Friday, July 25, 2014

A fruitful short trip

1. I was away to KL with my parents and Aden to meet my brother who flew from Sg last weekend, erm actually that's not the main purpose of going KL... The main purpose is.......
... to bring Aden to visit panda bears!!! Spent few hours in Zoo Negara, ok that deserves another post.

2. Tried to whatsapp-ed the KL blogger gang few days before the trip for a meet up but end up, most of them couldn't make it cause everyone is very busy. My bad also la, I should have book you all at least a month earlier ;) 
Anyway, was able to steal 2-3 hours out to meet 2 blogger friends while my mum helped to babysit Aden.
And this man needs no introduction la, haha! He is so tall and so handsome lo xD 

3. He even bought me some cookies, aiyo very paiseh la!! (My parents cut opened the cookies to eat before I get to take proper photo, haha!)
Anyway thanks TM! Really appreciate your effort of coming to meet me though it was just a very short ones. I hope we all get to gather around again soon. 

4. And here's Janelle, also a blogger but already stopped blogging for a while xD
This is our second meeting, first one was about half a year ago.  

5. We had a great gathering and dining at Alexis the Gardens. Looking forward to our next meet up ;) 

6. After the gathering, we walked around Mid Valley and obviously, this boy enjoyed the most.

7. My dear parents with their grandson. I was kinda tired with the driving alone but seeing them happy, every ounces of the tiredness means nothing. Oh by the way, if you're wondering where's my hubby, he was back at home. We stayed 2 nights at KL and since hubby was busy with works, he din't join us this time. 

8. Stayed at Cititel Mid Valley and was quite satisfied with it.

9. My son enjoyed himself as well, and can sleep well despite the new bed and environment. 

10. That's what I mean... =) 

11. Drove over to One Utama on the last day before my brother flew back to Sg. This boy enjoyed the car rides, 4 times altogether xD 

Not much to blog about this short KL trip anyway, it's more on family bonding time, shopping and dining ;)

I guess that's all for today! Long weekend is coming up and I'd like to wish my dear readers a happy holidays! Be safe whenever you are! And to those who celebrate, Selamat Hari Raya! =)
See you next week!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

American Apparel on Zalora

Well I think the name Zalora is not unfamiliar to most of us, this Asia's leading online fashion destination has over 500 top international and local brands and is present in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia & Brunei, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

American Apparel is one of the brands available and it offers a wide selection of dresses, tops, pants, jeans, leggings, shorts and accessories for both men and women from head-to-toe.
(I love how Zalora incorporates user-friendly functions and features onto their website, like the filters and live chat)

Clothes and accessories are available in different colors and cuttings to suits each occasion. Most importantly, they are comfortable to wear and are stylish too~ 

I love their outerwear, simple yet nice, I guess price is quite reasonable too!

Those leggings are so cool! Who needs plain black leggings these days? :p

Simple tank tops, something which I wear out often these days, since I got to bring Aden to run errands ;)

And for the men, American Apparel also offers a varieties of simple yet stylish shirts, shorts and jackets..... 

.. as well as bags! All these are great for casual or formal wears!

Also, Zalora offers some interesting features such as 30 days free return, free delivery over RM 75 and cash on delivery. I have heard from friends that their services are good too!

So head on over to their website to know more!
Happy shopping peeps! ^^

Tuesday, July 22, 2014





Sunday, July 20, 2014

A boy who loves water

I remember Aden's first experience in the pool, he is about 6 months old back then. I bought an inflatable pool online and made use of it a few times, at our car porch. 

That purchase I made comes with a neck float, some rubber ducks and an electric pump (well this is not important to know la xD)
Daddy went into the pool during the first time cause mummy din't want to get wet wanted to take photos since it was Aden's first dip in the pool, something memorable ;)

He was a little bit frighten during the beginning but eventually like it.

Then I bought a proper float and swim suit for him and let him enjoy his swim by himself!
Though swimming at home can be fun but this inflatable pool got its cons also la! It takes time to fill up the pool with water, and it requires a lot of water and the water became a waste at the end.... 
Soon I brought him to the swimming pool nearby my house and ever since then, we go to this pool quite frequently.

I am glad that Aden isn't a child who is afraid of water. I know a friend's son who is about 3 now and he is still refuse to go into the pool, even if the parents are there.

Just last Wednesday we went for a quick evening swim again. Suppose have to pay RM 10 for adult (it's a hotel by the way) but since nobody notice our presence so I just act nothing xDD

I chose to go on weekdays cause we can occupy the place by ourselves! 

Trying to blow bubbles but Aden wasn't ready yet, so let's try again................

Ahah succeeded! :p
Very difficult to take proper selfie with wet hands, but am glad I managed to take a few shots in the end without dropping my phone into the pool.

Guess who took this? :p

I realize Aden looks like a Korean celebrity here but I can't recall who, haha!

My favorite picture of the day! My face is so slim and Aden is so excited here! I love his expression!
I think you can tell how much Aden loves dipping in the water! 

Swimming is the best possible exercise. It works all the body's muscles and burns the most calories. And learning to swim is an ability, like walking, it's part of growing up.
Looking forward to the next swimming session, hopefully hubby is free to join~

Friday, July 18, 2014

The thing about shopping online

(From xlntelecom)

I am sure many of us buy things online these days. I admit I am a hardcore fan when it comes to buying things through the Internet. 

Of course there's pros and cons of shopping online (which I'll leave it to you to say) but I think this habits can get us addicted somehow ;)

I have bought many things online but mostly are like clothes, kids' stuff (even Aden's formula milk is from Babydash) and skin care products. Some to me are consider great, I mean their service, but there're also a few unpleasant experiences, like the recent one.

I ordered a lipstick from a girl who runs her online boutique via WeChat and Instagram. I bought facial mask from her before this and things went great. This time, I banked in money to her earlier this month and she told me the item will arrive within a week time.
But there was no updates from her after a week, I took the initiative to message her and she told me there's still no stock and I got to wait further. 

Okay la to cut the story short, I have been waited for 3 long weeks for that lipstick to reach me but at the end, nothing came cause she mistaken my order!! End up I requested for a refund (of course she had to refund to me since it is her fault).
Yes, 3 long weeks for NOTHING!! 

I am mad not because I need that lipstick so urgently, but it's the service attitude that counts. I wouldn't mind if she had inform me about the status in the first place, without needing me to ask her, at least keep me updated about my order. Yes that lipstick is not expensive but still I am her customer, no matter how little I paid! 
Actually I did experienced something similar before this, when I bought a Korean leather sling bag from someone online. Yes I remember it til now!! >=(

Anyway, here's my thoughts about running an online business:

1. There're just too many online businesses these days and with so many competitors around, I believe if the service attitude is good, the owner will somehow gets his/her business, even with 'free advertisements' from the customers via those social media sites.
2. Please don't make the customer to ask you what's the status of the order, you are making money you should be the one who keep your customer updated, and please be honest with whatever status happening!

Any relevant experience to share?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

iPad, yes or no?

*Warning: long post ahead*

I mentioned HERE that Aden is super addicted to iPad lately. 
He sure knows where we put it, and will demand for it, and even though when we are charging it, he will cabut the cable right away.

He already mimic his daddy of how to play the iPad, sometimes on the bed (like the photo above), sometimes with the iPad on the 'standing' position with the helps of the casing, and the latest one, half lying on the bed with the iPad on the belly, but of course he can't hold that position for long since the iPad is too heavy for his small belly.

So what's so interesting with the iPad? Beginning he played those toddler/preschooler games like matching colors/shape, singing and etc, then slowly upgraded to not-so-toddler's games like Talking Tom, car racing and HappyChef (He really knows how to play them after being taught a few times, in fact he can play the iPad so well he even teach my parents =_=). But one thing he doesn't know yet, key in the passcode :p

Now, he loves Youtube >.< Of course he don't know how to search for videos, basically he just scroll the page and simply click on any video on the 'what to watch' and 'recommended video' list. Then from there he clicks further to explore other videos. 
Sometimes he will request for certain videos which he has watched before (of those that I played for him before), like PSY songs, car commercials (especially from Honda, I tell you this boy loves car very much!), M club (the HK drama Never Dance Alone), some English MVs and lately, the kids' play dough video.

Ok so here's the point, I know I (and the daddy) am responsible for his addiction since we the adults is the reason why he knows iPad, and at this stage he is learning fast by just watching us swiping/tapping the screen. 
I do feel guilty, really, cause I know it's unhealthy and bad for the eyes. I once read an article about a 3-year-old (or is it 5-year-old?) child having serious short shortsightedness due to daily long hours playing with iPad. I have no idea on the validity of this news but I remember this news until today. 

BUT, I have to admit, when he's on iPad, I really can have time to do my own chores, without needing to worry that he'd throw things from upstair to downstair, or ransack my stuff, or play with the water dispenser, cause he can really stick to it for quite long! If without the iPad, he'll sure come glue to me no matter what I am doing.

Now that he's addicted, I really don't know how to stop him... When we don't give him, he'll started to throw tantrum and scream his lung out, I tried to distract his attention by giving him snacks and toys but usually they won't work. 
I guess we have to keep the iPad clear from his vision from now on (so that it can sorta helps him forget about it?), but I don't know how the daddy is going to cope with it since he is also very addicted to the iPad =_=

Anyway, I make sure there's no iPad when we're at outside like during dining, not even handphones unless really necessary. I can see lots of kids (even adults) these days are busy keeping their heads down and playing with their phones when they are waiting for the food to be served. 
When I was a kid, I just want to go and play with the sands next to the restaurant while waiting for the food to be served, or go chasing around at the carpark with my siblings, or go and chase pat the stray dogs and cats I see nearby the restaurant (of course there's no smartphones or iPad or tablet back then). Now, throw a kid a tablet and he'll sit there quietly. Well, I guess that's just how the world has changed huh? 


一开始玩得是儿童游戏好像唱歌或者配形状/颜色的那种,后来就开始玩一些比较难的就像是Talking Tom,赛车,煮菜(HappyChef)等。虽然是比较难(对一个2岁的小孩来说算是比较难的了)不过教了他玩几次他就学会了,甚至很得意的玩给我爸妈看(我都不懂该高兴好还是伤心)。
而最近迷的是Youtube!开过一些video给他过后他就记得了会要求我再开,比如那些汽车广告(他超喜欢车!尤其是轮胎),MV (尤其是PSY的,还有最近Shakira那首World Cup的歌),和粘土的video。当然他还不会自己search video来看,他都是在homepage那里乱按,不过乱按归乱按,有时还真的给他按对喔!


看来我们真的该把iPad收起来,至少不要在他面前玩。希望这样他会慢慢忘掉吧?不过我不知道他老爸可以做到没有因为他自己也很迷iPad >.<


Monday, July 14, 2014

Fried chicken with Scott calorie light premium towel

Not too long ago I received 2 rolls of Scott premium towel. 

I am sure this brand is not unfamiliar to many of us. Their kitchen towels have been in the market for years and the quality is superior!

This kitchen towel is enhanced with the new Fiber-Tech technology and thus offer superior oil absorbency to reduce calorie intake from fat by up to 25%

The material is thick!
You know most Malaysian loves oily food and in fact I think we are so used to cook and eat this way. But we also know too much oily food is no good, and the use of Scott premium towel can help in reducing calories in everyday foods!

Yep, I tried the towel with a simple fried chicken recipe the other day.

Oil bubbling up~ I used just minimum amount of oil ;)

I placed a piece of towel on a plate and then put the fried drumsticks on top... 

.. and I could how the towel absorbed the excess oil from the drumsticks!  :0

That's the test result according to them, impressive!

Mayonnaise or chili sauce go well with the fried drumsticks~ This is a great afternoon snack with a can of Tiger beer while watching the World Cup replay on Astro ;))
Now I can enjoy eating my favorite food without needing to worry too much about the calories! :D

Scott calorie light premium towel is available at major supermarkets, hypermarkets, minimarkets and provision stores nationwide at the recommended retail price of RM 6.20 for 2-roll, and RM 14.90 for 6-roll packes (West Malaysia).
RM 6.80 for 2-roll and RM 16.40 for 6-roll packs (East Malaysia).