Friday, July 24, 2015

New products 2015 (July)

Hi Friday! Hi everybody!

Just a short update about the new products in my online business ;)

More to facial masks this time.

1. Aopei V mask, it has ingredients which help break down facial fats and thus giving you a V-shaped face. Of course it comes with other beauty functions too, like hydrating and whitening as well as firming. 
10 pieces per box, RM 159.

2. Aopei ice mask, great for us as our weather is always hot. Comes in 2 types, snail ice mask which is for hydrating, silk ice mask which is for whitening. 5 pieces per box, RM 49.


3. Fanjeis EE sunblock set (SPF 50+):
- Body spray, 98ml
- Sunblock + concealer, 20ml (can also be used as make up base)
- Refill bottle of sunblock, 18ml

Product from Hong Kong, RM 180. I am currently using this and I love it's texture, easily blended and looks natural as well.

4. Moyou (膜幽) silk mask, comes in 4 types:
- pomegranate, for better skin elasticity
- hyaluronic acid, for dull skin
- blueberry, lighten spots, tightening pores, firming
- snail essence, improve skin circulation, repairing, calming

5 pieces per box, RM 59 (packaging is pretty right?^^)


Feel free to add me in WeChat or leave your comments in this post, I will find time to reply you =)
Til then, have a fruitful weekend! 

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Back in action? I hope

Oh hi! *wipe spider web on the blog*

Can't believe I blogged only once in June :O
You can tell I am really busy, I don't even blog hop (but still remain active in FB, IG, and WeChat, mainly for my online business, kekeke).

Since I am in the mood of blogging so this I am going to post more photos in this post~

So, how was I you might wonder?

Despite being busy, I managed to steal a few hours out for a hair makeover =) Been having straight hair for a year and I'm starting to feel bored :p So, decided to do this lob style, might look more matured but at least something new for me~

And here's my 2 princes

Toby is 2 months plus now and I am glad that I can still breastfeed him. It's no doubt tiring (oh my eye bags ) but breast milk is definitely the best milk for him at the moment

Many faces of Toby <3
Cute eh? But he can be quite naughty sometimes (always wanted to be carried and is always hungry) 

As for Aden, he is still that naughty and cheeky, giving me all sorts of headache everyday~

And here's his latest look, trimmed his hair super short so that we don't have to visit the barber so frequently xD

As mentioned, I am still active in my online business. Managed to attend a seminar organized by Return Legacy the other day, learn quite a lot and I am sure it will help a lot in the near future 

Still in the midst of shedding that extra fats so I made my own detox water =)

Attended a friend's wedding dinner last night and it feels so good, since it's been ages since I last attended function like this

Tagged along Aden while Toby was under MIL's care 

Had a great dinner gathering last week with friends and this photo, many commented that my boy had grown up, yea indeed, he is 3 years 2 months old now. His mummy also getting old already~

Not sure why that face, haha xD

We are expecting 4 more goat babies this year, hehehe

The usual gang at Taiping

Last but not least, just to share that I am 2 more kilos away to back to my pre pregnancy weight. Din't expect to be this fast, all thanks to breastfeeding and also the RL's products as well as the slimming cream I am selling. 
By the way, RL's products are not slimming products, they are more to recuperate the body and our hormones thus we can lose weight healthily, feel free to drop me a comment if you are keen to know more.

Okay, that's all for now, time to feed my hungry baby.
Good night everyone! ^^

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Busy bee

Hello there!
Time flies, cannot believe it's already June now.. And I am a mother of 2 already :p
Life is sure busy and more tiring since the arrival of Toby. Though he is only 40 days young, he is already very dramatic and always wanted to be carried >.<"
Plus, since I am still fully breastfeed Toby, sleepless night has been my friend lately *yawn*
Lying on daddy's thighs, how relaxing is this little boy? And this look.... Haha xD (He was yawning)

Managed to find Aden's photo when he was about 2 months old. He sure has bigger head than his little brother, LOL! But face wise, I still think they look very alike!

See that's what I mean, Toby is sure one drama king. Here he got angry at us because we din't carry him right away even though he was crying out loud for minutes~xD
(Got his head and eyebrows shaved during fullmoon)

Ok, enough of Toby, must show Aden's photo so that he won't get jealous...

I already went out few times since the end of confinement :p But each time just a quick one la
(Just realize how boring my hair is now, time for a new hairstyle! ^^)

Ok, that's all for now, shall attend to my kids already~ Have a wonderful week you guys!

Friday, May 22, 2015

About us..........


Hope you guys are doing fine~ Miss me anyone? One thing for sure, I miss all of you!
Things are getting much steadier and better now, so I got to steal a few minutes to blog...

Starting with a picture of my newborn baby...

 Hmm Toby is surely a bad sleeper :p

Toby is fully breastfed for the time being, it's no doubt very tiring since he needs to be fed like several times per day, and he seems to on growth spurt these few days, he just wants to be latched like all the time! >.< No choice but to introduce him pacifier, at least I can rest a little bit.
Anyway I am glad that I got enough milk for him. Din't get to breastfeed Aden long enough last time, which is something I am regret of... I hope this time around, I can breastfeed longer!

Oh in case you miss Aden =)
I feel sorry that I kinda neglect him since the arrival of Toby. I know he is jealous, can tell through his behaviour... I am doing my best to make both the brothers happy, it's not easy but I have to do it anyway. I hope after my confinement, I can get some times to spend with him like bring him to the playground or anything, just the 2 of us, like last time...
Anyway, must thank my mum and SIL for looking after Aden during my confinement time <3

Last but not least, must take the chance to do some advertising xD
Only one more week to go (time flies huh?) to end my confinement and honestly, except for the tiredness of breastfeeding and the no-wash-hair part, I do enjoy my confinement and I feel so much better this round compare to the previous one. Regret for not approaching these products last time...
I am taking W+ and using H+ and Redoxy everyday and I can really the see the difference. Less water retention on the face and body, no acnes, and most importantly, the recovery of the uterus and inner parts of body is well taken care of! 

Ok, think I blog enough today. Got to go back to moo moo-ing now~
Have a great weekend you all!

Friday, May 8, 2015

A mother of two now.....

Hello guys! Meet my second prince Toby ;) Born 30/4 at 5.10pm, weighing 3.07kg. 

Similar to Aden, Toby was born 2 weeks earlier than EDD. 

Today Toby is 9 days 'young' and it's my day 7 in confinement. So far everything is ok, I am thankful to have my mum and MIL in the house to help, while I can rest. 

And we also celebrated Aden's 3rd birthday at home last night! Just a simple one though. Time flies, I am now a mother of two! 

Not going to blog too much for the time being... 

It's Mother's day this Sunday, here wishing all wonderful mothers A Happy Mother's Day!! ;))

Have a nice weekend too! 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Products from Return Legacy

Apart from the online business, I do invest on something else which I would like to share with you (Okay you may skip if you are not interested :p).

Last year, I had a giveaway and also shared about a product called Redoxy (you can refer to THIS post). I myself am satisfied with the product because it's effective, and best of all, one bottle can replace your daily moisturiser and also eye cream, how convenient is that?

Under the same company, Return Legacy, they do have another 3 awesome products.


1.The first one is called H+ miracle water.
Basically it can be used on any parts of the body, for almost any situations.
My personal experience so far:
- spray on areas bitten by bugs/mosquitoes and etc as it can relief itchiness
- spray in the throat if having sorethroat/cough (yes totally safe if swallow) cause it can kill germs
- spray on burnt/peeled skin
- used as facial toner, or before applying facial mask
- works wonder for HFMD on kids too

I honestly think it's something every household must have, especially if you have young kids around.

2. The second one is the one I mentioned, Redoxy.

True demonstration, lighten wrinkles within one minute! For more information about Redoxy, please refer to my previous post.


3. The third product is called Medigold, powder-form product to be consumed with water, it taste like Ribena. 30 sachets per box, take 1 or 2 sachets per day.
 It's suitable for: 
- meat/coffee/alcohol lovers, and those who dislike vegetables/fruits
- people who always stay up late, and those who don't exercise
- smokers
- people who face computers/smart phones often and those expose to high radiation
What MediGold can do:
- increase immune system
- detoxification
- weight management
- maintain normal blood glucose level/bowel movement
- increase skin health level
(not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women)
4. The fourth product is called W+, a gift for woman, can be taken from puberty til menopause.

It's made from all natural ingredients.
What W+ can do:
- improve symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats
- better relationship between spouses
- increase chances of conceiving
- improve menstrual problem
- prevent uterus-related problem
- lowering cholesterol level
- firmer busts and hips
- smoother and fairer skin
- lighten dark spots
- shinier hair
- healthier nails
- smoother heels
(Note that W+ is not a slimming product, not suitable for pregnant woman)
For more details, you can visit their website
And if you are keen to know about the package or prices, as well as true testimonials, you can email me (york_mei[at]yahoo dot com) or add me in WeChat: york_mei, or follow me at Instagram: yorkmei.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Latest blockbusters I watched (before I pop)

Fast and Furious 7

The 7th installment of this car racing movie, I bet most people look forward to this very much, as it's the last movie of the late Paul Walker.
Story wise, I got nothing much to comment since I think we can sort of expect what's gonna happen, I mean if you watched the scene after the credits rolled out during the 6th installment. Big bad guy Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) comes revenge for his brother, and actions wise, some scenes are pretty exaggerate. But what I watch is actually those luxury sport cars and also the late Paul Walker la!

The last part, a tribute to Paul is indeed very touching. The whole song 'See You Again' and the scenes of him, really can make people teary, cannot believe he is gone for more than a year now :(

Rating: 7.5/10

Avengers: Age of Ultron


This is also another blockbuster I was looking forward to (before I pop). I love all the super heroes inside (especially the handsome Captain America) though I am a big fan of super hero movie. I just think the whole team is simply awesome.

The team is slightly interesting this time with the additional of some new power, which I find quite interesting. I would say it's quite worth to watch!

Rating: 7.5/10

Okay, this will be my last step-in to the cinema before I pop since baby will be coming anytime now. Afterall I don't think I wanna watch any movie again in the cinema with the big baby bump, cause baby kicks non stop and super hard inside due to the loud noise ;)