Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bye bye 2008!

Omg i cant believe its the LAST DAY OF THE YEAR!! :o
time really flies this fast~
anyway last day also mean another celebration going on ;)) fireworks, screaming, wishing etc... i cant wait!

anyway as mentioned, this is another gathering post (hope i dint bore you people..:S)
went to the new steamboat restaurant last weekend. overall the food and service are ok. but too bad the fan was not working for a few times thus all of us were sweating like a pig -___-""

combination of steamboating and bbqing

same old faces.. Annie and her boy

no need to mention liao

pretended to be busy :p

we are 4 heavy eaters blek

dessert time!!

Esther and myself

Yen is back! too bad she dint brought her baby boy along =(

hehe playing around with the boy (look at his innocent face)

since this is the last post of year 2008 i feel like blogging abit more (yea damn random i know) i try to recall what have i done through the whole year and realised that year 2008 seems very 'plain' for me. nothing very happening actually. but i m glad that apart from work, i was able to visit Spain and Hatyai :D i certainly wish for more trips like this next year!
okay i think thats all for now... wishing you people
may we have a blessed year with lesser disaster and better economy!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It was Christmas, but i dint have much celebration. went lunch together with the girls.. as usual, no one was punctual. and surely there will be people who made last minute sms said she would be late -___-" its ok, used to it already ;p

l-r: me, Annie, Crystal


Looking forward to the next gathering which i guess will be next week!! ya la i know we just met but what to do, missing u girls too much already *shy*
ok thats all for today.. another gathering post coming up next! o__0

Monday, December 29, 2008

We had ice cream late that night

Olla people! how was your Christmas celebration?
as planned, we went to Auto City on Christmas eve. Despite the crowd that night, we were still able to find a good parking and feed our hungry soul. So first stop we went Flame to have our dinner.

them being naughty

us being very hungry :S

Nam and Ling
after 10 minutes of waiting, our steamboat had arrived!!

special service

yummy yummy~

gulp gulp gulp and.....


Annie and moi

us again...

:p ( i hope this dint offend the originator...)
next we walked around Auto City while waiting for the clock to strike 12.

the boy and me
brought our Christmas hats and its time to fully utilise them!! :D

cute right? 5 bigg dwarfs.... =)

busy helping the boy...

nice tree

Annie & her boy

die la... they said i've put on weight.. and that contributes the chubby face :((

okay, back to the title of the post... someone actually suggested to have either Haagen Dazs or Swensen's as supper -__-" is it us being too enjoyed life or what?! but actually we were looking for a place to sit down and have a drink.. but end up, we were in Swensen's.

sorry for the tired face

all sorts of ice cream they have...

the boy odered a bbq mushroom chicken burger

Emily and myself

the bf's Coit Tower

my Vanilla Nut Icecup which tasted like cough mixture :S

yum seng....

Mango Madness and uhm.. forgotten the names already


last pict of the day before heading back home for a nice sleeeepppp!
so guys... what about this coming new year celebration?! ;)