Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The wedding season

It's the auspicious August for the Chinese and I am sure many are getting married. I attended 2 wedding receptions lately and more to come til December >.<

Erm actually I am not really in the mood to blog also so I'll just let the pictures do the talking la! xD

I think some of you might recognise the familiar faces above.. Those are my ex colleagues, we were at a colleague's wedding reception. Din't bring Aden along though everyone asked me to cause they wanna cubit his cheeks cause I know if we bring him together, we won't have ease of mind eating and catching up with my friends *chuckles*

So it was a great dinner and a great gathering too! I still miss my ex colleagues a lot. I know it's hard to meet up like this again since everyone is busy with own life. 

(I am the big jie jie since I am the eldest here XD)

And these 2 photos were taken last weekend, during a friend's wedding reception too. 

Yea no photos with the newly wed, cause you know usually the newly wed is busy entertaining the guests so we the guests will just have to entertain ourselves, haha!

Ok la that's all for today, will update properly soon! =)

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Towards a better September, and 2015

1. First of all, I'd would like to thank my loyal readers for coming to comment, and also the wishes and concern you gave to my mummy *blow kisses* So sorry I couldn't reply to each and every comments lately but rest assured I READ all of them.
Life is getting busier lately, apart from my online business, I must spend more time with my mummy. I am glad that she is feeling better already since the changed of doctor and medication, I pray that she will be in good condition from now on.
Anyway, instead of saying 'I wish to have 48 hours a day', I rather to have another ME :p

最近真的比较忙,除了忙于网卖和Aden,我也需要多陪妈咪。与其说‘我希望一天有48小时’,倒不如说‘我希望还有另一个我’ xD 原谅我无法一一的回复大家的留言,不过放心,我都有读ok?

2. It's been weeks since I started my online business. I dare not say it's blooming very well but I think for a beginner like me, the results are consider ok. I am still working harder than others since this is my virgin experience :p
It's not easy of course (though I am doing it small), since I got to deal with different people with different characters, some will come and ask lots of questions and said he would bank in but end up, no news.
Some already ordered but cancelled at the very last minutes, and etc. It's ok, I sort of expected it ;)

Anyway, I must once again thank my family, in laws, friends and ex colleagues for the support! And thank YOU too, for the moral supports you gave ;)
I will continue to share more wonderful products.
By the way, actually sometimes I feel bad too to bombard you guys with my products review and testimonials, since some of you may not be interested... But no choice la since blogspot is really a good place to promote my products, keke!


3. Mid Autumn this year was nothing special (actually every year also like that xD). We spent the night playing lanterns and candles at our balcony. And where's hubby? Snoring on bed xD

4. I know you might think I sorta give up submitting Aden's progress :( This boy has sure grown up a lot, apart of growing heavier he also grown a bit taller (LOL, I mean of course la!) He is now 2 years and 4 months old. He can understands more words now, and speak a bit more, we planned to send him to Montessori next year. I think I will be fine with not having him bothering me by then :p *fingers crossed*
One thing remains unchanged, he is still that energetic and naughty!! Also very stubborn >.< 

Ok, I will try my best to blog about him soon, I hope.

Erm 我想大家还没忘记Aden吧?xD
我知道自己很久没写他的成长篇了,自己也很guilty... 不过暂时还真的没什么时间。
他现在已经是两岁4个月了,开始懂得更多,也说得更多了(虽然很多时候还是他自己的外星语)。除了长胖也长高了些(当然啦要不然咧? ;p)

4. Shopped at Toki Choi for the first time and while I am satisfied with the material and price, I regret for not able to wear it :( 
Anyone wanna adopt this pretty little dress? RM 30 including postage.
For measurement you can click HERE. There's a side zipper by the way.

我最近也被大家影响到了,click一click 东京着衣就开始爱上了。
不过很可惜的是,第一次买的洋装竟然不能穿!:( 有没有人要啊?RM 30 卖出去(包邮费)。想知道尺寸的就点击这里吧。

5. In case if anyone is missing me, here's a recent photo of me ;)
Still the same me, not slimmer not chubbier not prettier not older, haha xD

I guess that's all for today, I am afraid you'll have no idea how to comment if I write too much xD

Might not be updating this weekend, here wishing everyone a safe and fun weekend! <3


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Products review (part III)

Products review part I is HERE, and part II HERE.

For more products available you can click HERE.

1. DD cream from Korea

It has the certified sticker on each bottle so you don't have to worry about buying fake stuff.

Each bottle is 30g in size.

It only has one tone but since it is easy to blend, it's suitable for all skin tone. What I love about this cream is it looks natural on skin, you know how certain compact powder/foundation turned out to be very 'fair' on the skin?

When you swirl the cream you'll see some small drops like water drops, this explain that the DD cream is quite moisturising and won't leave skin dry.

It can be used as concealer, foundation and sunblock too! Can cover up large pores as well. Since I started using this, I have totally neglected my old BB cream, now what am I going to do with that BB cream? :p
DD cream, 30g, RM 45.

2. Miracle aloe vera gel

I used this on my dry and cracked feet, and I can see improvement within 3 days! And also my chapped lips, I can feel my lips is not that dry anymore.
It can be used on wounds/scars (but make sure it's already 'healed', no more bleeding) too, see what my customer said when she used on her cuts =)

Basically, you can use this as lotion, sleeping mask, or on areas which are dry/peeled, like the elbows and knees. My SIL used the gel on her acne (not those very serious type la) and she could see improvement
within 2 days.

miracle aloe vera gel, 99% organic, RM 99, 500ml.

3. flower stock paper mask
I have tried the firming, moisturising and whitening series before, and this time I tried with the anti wrinkle ones.

I got to be honest, since I used this just once, I can't see how well it works on wrinkles yet :p
But, it does make my skin more moisten and I simply love the amount of essence inside! Can even apply on my hands and legs ^^

Comes in 10 pieces per box, RM 39.

My busybody son is figuring out what I was doing, haha!

I'll be stocking in some power banks, slimming cream and bags soon, stay tune if you're interested ;) And also, giveaways to my customers and readers ;)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Of mooncakes

Snowskin mooncake

(Yield about 9 pieces)
- 100g kaofen
- 30g shortening
- 80g icing sugar
- 150ml water
- few drops of vanilla extract
- foo coloring

 - 300g red bean/pandan paste (or other based on your preference)
(I used ready packed paste)

1. Sift kaofen and icing sugar together, then add in shortening.
2. Combine water, vanilla extract and coloring in another bowl and add into mixture 1.
3. Mix the dough then divide them to 25g ball, same goes to the filling. 
4. Flatten the dough with palm and wrap the filling inside.
5. Place the dough into the mould (I do not have mould so I just shape them with hands)
6. Place in air tight container and chill in fridge before serving.

The end products =)
This is the second batch actually, the first batch was not very successful.......

I put too much food coloring xD
I think nobody dares to eat also, LOL!

Shanghai mooncake

(Yield about 8 pieces)
- 300g plain flour
- 40g custard powder
- 1 tsp baking powder
- 80g icing sugar
- 150g unsalted butter
- 1/4 tsp salt
- 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
- 1 egg

(I used the same red bean paste as above)

- some egg wash
- almond chips

1. Sift flour, baking powder, custard powder and salt.
2 Sift in icing sugar.
3. Cut in unsalted butter and fold into soft dough.
4. Make a well in the center and add in egg, then combine into soft dough. Let the dough rest for 30 mins.
5. Divide dough into about 50g each and shape into ball.
6. Flatten dough with palm and wrap in the filling, shape it like an egg (In my case, a bit squarish), place on baking tray.
7. Slightly brush the whole mooncake with egg wash and decorate the top (optional).
8. Bake at preheated oven at 180C for 20-25 minutes.


Here wishing all my readers a Happy Mooncake Festival!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Products review (part II)

If you haven't know already, I started my first online business last month, you can click HERE to see what are the products I sell.

Then, I wrote the first product review HERE and today, I shall continue on with part II.

But first, I wanna extend my appreciation to a few bloggers here (you know who you are) who bought some products from me lately, thank you for trusting me, thank you for the support and I hope you like the products~

I tried annie's way snail repairing jelly mask the other day, it's for nourishing and long lasting moisturising, suitable for dry and normal skin. I know some of you might think 'snail essence?!', but you know it's some latest technology which is rich in moisturising and helps in skin reproduction.

When using jelly mask we should apply the mask thick, about 0.5cm, and then scrap them off with the spatula given (the scraping process can at the same time remove dead skin cells)

And the result, skin feels brighter (due to dead skin cells removed) and moistened!
(RM 85 per bottle, 250g) 
(It doesn't contain preservative so must be finish using within 3-4 months after opening)
(It has a total of 9 types for different functions)

And here's what my customer think about the jelly mask =)

Besides jelly mask, annie's way also has paper mask which can delivers visible results too~

Comes in 5 types, acne control, whitening, anti allergy, moisturising and anti aging. 

Paper mask is indeed easier to use since we doesn't need to rinse them off. But I got to be honest, both jelly and paper mask do have their own pros, the results delivered by jelly mask is more long lasting then the paper ones.
But it depends on individual also, say for example, if you're tired or in a hurry, you may just prefer the paper mask.
(RM 12 per pieces)

Apart from these 2 masks, the green bean mask is also very good to use. It helps in deep cleansing, oil and acne control.

And see what my customer says ;)
(RM 30, 150g)

And so far, my best selling product is the Osmanthus eye mask, click detailed review HERE.

(RM 49, 60 pieces)

And the reviews =)

This week, I stock in another wonderful product, miracle aloe vera gel.

It can be used from head to toe, and it's 99% organic. Can be treated as body lotion and sleeping mask and it's very hydrating. Even can helps treat cracked heels, chapped and dry lips, wounds, dry skins and blisters.
I shall share the results with my dear readers soon ^^

If you're interested in any products above, do leave your comment here and I shall get back to you.

That's all for today, thank you for reading!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Movie Review: Lucy (2014)

From imdb

Starring: Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Choi Min Sik

'The average person uses 10% of their brain capacity, imagine what she could do with 100%'

Well, that's the tagline of the movie so you can roughly guess what's the movie about ;)
I always love Scarlett Johansson's movie and it's interesting to watch how the brain power can be boosted with just the use of CPH4. And she looks cool in the entire movie!

It's just that, I think the movie is a bit short (just 90 minutes). But overall, it's still an enjoyable movie to watch, simple storyline =)

Rating: 8/10

Monday, September 1, 2014


大家的国庆日假期过得如何呢?希望不是好像我这样的那么不愉快 :(


由于是星期六晚上所以我们只想到去apollo私人医院,不过当时也没有专科医生,只有普通的duty 医生,她帮妈妈做了ECG发现妈妈的心脏不怎么好,而且血压标高了,劝我们还是赶快去政府医院吧,拿了入院信之后我们就赶紧载妈妈到政府医院的紧急室。办了登记后护士就推着妈妈进紧急病房等待。

在这里护士也是重复做了两次ECG和抽血,打了两次针,照了心脏xray, 观察血压,然后就要我们等,继续观察看妈妈有没有好转,然后再决定需不需要入院。我记得我们进院的时候是9点钟。


1。每当我问护士验血结果怎样,医生来了吗,还要等多久时,他们都只回答我‘sekejap'. 我们就是从9点钟开始等到半夜3点才回家。在这6个钟的等待过程,我一开始很生气,生气为什么他们那么慢?到底还要等多久?还有最另我不爽的是,有一两个护士很明显就是看到我们是黄皮肤的关系所以态度非常的不好 >=(





就这样,今年的国庆日很不愉快 =(