Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Just a short post today...

Good morning Tuesday! How's your day??

Let's start off with a photo of my boys~~

Wearing the same top, and an almost-alike spec. I feel that Toby is growing with his own look already, he used to be alike with his big brother when he was younger~~  
Nonetheless, both are still my past life lovers, for life <3

Big brother is getting more stubborn, with his own temper. And still very clingy to me ( I am not complaining, I am enjoying this moment... :p )
Will be going to kindergarten next year!

Di di Toby is one year plus now... Learning to stand unsupported,  I guess very soon he will take his first step already (can't wait!!)
Taking 2 solid meals per day, and still on my milk... (Don't know how to wean him off, and actually I am a bit lazy to wean him off also la, haha!)

Aden sayang his brother or not you might ask? 
Erm, sometimes yes sometimes no. He can get quite harsh sometimes. 
But I think deep down he still love his little brother la!

I alone used to bring Aden to public swimming pool, but with Toby now it's kinda hard...  So we will just have a quick dip in the inflatable pool at home these days.

As for me, still the same, busy and tired Hayley.
But no matter how tired I am, I will still attend my weekly workout sessions. Not just to lose weight, but to release tension! Feel so much fresher after sweating out!

And once a while, I will have a quick time-off with my bffs.

Just recently we had a tea session. just 3 of us, it feels so good to be able to catch up and gossips!

She is one of my bff, who is kind and caring, a year younger than me. Some say we actually look a bit alike. If yes then she is my little sister ;))
What say you? Hehe!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Beauty products (May 2016)

Top Team Aisan hair shampoo and hair mask
500ml each, suitable for all hair types (dry, split ends, damaged, permed, dyed, oily, hair loss).

I have tried the sample size given by my upline and I bought a set for myself after that! I love the smell of it, most importantly it makes my hair smooth and silky! Can instantly feel it after I rinsed off the hair mask. My hair got permed, dyed and bleached recently so I really need a good hair products!
Shampoo is RM 88; hair mask is RM 118; buy one set at only RM 186! 


Latoja hyaluronic face solution (Which I have shared before, click HERE)

Latoja compact miniature hyaluronic acid solution:
- face slimming/firming
- anti wrinkle/anti aging
- whitening
- lighten scar marks/acnes/pigmentation/dark circles
- reduce eyebags 
- anti allergy
Each box contains 12 bottles of 2ml serum, 6 bottles for day use, 6 bottles for night use.
Latoja Hwanyu mask and serum

- moisturising & hydrating
- detox, repairing, regeneration
- lighten acnes marks
- brighten skin
- giving you supple flawless skin
Each box contains 8 pieces of mask (use with the serum) and 8 bottles of 2ml serum. To be used twice a week.


Latoja body slimming cream

- reduce cellulite, burn fats, lighten stretchmarks (even the very terrible ones), helps in post natal body repairing, increase lymphatic detoxification/sweating, improves water retention, reduce wrinkles, warm the uterus, whitening and firming. Can be used on tummy, arms, hips and thighs. Suitable for male and female. Safe for breastfeeding mums but not recommended for pregnant women.

- it has ginger extracts so it leaves some warm sensation after application but it's actually very comfortable. Unlike those burning sensation which you find in other slimming cream.

I have all 3 items as ready stocks so if you are interested, feel free to pm me or leave your comments below (Be sure to come back and check my reply ya!)
(WeChat: york_mei)

I use the slimming cream daily (in the evening), and before my weekly dance/yoga class too ^^
And how I feel after using it? I do feel my belly firmer! ;) 

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Partner/group Yoga

I resumed Yoga lesson during the 4th month post natal and it feels great! Not only did it helped me lost weight faster, also release stress and tension that I got from looking after two boys :p

Yoga can be done individually as well as with partner and in groups. And it's all about strength, communication and trust.
You got to put in more strength to support yourself and also your partner(s); you got to communicate with each other to come to a comfortable and steady pose; and you got to trust each other in every poses. 

So doing a partner/group yoga is actually more tiring than the individual ones.... But it has its own fun too!
That's why I make sure I attend the lesson weekly no matter how tired I am.

Lastly, allow me to do a bit advertisement about the slimming cream that I sell, Latoja =)
Use it before exercise to help burn fats more effectively! 
Ready stocks, feel free to drop me a pm if you are interested!
(WeChat: york_mei)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Toby is now ONE!

So we had a simple celebration (yet busy night) during Toby's birthday.  

And now, we are counting down for big brother Aden's birthday which is this Saturday~
Well no more celebration like this la, perhaps just a dinner with both in laws and my family.. Too tiring to organize another party :p
Actually we sort of celebrated Aden's birthday in advance last weekend, haha!

Shall write a proper blog post about the party, soon I hope ^^

Friday, April 29, 2016

Someone naughty.......

......... is turning ONE year old tomorrow!!! :o

Time really flies!!

I still remember all the bitter sweet moments while I was pregnant with him...
I still remember the day I gave birth to him, and how long he made me suffered before he came out to meet the world....
I still remember the confinement period with him... and how we deal with a jealous big brother Aden...
I still remember all the hard times breastfeeding him, and how I deal with engorgement, sleepless nights (even until now) and the list goes on and on......

Arrrr, it's been a year!!! Not that I am bragging but I must give compliments to myself, hehehe :p
And must not forget to wish my dear past life lover Toby a happy blessed birthday! Mummy loves you big time!!

We are having a small birthday party at home tomorrow evening, shall share about it here next week.

Til then, have a nice weekend!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What I found....

I was cleaning up my files and documents at home the other day and I found something which put a smile on my face............

Haha! That's me, no need to wonder.... xD
I think this photo was taken at least 10 years ago. The so called 'qing chun zhao' 青春照, very popular during teenage times. I bet most of us taken such photos when we were young, especially the ladies.... I was kinda chubby back then, kekekek~ 

Next one, a very decent photo of me and my then-bf, if you can see the date on the bottom right, taken in year 2005, that means 11 years ago! Look at us, looking like budak budak, wahaha! 

I am glad I kept those photos until now.. Brings back a lot of memories, and I can show to my kids in the future, antique! :p

Do you have some old antique photos of yourself? Come, share with me! ^^

Friday, April 22, 2016

Short holidays down South

We spent 4d3n down South to KL last 2 weeks.

 The starts of the their holidays and my tired-days xD
(Playing at SIL's condo)

First place to visit is One Utama, one of Aden's favorite cartoon character, Thomas & Friends.

 This boy just won't take a proper photo these days :(

 Too bad la all the Thomas trains are being fenced, not so interesting anymore~
The boys enjoyed a bit of riding there. This time we did a very minimal shopping (Actually nothing to buy already... Just loitering around enjoying air cond :p)

Since we don't have much to shop, we decided to go jalan jalan instead. 

Guess where were we?

If you can recognize the status of Liberty behind us......

And also those indoor game machines.....

 Can guess or not?

 Yea we went Genting Highland!

Thinking to enjoy the cold air one but mana tahu, it wasn't so cold also >.<

Actually a lot of areas are still under constructions (if you can see those cranes behind us in the photo), and nothing much to do also la since we don't gamble also. So we just loitering around then had lunch and came back KL in the evening~

Little boy dozed off in the car, must be tired following us, haha!

Next day, we traveled another 90 mins down South to the historical city~

Malacca! It was a Thursday but the crowd was crazy! Lots of tourists especially those from China....

And it was such a HOT day!

First challenge for me was to carry an 11kg weight and climb up these stairs..... =_=" 
Never mind, I take this as an exercise since I ate quite a lot lately, LOL!

With the in laws~ 

Well at least it was kinda windy up there~

Super hot, tak boleh tahan, bought 100 plus to drink~~

My 11kg weight xD
And because of him I have very strong arm now :p

Must not miss visiting the Jonker street

Had the famous cendol and coconut shake here~ Also tried their nyonya dumplings, curry laksa noodles and nyonya dinner~ Sorry no food picts ya :p

Also did what a tourist does, paid RM 25 for a short trishaw ride (Less than 10 minutes)
Actually we were kinda shy cause our total weight is like 130kg and I can see the uncle was riding very hard xD
Plus little Toby was very uncomfortable already (can't you tell from his face? :p) so we requested for a short ride only....

Overall it was quite an enjoyable trip, but without daddy though :(
It was quite a challenge bringing two kids on my own, but I am thankful that the in laws were there to help~
Shall visit again when hubby has a holiday next time!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!