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ok..updates frm last weekend.
counting down to cny, exactly a week. finali applied my leave for my off day will be from 6th to 10th, 5 days ;D but ok la, not very long holiday. shud be enuff for me.
last saturday, worked half day. then took my car for alignment checking, so damn hot that time...waited for half an hour, wif tummy grumbling.then went back home, had my lunch. went saloon dye my hair, err, til 6++. punggung also sakit. hehe..quite like the color, darker brown.then went for last minute jogging wif crystal. nite, dinner wif dear and his family. then limteh lo..then went Ipoh at bout 10smth. watched midnite show of 'Rambo'. oni one word 2 describe 'awesome'!!
u know, at 1st i tot it s a boring movie, and afraid that i cant understand cos heard the story continues frm previous episodes (i dint watch the last few episodes)but then, after watching it, felt its a nice movie. u shud watch it !
it tells bout terrorism and violence in Myanmar, how those …

no title

its thaipusam, and i m working :( PM announced Perak is entitle for public holiday rite? but duno y, i still need to come office.
jz a bit update from my last blog. i dint went png on saturday..but changed it 2 sunday. we reached png at bout 11smth. stopped at prangin mall 1st. but we ciao not even after 1 hour. y?? cos we realised, the clothes' style werent ours. very 'la la'..those styles definetely not suit our age. no doubt many are cheap, but jz dun suit us. @.@ i rmb i used 2 go there for shopping bout..err, last 4 or 5 yrs. during my sch time, wif my frens. neva know it has changed like this.
so then, we headed 2 queensbay. started my hunt for clothes!! we shopped for bout 7 hrs++. leg almost patah lo...imagine, wif high heels summo. lucky i spared a pair of sandal in the car. phew...
at the end of the shopping, i managed 2 hunt 3 tops, 2 shorts and a tube. werent so much huh..but plus wif some clothes at home, called enuff for my cny clothes alr. ;D
left the mall at bo…

my hometown

finally, its friday...yihoo...can rest for 2 days liao...shall be goin Penang 2mr. contd my shopping there. ;D shopping is my favourite!!shop shop shop..til i drop!!! ;pbut if i dont go, i will clean up my closet..seems 'crowded'. hehe...should clear those unwanted clothes away...gif to orphanage home, better than throw them away rite? many still in good condition, jz that i cant fit it anymore. grow liao ma..size not ngam ady. summo, will stock in new year clothes, so must spare some space mer....hehe.
2mr nite, dunno wat 2 do liao. evry saturday nite, u can see me limteh wif frens. nth else. no place to go, nth better 2 do. no nth.
ppl used 2 ask me, stay at tpg wont bored meh? y not come down KL to work? haiz, i know there r more fun out there. more places to go, many activities 2 do...erm, but smth need 2 consider ler. ah dear dont allow me go. :(anyhow, no doubt tpg s a small town, but its comfortable! lovely place to stay. at least no major jam, like those big citie…

getting older...:(

time realy flies...neva realise i m 23 alr!! haha...getting older liao..and become so forgetful..
last week planned wanna save some photo frm my pc to upload here..but until 2day, havent done. cos seems to always 4get..argh..geram~
these 2 weeks seems bzz for me...loads of works to be finish within time frame. i dun even have own time to watch my fav series 'guess guess guess'. hehe..been addicted 2 it liao. realy feels entertaining watching it. funny. and showed me some unexpected stuff thru the whole world.
cny is getting nearer, but how come no mood at all? cos of the short holiday?? hmm, probably. hehe..counting down to cny, exactly 3 weeks. but arr, nth special bout it ler. i mean, nth much for me to do. besides visit frens or meeting up wif them. but definetely wish 2 get more and more ang pau ler..who dun1 ang pau money?? ;p


This morning while i m driving to work, heard some tranz music thru the radio. felt super refresh..hehe...turn on the volume kinda loud..realy wake me up!! thx to Hitz! ;p
i neva know tranz can be so nice to listen!! used to addict to R&B or hip hop. but now, i got 1 more fav type of music liao...TRANZ ^_*
watched some video clips thru a fren's hp the other day, of a couple shuffling..damn great!! their steps are concurrent. must be practiced hard enuff. or mayb originally they alr got the talent. i wish i can shuffle too. kakaka...(no ler, i oni interested in watching ppl shuffle) but, i like to dance also. esp in the club! realy got feel to dance when listening to those music..hands and legs will started to move automatically...duno y. and i missed clubbing at KL wif my bestie..realy went crazy when we clubbed 2gether. wish to hav this chance soon (and i miss u all too)

haiz..*tik tok tik tok* waiting the clock to strike 12.30pm. @.@


its 6pm and i m still in the office..sienz....mountain of tasks @.@
dunno y, suddenly missed my Uni mates..used 2 miss them so much..ever since i grad. missed FSKTM, missed KK8, missed burger as supper, missed 'jogging' at 'bkt cinta', missed playing badminton and volleyball, missed warung, missed UM. alot. :(
despite all the tutorials, assignments, vivas, tests, exams bla bla bla..i still missed them sooo come i still prefer study life much more than working life?
sigh* its true that i gained more freedom when studied. definetely. and our lectures were not so tight, at least we able to lepaking around frens' room, watched movies/dramas, and chit chat almost about anything. it was realy fun...i rmb we used to stayed awake whole nite, jz to rush our grp assignment..and by shifting my whole pc set to a team mate's room, least 2 sets of pc and 3 an asgment. T.T me wif my coursemates

during college nite
but we used to complain about our c…

here comes my 1st blog

Finali...i start up my very own blog..hehe..dun hav the tendency to blog, but lurve to read ppl's..
too bored 2day, so...try smth new here ;D
wondering y am i so free ha? i m in the office actualy, and frankly, some jobs queueing to be solved..but erm, since jz sign up to blogspot, let me at least create one simple blog ok..(forgive me, i like to give excuses to myself sometimes *blek*)
been thinking going KL since...err, few weeks ago?? i missed shopping at KL...hehe..usualy did my shopping there last few years. but starting this year, i guess hardly to do so. :( not enuff time to travel there and back..
is there any1 ever doubt about m'sian driving skill? i met this fella this morning. drove a gold kelisa, kinda fast. at 1st was behind me, then started to overtake me. well, i dun mind if u overtake, but pls do it safely ok. dint note whether opposite road got car coming, straight away overtake, then all of a sudden, drive in back the lane again, cos there was a car coming 2wards…