Thursday, April 17, 2014

Just a short note of saying thank you!

This blouse and 2 sachets of coffee is from wenn, who came back from Italy not long ago

She requested me to show her the blouse so here you go wenn! It fits nicely, thank you once again!!

Candies and keychain from Rose, sorry I was too busy I missed out about it! But thank you again, those candies are nice~

That's the wonder of having blogger friends! ;)

And to my dear readers, stay tune as I will be organizing a giveaway next week! Do keep the comments coming! ^^
Have a great day ahead~

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Biomedics 55

I have been a contact lens user for more than a decade now. And all these years I have tried numerous brands of contact lens, Acuvue, Freshkon, GEO, Air Optic, Softlens and other not-so-popular brands, and my experience includes wearing those daily and monthly lens.

For once, I was in love with those colored lens too! I think those lens are very useful cause you can skip the whole make up thing and still looks good! But after reading some articles about how the colored lens are made, I've decided to switch to clear contact lens. I don't want to make any judgement on colored lens, but I  just wanna say I believe the clear contact lens are much safer to wear.

Few months ago, I was exposed to another brand of contact lens, Biomedics 55. Tried a pair and I can feel the difference, compared to those previous brands. It's much more comfortable and less dry to the eyes. I can wear for hours without feeling any discomfort or itchiness or dryness, even in air-conditioned room.

It's slightly pricey than the others but I think it's worth it.

Must give a big thumbs up for the person who invented contact lens, cause it really brings so much convenience to people like me. I have shortsightedness since secondary school time (probably due to genes since my dad is also wearing glasses?) and ever since I tried wearing contact lens for the first time, I fell in love with it ;)

Anyway, though I love contact lens, I sometimes still prefer to wear glasses. Fast, easy and no hassle, haha! I guess it's just depends on what situation it is to decided whether to wear glasses or contact lens =)

p/s: this is not a paid post, it's just my sincere and humble sharing of the brand~

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Norton 360 Multi-device

I am sure everyone knows the importance of anti virus protection on computer these days, actually not just computer but also our smartphones and tablets. There're just too many harmful and unexpected dangers lingering around these days.

Well, I am lucky enough to be one of the winner for participating in missyblurkit's giveaway back in January. And I got this Norton 360 Multi-device antivirus CD for free! ;) (Comes just at the right timing since hubby's computer's antivirus crashed few weeks ago)

This is a patented antivirus protection which can also locate lost phones and devices, with 25GB of online backup

Comes with detailed installing instructions and the product key

Basically this is how Norton 360 multi-device protect our devices:
1. Extended Norton protection we can trust.
2. Repels online invaders.
3. Protection from today's and tomorrow's threats.
4. It's never lost!

Again, this is not just for computer but also for smartphones and tablets, it's always up-to-date and includes 1 year subscription for up to 5 devices~ Isn't that great? ;)

For more information about Norton antivirus, kindly visit their website HERE.

Friday, April 11, 2014

开箱: Michael Kors Navy Tote Bag

Thanks to my generous sponsorship, I got my first Michael Kors tote bag ;)
Been eyeing on this design and this size since the last time I saw it at the display cabinet... 
近期给自己添了个新包包(谢谢老公 ^^), MK jet set navy small travel tote. 其实也算是一见钟情的包包,尤其是这个深蓝色!我觉得很耐看~我一直都是蓝色爱好者~ 

This is consider the small sized tote but already is large enough for me, the large one seems a bit too big for me. And according to the sales person, this navy color is their best seller bag.
最终决定选小咖的,店员说就只有大咖和小咖两个size,大的我觉得有点太大了,所以还是选了小的,低调点,呵呵~ 而且这个深蓝色也是最好卖的款式~

Love their hanging MK circle logo charm! Made with golden color hardware. Actually I got to know about this US brand through magazine, and ever since then I can see many MK bags walking on the street already, guess this brand is becoming popular in Malaysia~

There's also a key holder inside the tote bag

Inside, there's a zip pocket and an open pocket, with the gold hook

Made with navy saffiano leather, with buckled shoulder straps, very solid and nice to touch~ The bag itself is very light too! The exact measurement is 14(L) x 8.75(H) x 3.5(W)".

Just to show you how flexible the interior is, though looks small but is able to fit in quite a lot of stuff, I put in an iPad, iPhone, purse, Aden's water tumbler, a bottle of his snacks, and a pack of wet tissue, and there's still space! Can treat it as diaper bag as well (LOL, not likely la! :p)
我试放了iPad, iPhone, 钱包,Aden的水壶,一罐零食和一包wet tissue, 其实都还有空间呢!再塞架相机也没问题~ 容量算不小了,大加分!

Definitely in love with it! Plus, blue is my all time favorite!! ;)

最后,谢谢大家捧场我这篇简单到不行又很不专业的开箱文~ ;) 祝大家周末愉快!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Aden boy: 23 months old

Aden will turns 2 next month, how time flies!! I really miss the newborn him *emo mode on* Anyway, I shall do a quick update on his progress before he turns 2!

1. Aden likes to mimic whatever we do, and by now can understand more instructions like 'cover your ears' (he likes to do this now). We also got him to clean up his toys every time after playing, though sometimes he do it halfway only but I won't give up in involving him to do chores ;)

2. Likes to play dress up, like wearing our clothes and glasses. He gets very action when he put on the glasses, and whenever we took a photo of him, he'll want to see the photo after that...
His vocabs widen quite a lot lately, by now he can recognise all of us and will greet us. He also has good memory of certain things, like the fruit shop we used to go, where the toy machines are in Tesco, where I keep his snacks, even can recognise FIL's shop when we pass by.

3. His latest hobby now is to play with the car steering wheel =_=' He won't miss it every morning, he even give up eating yogurt or snacks and lead me to the key box to take the car keys. Mummy is heartache seeing this little boy spin the new car's steering wheel like that, very rough some more :( But I always make a deal with him before allowing him to play with the wheels, which is to only play for a while, and when I ask him to get down, he has to get down no matter what. Well, sometimes he listens but sometimes he don't.
说到车嘛,男孩就是男孩,就是车不离手~ 最近爱上了妈咪的新车,每天早上一定会吵着我开车给他玩方向盘!妈咪看了很心疼,毕竟是新车嘛,加上这家伙很粗鲁的!不过在给他玩之前我都跟他说好好,只是可以玩一下下,当我说下车时他一定要下来不可以扭计。有时他会服从,有时却不会~

4. Does your child has a dovey? I think most kids do! Aden is no exception, he must hug his stinky pillow every time he sleeps, and even when he's not sleeping~ We call this pillow his 'bao bei' (means darling in Mandarin), he can say bao bei very precisely as well.

5. This fella likes milk very much, and I realise his appetite for milk grows tremendously lately. He can take 5oz milk and ask for it again after 2 hours =_= He will keep on saying nen nen nen nen and if I don't give, he'll starts to throw tantrums. I always say to him, 'lucky your daddy got money, or else, you got no milk to drink'. (Averagely, a tin of 900g milk powder lasts about 12 days, only)
He's still taking Bellamy's organic milk, I wonder is it because of the organic ingredients which makes him hungry quick?
Anyway, though he eats a lot, he poops a lot as well. Minimum twice daily.
现在喝的是Bellamy有机奶粉,一罐900g最多可以耐12天罢了。。Hmm 是不是有机的关系所以比较快饿?


6. Of course, besides milk, he's a glutton for food as well, basically any types of food la! We give him rice with soup, fruits, crackers, dessert occasionally like ice cream, junk food, soft drinks... (Ok I am getting more and more guilty as I type this :P).
Anyway, I am glad that he's not so choosy when it comes to food. 

7. See his big belly? That's the consequences of being a glutton! Honestly, I am not sure how much he weighs now, the last weighing (which is about 2-3 months ago) was about 12kg. But one thing for sure, he's really heavy. Can't afford to carry him for more than 5 minutes, even daddy also surrender, haha!
But this boy has strong arms, can see his muscles at the arm, he can lift the bucket with water and pour them during bath time. Current height is about 84cm.
不过大家都说Aden有小小的muscle,他可以把装有半通水的水桶翻起来倒掉里面的水~ (最喜欢在洗澡时这样玩)

8. Aden has a major phobia of hair cut, I mean a real big phobia! He will start to pout then followed by loud scream and cry upon entering the salon. I have tried switch to other barber but to no avail. He seems to know something is not right when he sees the barber. I have no choice but to let his hair grow to this length now which sometimes people will mistaken him as a girl :(
Anyway, I did trim his hair myself, but can only do that when he sleeps, but because I am not a professional barber (xD), I'll just trim a little bit, haha!

Same thing goes to visiting the pediatrician, Aden will starts to cry when he enters the hospital/clinic. I have to sweet talk to him in order for him to calm down a bit, but most of the times I just let him cry and drag him into the room =_= 

Well, life as a mother...............

Aden虽然很调皮不过也是胆小鬼一个!带他剪个头发简直是要了他的命!一进去理发店就会开始狂哭硬拉我走。就连理发师都说‘你还是带他回去改天才来吧!’ 所以我也没办法,让他留长发了,哈哈!就因为这样很多外人会问我他是girl or boy? =_=""


In addition to that, Aden has a very bad habits of throwing things, basically everything, sometimes he'll even throw things from upstairs to downstairs and to date, he had spoil many things including his toys (blame his fast hands!)
I have taught him many many times to not do this, I even showed him the proper way which is to give instead of throw. We even resorted to caning when he really misbehave. But all are no use cause he doesn't seems to understand!! When I scolded and asked him whether he still want to throw or not, he will shake his head but after a while, he'll repeat the same old acts. Worst, when we dine outside, he'll sometimes throw the spoon/bowl to the floor. Arghhh, really drive me nuts!!! Can you imagine I have to scream at him almost everyday like a mad lady! 

Any mummies have any advices to me regarding this? Appreciate that!

除了这些难搞之外,我最头痛的就是Aden很喜欢乱丢东西!虽然已经教了很多次,甚至示范给他看不能丢,要好好给,他都当作没一件事!很多时候生气火大了甚至拿藤条出来,目前为止他还会怕啦,当我问他‘还要不要丢?’,他会摇摇头,不过不到一分钟又来了!最怕的是出外吃东西时他乱丢碗碟弄到地方肮脏。。唉,我真是投降啊!每天都好像疯婆一样的骂他~ 试过了问其他的妈妈们,大家都说这是他们学习的一个过程,叫我好好教慢慢来,给多点耐心,最惨的是我没有耐心啊!他已经丢坏甚至丢破很多东西了!我的宝贝到底什么时候才会学乖乖啊??:'(

Monday, April 7, 2014

Movie review: Captain America the Winter Soldier

Picture taken from screencrush

Starring: Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Mackie

I remember after watching the first installment of Captain America, I told hubby that I'll want to watch part II as well (Cause of the handsome Captain America, haha xD).
So similar to the first installment, this time Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is here to save the world from a new threat, said to be from an old history, a Soviet agent named Winter Soldier. And guess who wins in the end? Not hard to predict, and I am sure you can tell Marvel's movie like this has continuation, yep, part III.

Apart from the old faces like Steve, Natasha, Nick Fury, there's a new face helping the team who is Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), I kinda like his cool suit! ;) I also love how the twisted storyline which some are quite unexpected to me.

It's quite a nice movie for me, personally. I even think it's better than episode I.

Rating: 8/10

Friday, April 4, 2014

Let's Zumba~

My yoga instructor invited me to this Zumba event, this coming May.
I have heard about Zumba but have not try it for myself, but I am tempted to go, since I always love exercise ;) Just hope someone is able to look after Aden during that 2 hours ;)

I searched Youtube for this video and Zumba sounds so much fun!! (And the song is very hype too!)

Then I was thinking why not I look for 'Zumba for beginner' video? And may be I can sort of practice the moves at home?

After watching the video, I think I can do Zumba ^^ Erm of course not as pro as those dancers la! Hehe!

Have a great weekend guys!