Friday, February 17, 2017

Toothspa new product! 齿贝白新产品!

Still remember the product called Toothspa which I have shared HERE, HERE and HERE ?

I have been a loyal supporter for months now, and honestly, how I felt after using it for some times?
My gum doesn't bleed anymore, and my teeth is less sensitive these days when I eat icy/sweet food.
On top of that, my teeth is now BRIGHTER!! (can definitely see the difference in before-and-after photo) Yay!

Some of you may mistaken that you have to use toothpaste again after using Toothspa powder.
The truth is you don't! Toothspa replaces your ordinary toothpaste and it's much more safer cause it's fluoride-FREE! Which means it's suitable for kids as well, and those who wear braces or artificial teeth.
It has 2 flavors which is mint and lemon, but it's not as strong as toothpaste, but still can leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean! Of course it has bubbles like toothpaste.

How to use:
Rinse your mouth, then wet your toothbrush and dip on the powder and brush like normal! It's that easy!

It's 20g per box (RM 65) and can last for about a month for one person.
For further details you may click HERE, or add me in WeChat: york_mei, or follow me in Instagram: yorkmei.

Now, Toothspa has released a new product which targets healthier and fresher oral, it's their mouthwash!

The method of using is similar to other mouthwash in the market, but one thing different about this is that it consist of 2 layers. The color and the texture of the mouthwash will change after you spit them out, cause it helps eliminate dental plaque during the gargling process.
The liquid will turn thick after spitting out and you may feel the difference! And it doesn't has that burning sensation.



 一盒 RM 65 (20g), 如果一个人用的话大概可以用一个月左右吧!


I am here to share with you the promotion of this mouthwash.
Buy 2 bottles (250ml each) for just RM 138 (normal price RM 158), valid til 24/2/17. 
 1. 两罐漱口水(每罐 250ml) 只需 RM 138 (原价 RM 158)

Or pay the same price for one bottle mouthwash and one box Toothspa powder 
 (price exclusive of postage, but usually I will provide free gift to my customers)
2. 一罐漱口水和一盒牙粉 RM 138

Don't worry, Hayley won't recommend you the wrong product :p
 It's worth the price if it's effective, isn't it? I mean who doesn't want whiter shinier teeth, and healthier oral?
Do leave me a comment if you are interested! Waiting for your pm! But don't let me wait too long ya! 😄

 行动要快因为优惠截止日期是 24/2/17.
 如果产品是有效的,多付一点点也是值得的啦对吗? 洁白的牙齿和更健康的口腔谁不要??:p
若有兴趣的,欢迎你留言或加我微信 (york_mei)。等你!(不要让我等太久ha.. xD)

Thanks for reading! 


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Monday, February 13, 2017

How I spent my CNY / 这个新年


 我的鸡年如何?一篇就搞定!不过有点长,希望大家能够耐心的看完 ^^

So, the year of Rooster has started and CNY has officially ended, time flies isn't it?!
I had quite a great CNY this round, busy eating, drinking, reunion and gathering, I mean that's what CNY is all about la! ^^

It was tiring, but very enjoyable, let me share with you about my CNY this year in one post.

My all time wish is that everyone stay healthy!

 除夕夜jgjp准备了火锅餐,邀请了一些亲戚过来聚聚。家里的小朋友最开心,吃吃喝喝还有一起抢玩具 xD
Our CNY eve was quite happening, the in laws invited some relatives over for a steamboat feast. Those youngest members were the happiest, they got to eat and drink and play around~

Day 1 must wear red red, baru ada ONG!! 
Visited hubby's aunty's house early in the morning for mee sua breakfast, it's a tradition of the in laws

Later that afternoon, we went back to my mum's place

 鸡年第一张selfie! 哈哈!
I think this is our first selfie as husband and wife in year of Rooster haha!

 我亲爱的爸爸妈妈 <3
My dear parents and their dear grandchildren

People commented my hair color is so sharp and chio...
Actually need sacrifice one leh.... Had to do bleach to get this color, it won't last long, color will change after 3-4 weeks time depending on individual~

Little Toby fell asleep in the car cause too tired already, follow us here and there haha!

ootd for day 2~

Met a dear ex-classmate of mine whom I din't see for years! I was surprised to receive her Whatsapp on the first day of CNY! We sat next to each other during Form 5 and I remembered tumpang-ing her car to school very often back then xD 
She works in Singapore for many years now so even though the meeting was short, I was very happy indeed!!


(宝宝好忙! xD)
Later that evening, I sneak out to meet another 2 friends

Too busy in the day time, so night time I usually just stay at home accompanying my little boss


 好喜欢我的Slip On 包鞋!穿了舒服又容易搭配!我有代理哦,有兴趣的可以联系我!^^
Day 3, got another dating hehe~

Selfie time in the car, best thing to do while stuck in the traffic

 如果没错,这张是新年里唯一一张的全家福 哈哈!
If I am not mistaken, this is our only family photo during CNY LOL!

 原本我们约在cafe见面的,结果都full house没位子坐!
So I was supposed to meet my friends in one of the cafe in town, but it was full house!
End up we went straight to a friend's house indeed, also to see her newborn twins boy~

10位佳丽,你会投给谁呢?:p :p
We knew each other since Form 1! Cheers to our 2 decades of friendship!


不过不变的是,我们还有联系!友谊万岁 yay!
All of us has our own career and family now, glad that we are still in contact. Spot the cute twins baby?

Leaving my friend's house, I went straight to my BIL's house, basically Toby can't stay without his mummy for too long >.<
Love this photo of the Chan's family!

Day 4, steamboat gathering at friend's house. I had 3 steamboat meals this CNY, I think have to stop eating steamboat for a while now haha!

Day 5, Aden started school. Hubby and I went movie dating while Toby was sleeping at my mum's place. I watched just one CNY movie this time, Kung Fu Yoga by Jackie Chan. What about you?

 晚上出席了Return Legacy 的聚餐.
Later that night I was invited to Return Legacy's dinner gathering organized by my upline Evelyn.

This is what her sister prepared for us! Slurp!

Got ang pao some more yay!

 她就是我RL的上上线 Evelyn~
希望今年我们RL的事业会更上一层楼!Huat ar!
I hope our RL career will blossom even more this year!

Day 6, family BBQ at home

Day 8, I brought both kids and joined my friend in visiting 2 old folks home at Taiping

We bought them daily necessities and gave ang pao to them, pray that all of them stay healthy and happy!

Day 9, big day for the Hokkien. It was the God Emperor's prayer.

 两个瓜也跟着我们呆到很夜。大概1点我就带了他们上房间睡觉,一倒就呼呼大睡了 =)
Both Aden and Toby stayed til 1am that night, terus KO on bed after that haha!

 家人买了些烟火和红炮,钱就这样到天空去了 xD

今年我一共捞了5次 LOL!自己没有很爱鱼生,不过就喜欢捞的过程!每次捞生第一句的愿望就是身体健康出入平安!自己经历过突然失去至亲的那种感受,实在很难受!所以我每次许愿都希望身边的人能够健健康康平平安安!
This year, I had 5 times of yee sang :p
Not that I love this dish that much but I enjoy the tossing part. I hope myself and the people I love to stay healthy and safe.

Day 10, a simple potluck organized by my dance instructor~ 


 瑜伽,有氧舞蹈,tabata hampalang 都做!xD
Ok, time to shed those fats after eating and drinking so much!
Resumed my Yoga, tabata and dance session this week and it felt so good!!

May everyone prosper in this brand new year!

Also wishing everyone a happy Valentine's day! <3
最后我要祝大家情人节快乐!看看今年我有花 ⚘ 收没有?:p

Monday, February 6, 2017

To the year of the Rooster

Hi guys!

Happy Chinese New Year once again! Hope you had a great CNY spent!

Time flies! CNY is ending soon T_T But life goes on anyway 😊

I had a pretty busy CNY this round, tiring and lack of sleep.... Well I guess most of you are like me, I mean CNY is pretty much about family, reunion, gathering and food!

Sharing some of the highlights of my CNY, I shall write a proper post about my CNY soon!

Bye for now!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Delivering my best wishes to you!

 In the coming year of the Rooster, I hope everyone stay healthy and wealthy and get whatever they want!

Wishing all my readers a very happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!




Monday, January 23, 2017

Dinner gathering with buddies

First yee sang of 2017!!
Looking and tasting very mediocre... But doesn't matter, just want to enjoy the tossing part so that everyone can borrow its meaning and become more prosperous in this coming CNY! ^^

Mummies busy feeding the kids xD
Well it was actually a dinner gathering night with my friends and kids~

All of us, looking fresh before the dinner started

Our kids had grown up so much! We also becoming older already T_T

With my super clingy son!

Not easy to take a nice shot when the kids are around, but got one like this also jadi lah! :p

The meal we had that night~  
A very satisfied meal!

This 佛跳墙 (fo tiao qiang) is especially to my liking so must focus a bit ;) 
Kinda miss it now, especially when the weather is slightly cooling like these few days~

Yours truly and the loves of my life <3
(Toby had just recovered from fever after vaccination so he was looking tired and not in the mood that night =_=)

Counting down, CNY is just about 5 more days away!!
I had done most of the things, now just continue to count down... Haha xD