Tuesday, March 31, 2015

To end March...

 Another mixed post to end March ;)

 Time flies! Aden's cousin is now 9 months old! And he himself is 1 month plus away to 3 years old!

 And I am entering week 34 of my second pregnancy, just 6 more weeks to go OMG! (erm might deliver early also, hehe) Actually started to feel a bit nervous also even though this is the second baby....

 Til today, I have gained a total of 12kg =_=" Though it's still consider normal, I started to control my food intake already, but then my mum's yummy misua with herbal soup is simply irresistible :p

 Besides doing prenatal Yoga at home, I enjoy dipping in the pool once a while too! Aden likes it as well ;)

Aden came home with this lollipop thingy last Friday. Though I am not sure what is it xD, but still consider his first handmade art ;) I was happy and proud to see him making arts pieces like this, and I know more will come!

Ok, that's all for today! Got to take a nap soon cause I am still recovering from cold.... :(
See you all soon!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Nothing, just some thoughts

It's a lazy and boring Saturday night as usual... Hubby went out for a drinks with his friends, son is on iPad and playing Lego at the same time, and me, sitting here typing this post.

Actually ever since becoming a mother, I would prefer just stay at home even if it's Saturday... Last time, I used to go clubbing almost every Saturday, LOL! I mean, I am sure you did it too, when you were young ;)
Now, I think my back will ache and my legs will pain if I go clubbing, hahaha xD

 (found this photo when browsing through my photo album, taken 3 years ago)

Think I am going to doze off soon, here wishing all my readers a nice evening ahead!

Good night!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Prenatal Yoga

Since I hardly walk at the lake garden these days, I do some prenatal Yoga at home, erm consider some exercise for myself la!

Can't really do very intense poses like last time but these poses above are very good in stretching and relaxing the muscle (even very good to do if you're not pregnant). 

For very advance learner, they can even do handstand/headstand even during pregnancy.

 But I wonder is it really ok? I mean the baby will be at upside down position right? =_=

Speaking of Yoga, it's been about 7 months since I stopped attending Yoga lessons. I wonder is there any changes at the center? And I do miss my Yoga instructor and members! Wonder when I'll be able to join the class again, I mean, with 2 kids by then, hur hur~

Okay, that's all for now, have a great day ahead!

Monday, March 23, 2015

A little rant on Monday/星期一碎碎念

Less than 10 days to embrace the unwanted GST thingy, do you care to stock up necessary items? If yes what are they? Come let's share =)

My baby is coming in May and we can't run away from GST by then, this I can't control :p
But at least I can start to stock up some diapers and other household stuff now (in fact we have been doing that since last 2 weeks).

I think from next month onwards, people have to work even harder to earn more money, or eat/buy less to save....... For people like me, 6% is quite a lot! Adui~




Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March's random notes/ 三月杂记

Aden has been to school for the 3rd week now, still cry every morning before going but making progress which I feel slightly relief and thankful =)
Also started to get more talkative and understand more (though sometimes I still find his temper annoying).
Way to go my boy!
Aden 上学已经进入第三个礼拜了,每天早上还是会哭闹一下下。。不过我一走他就ok了,老师也说他已经有进步了(噢耶!)。可见他开始懂得更多了,嘴巴一直poh peh poh peh 不停(不过有时还是顶不顺他的脾气。。。),加油吧宝贝!<3

 Ever since schooling, he naps very early, like before 3pm, the most anticipating moment for mummy, cause mummy gets to nap too! Mummy really need her beauty sleep these days........

After dragging for so long, I finally carried this home!
 Thanks to hubby! =)
In case if you're wondering, this is the Tesco bread maker. Normal price is RM 359, now offer RM 199 only (sounds like I am advertising? :p) The reason why I was procrastinating is because I worry I won't have time/mojo to fully utilise it after buying. But then it's really wonderful cause it has a lot of functions (very convenient too), not just making bread/cake. Anyway, my first masterpiece using this bread maker is the kaya spread! I hope I can come out with more yummy products before I pop in May, shall write a post then ;)
这是Tesco面包机,趁有优惠价就赶紧把它买下来(虽然我也在担心会不会是3分钟热度 :p)。加入了FB的讨论区后每天都看到博友分享他们的作品,很诱人耶!不但可以做面包/蛋糕,还有很多功能呢~ 昨天就开张做了kaya 酱,真的很方便,而且很香很甜!(很有满足感)

Me now entering the 8th month of pregnancy.
Bump is getting bigger and heavier; feeling nauseous on and off but still bearable; feeling short of breath (especially when I lie down) more frequently; baby kicks and somersaults more often (this is the only thing I am enjoying); feeling hotter each day (sweating like a pig all the time).
Despite all these, I am still thankful that everything else is ok, baby's head is finally down and mummy herself is doing ok. 8 more weeks to go, hang in there baby (and mummy ^^)!
听起来很不容易hor? 不过除了这些之外,我感谢老天保佑一切都安好。宝宝很健康,头也转下了,而妈妈我也都还ok。还有8个星期,告诉自己可以的!宝宝也要跟妈妈一起加油哦!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Aden goes to school

 Today is the 6th day since Aden started preschool.

 Photo taken during day 1, 8am, yes pity him, still looking very sleepy and moody :p

 I accompanied him for 15 minutes, he seems a bit scared in the beginning but when teacher approached with toys, he seems ok... I let him played and secretly left the school. Of course days before the actual day, I kept telling him about the good sides of school, let him 'prepared'. And after getting opinions from other mummies, I reassured him that I will be back to fetch him and if he's a good boy, he'll be rewarded.

 Like a meal at McD ;)

When I fetched him at school, I saw him running out with teary eyes. According to the teacher, he cried on and off when he realized I was gone. But overall he was ok.
Second day onwards, he seems to realize what's going on and until today, whenever I woke him up and got him ready, he will cry badly saying 'don't want'. Because of the tantrums, we were late to school these few days (but I guess it's ok since I realize many parents also are late).
Luckily, Aden follows me to the car even though he is crying.....And according to the teacher, he stopped crying when I left.

At first, I felt bad cause seeing him crying so badly, and he caught the cough bug and is still coughing now (but getting better). I thought may be he wasn't ready yet? And I think toddler like him will take even longer to adapt cause he's with me all the time since birth, thus he is super clingy to me.

But after getting opinions from other parents, I felt slightly relief, most of their kids cry too and it takes times, so I decided to give another week to see how is he doing.

Some say it's too early to send him to school. I thought of that before but then, if I let him stay at home, all he'll be doing is making mess, or playing iPad.
I want him to learn to be more disciplined/independent and also able to talk properly, most importantly I want him to mix with kids.

I really hope he can adapt to school soon!