually he was busy playing with his toys la)

And he no longer cry when we bring him to the hairdresser!! I still let him sit on my lap though, it doesn't matter as long as he don't cry and scare the hairdresser xD I guess he finally get the idea that haircut doesn't hurt and is not that terrifying~

That's all I can think of at the moment.... Gonna resume mummy duty now!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Eastern Europe: Slovenia (Bled & Ljubljana)

The second last country we visited is Slovenia. This morning we came to Bled, an Alpine town alongside glacial Lake Bled. So it's actually a lake with an island in the center.

 In order to go to the island, we need to take this traditional Pletna boat, nice solid wooden boat~

 Each ride can take up to about 20 passengers....

 Here we go!

 We chose to sit at the front of the boat =)

 And this is the handsome boatman! Yes all pletna boat is without engine and rely solely on the boatman, because they wanna preserve this beautiful lake without polluting it. I actually love this concept! And I think all boatman here must have very strong arms cause imagine they need to paddle thousands KG of weight to and fro everyday ;)

 Weather was good this morning and coming to this scenic beautiful lake, I am not willing to leave! :p

 The boat ride is about 5-8 minutes

Then we reached the island~

 The exercise for this morning is to climb this long staircase! >.<
That's a souvenir shop/cafe and church on top, we spent about 30 minutes walking around the place

 Everything is beautiful here! I can say Bled is also my favorite place after Bosnia~

 The water is cold!

Leaving Bled, we proceed to a fairy castle nearby.

 We also had our lunch here

 Have to climb a bit to the castle

 And this is what we see from top of the castle!

 Very beautiful isn't it? But it was a bit cold here~ Brr~

 Lovely flowers can just grow from the wall and rooftop under this weather

Leaving the castle, we traveled to Ljubljana (pronounced as lub-ya-na), the capital and largest city of Slovenia.

 A short funicular ride to see the medieval hilltop castle

 At the hilltop, we could see the whole Ljubljana city

 We had a group photo here~

Leaving the hilltop, we had a short city tour before we walked back to the hotel and rest.

 Along the way, we spotted a big beautiful church

 And also a very cute interesting Volkswagen car which we don't see here in our country =)

 We passed by many historical buildings and squares at this Old Town

The hotel we stayed is actually nearby this square

Bear with me, 2 more posts (plus a giveaway) to end my travelogue! Very fast and efficient isn't it? Haha, cause I don't wanna drag my travelogue til next year!! And I also don't want to bore my readers too much la so I combine a lot of photos into one post. 
That's all for today, thanks for reading! ;)

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