Monday, July 25, 2016

Toby boy: 1y2m3w4d

Yea. My little past life lover is 1 year 2 months 3 weeks and 4 days old today!

Hi everyone!!

Actually nothing much, just wanna write something about him today~

His height and weight doesn't change much from the last checking... But he sure is growing smarter and naughtier!! 
Latest hobby, sitting like this on the Ikea stool and push backward >.<"

Also getting busier in exploring, very busybody! He was ransacking my Toothspa stocks while I was trying to take photo... But come to think of it, can use him as Toothspa ambassador? LOL!
By the way, he is still with 8 front incisors, only 8! Compared with his brother, he is much slower in growing teeth!

This boy sure loves going out~ In fact he was out with us since 2 months old... To date, he's been to oversea twice, definitely much luckier than his big brother and me too! 
He is one super clingy baby!

I love watching him sleep, in fact I love watching my kids sleep (I bet all mummies do!). They look just too cute and innocent while they are asleep! It's so peaceful I just want to kiss them!
But when they are awake........... World war!! :p

One important milestone I must record is that he finally starts to walk! Already can walk steadily and faster now.
I remember Aden started to walk around 14 months too~ Hmm, brothers from the same factory... ;)
Can say 'bird, 'ball' and 'wou wou' (means dog xD), favorite word is still 'mam mam' ;)


Here's a video of him starting to walk, taken 2 weeks ago... Kid who starts to walk is the cutest, just like a drunk man, hehehe! 

(Erm not sure if you can view these videos..... There were some problems while I was trying to upload the videos....)

He loves bath time as usual, sometimes even refuse to come up!

Being a stay at home mum means to look after the children 24-7, it sure has its ups and downs, I enjoy spending time with them, watching them learn and grow, but I got crazy when they fight/drive me to the wall.... Haiz~ 

Anyway, I have learned about parenthood and am still learning more to be a better mother. I know I won't own them for long so I really appreciate these moments that I have now <3

Friday, July 22, 2016

Latoja products & some stock clearance sales

1. Latoja compact miniature hyaluronic acid solution:
- face slimming/firming
- anti wrinkle/anti aging
- whitening
- lighten scar marks/acnes/pigmentation/dark circles

- reduce eyebags 

- anti allergy

Each box contains 12 bottles of 2ml serum, 6 bottles for day use, 6 bottles for night use. 


2. Latoja Hwanyu mask and serum:
- moisturising & hydrating
- detox, repairing, regeneration
- lighten acnes marks
- brighten skin
- giving you supple flawless skin

Each box contains 8 pieces of mask (use with the serum) and 8 bottles of 2ml serum. To be used twice a week.


3. Latoja body slimming cream:
- reduce cellulite, burn fats, lighten stretchmarks (even the very terrible ones)
- helps in post natal body repairing,
- increase lymphatic detoxification/sweating, reduce water retention/wrinkles, 
- whitening and firming

Can be used on tummy, arms, hips and thighs. Suitable for male and female. Safe for breastfeeding mums but not recommended for pregnant women. It has herbs and ginger extracts so it leaves a nice warm sensation after application, unlike those burning sensation which you find in other slimming cream.

Besides, I am doing some stock clearance sales for certain old skin care products (of course still safe to use, and not expired la! xD)

And don't forget the Toothspa promotion! Til 31st July only!

 Do drop me a pm/comment if you are interested to find out more.

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- Top Team hair shampoo and mask

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Toothspa promotion/优惠

Advertisement time! ^^

This promotion started few days ago and is valid while stock lasts!

Buy two boxes for just RM 110! Normal price is RM 65 per box ya!

I am using the second box already and honestly, I love it! Though I still cannot see my teeth turns super white yet, I do feel that they are brighter, and my gum and teeth is less sensitive already especially when I am taking cold/sourish food.
Am sure will continue to use it because I care about my oral health, and will ditch the toothpaste :p

To find out more about this product, please visit this LINK

Interested please drop your comment here, or add me in WeChat with the ID: york_mei.

Frst 3 buyers get a special gift!

p/s: agents wanted too!

Friday, July 15, 2016

3D2N trip to Hatyai

How was your Raya holidays?

For me, I went up North across the border to Hatyai with the whole in laws family ;)

The young members in the trip ;)

Since it was the Raya holidays, we sort of expected the crowd. But I din't expect it was that terrible anyway... We were caught in the bad traffic jam at the immigration for 4 freaking hours! It was drizzling that morning and we couldn't get down also.... :(

Nothing to do, nowhere to go, so selfie in the car... LOL!

It was already noon when we finally checked in to the hotel. First stop was to massage our feet!

Adults get foot massage, while the kids busy exploring....

Time difference is only an hour but the kids got up very early! It was only 7am! Poor mummy still need her sleep badly.....

Their favorite corner in the hotel room =)

All of us! Minus FIL though, he was sitting in front...

I remembered the Hatyai trip back in 2014. I was pregnant with Toby back then, about 4 months plus.
And 2 years later, he is here with us ;)

This little boy just recovered from fever and measles few days before our trip! Phew, what a relief! Thankfully we still can make it to the trip....
Anyway, he was still as clingy as always, lucky I brought along the baby carrier.

Here's big brother Aden and ah ma, sitting in front of the Central mall waiting for it to open! :p

We visited the Asean night bazaar, so much to see and buy, but end up, I din't shop much :p
Don't ask why, just din't see anything fancy...


Besides the night bazaar, we spent most of the times at the town area, near Lee Garden Plaza. Weather was quite hot, but it rain a bit too during the first day.

Both kids fell asleep quite early for both nights, too tired shopping! :p

Just these food photos to show, haha!
We had mostly Chinese cuisines there. 

No photo of my shopping haul, as I mentioned I din't shop much.... (Save it for next time, I tell myself xD)

It was indeed a tiring family trip, but still a very memorable one. Cause we hardly get the chance of vacationing together, and I mean ALL of us together!

Am sure looking forward to the next family vacation!! ^^

Thursday, June 30, 2016


不过确实是忙得充实 #感恩


我家的男人 <3


最近的天气不是普通的热啊!一有时间就给小瓜们浸浸水舒服一下 (其实我是要他们玩到累然后早点睡,哈哈 xD) 
虽然泳池很小,不过好于容易看顾。其实他们也很enjoy啦 ! ^^

甜品时间到!我本身很喜欢蛋糕类的甜品,可惜太平没很多间蛋糕店可选。。所以每当我看到你们分享那些什么high tea set 的甜品呢,我是羡慕到。。。。:p

这天陪我吃dessert的是我form 6 的好朋友。中间那位美女还是特地开车从北海来呢,因为太想念我了,哈哈!
孩子呢就交给老公看顾,自己she出来两个小时 :p 虽然只是短短的两个小时不过感觉我们聊了很多呢!自从大学毕业后,大家有了自己的生活,我也忘了我们最后一次见面是什么时候了。。
所以啊我非常珍惜朋友之间这样的聚会。其实我也想和网友们见面,只是时间不刚还没有机会。。。erm 找天吧!^*

然后我想说的是,照片这东西其实很棒。。没有它我也不记得原来7年前的我长这样。。。哈哈!怎么感觉那时的样子比现在惨?:p 所以说保养很重要,哇哈哈~~  唯一想念的是那把长发! 


目前大概有12kg, 78cm高。每天两餐副食(大多数以粥为主),还是喝着妈妈牌奶,不过我已开始给他尝试配方奶了,因为我想开始慢慢给他戒母乳了。不要问我为什么,就自己的决定 ^_^
Anyway, 比起哥哥,Toby是个小吃货!基本上什么都lap!就连药粉/药水都ok! *偷笑*
脾气呢,有像哥哥,都是那么牛!不喜欢就丢就闹!已经会跟哥哥抢东西玩。不给他呢就会扭计或哭 :(

大哥哥Aden快要4岁2个月了。明年会正式上幼儿园。目前18kg,  105cm。也很爱吃不过就偏爱垃圾食物 >.< 不过还好饭啊,肉啊,水果啊他也爱啦所以我也没那么但心。

家人告诉我啊,这两兄弟有一个pattern,我不在的时候他们会比较乖比较听话,我有在的时候呢就会特别调皮!什么嘛,简直就是欺负妈咪我!!其实我知道的,我也有察觉到,当他们知道我有在的时候真的会比较捣蛋 .=(

哎。。 不管啦,就当着是成长中的一个过程。希望哥哥上了幼儿园会有所改变。 



我的小情人们。。 爱你们!

也可能是天气太好了,隔天弟弟就发高烧了 :(

烧退了又来,也一直很闹睡不好。生病了变得更粘我只要我抱,抱了又不能坐下,一定要走走。拿什么骗他都不要,连爬和走都没力气。。平日很贪吃的他,这几天胃口也变差了。。 肚子很明显的扁了, 看了都心疼啊。尤其是我妈妈,看到她的宝贝孙这么辛苦,她也忍不住流泪 :'(
他辛苦,我也辛苦,已经连续几个晚上没睡好了 :(


接下来的几天有可能不上网了,所以在此送上一张自恋照 :p

Friday, June 24, 2016

Movie reviews

Finding Dory
I still remember the movie Finding Nemo, and I loved that story! So this one, I planned to watch too! 
Brought Aden along but he din't seems to enjoy it... Well this boy, he only likes cars stuff.. xD

To me, I still prefer Finding Nemo. Can't tell why... Perhaps the characters are much more cuter and funnier? :p But I love the voice of Dory (Ellen Degeneres), I love watching her Ellen show, she is such a generous and funny woman! ;) 

Still a nice animation to watch with the kids, to relax relax... And the colorful and lively graphics sure made my day ^^

Rating: 7/10

Warcraft The Beginning

Not my type of movie, I mean I know nothing about the game. Apparently I watched it because of my other half la! LOL!  
Surprisingly I find this one nice! Though I don't know about the characters and all but storyline is quite straight forward, and I was fascinated with what computer can do these days. I mean, all that characters thingy looks so real and beautiful!
Definitely will catch the second installment!

Rating: 8.5/10

Captain America Civil War
Erm I know this one a bit outdated :p

Anyway I watched this movie twice. Simply because captain America is so handsome <3
First I watched with the in laws (hubby was not around), tagged Aden along, at first he sat still, enjoying the fighting scene and his popcorn. But very soon, he started to get bored, especially when there's no action scenes, so I had to entertain him and thus I missed some parts of the movie.

So I went with hubby again a week later.

This installment has some twist and unexpected superheroes which I think is quite an interesting move.
But don't ask me which side I am on... It's really hard to choose :p

Rating: 8/10