Wednesday, January 16, 2008

getting older...:(

time realy flies...neva realise i m 23 alr!! haha...getting older liao..and become so forgetful..
last week planned wanna save some photo frm my pc to upload here..but until 2day, havent done. cos seems to always 4get..argh..geram~
these 2 weeks seems bzz for me...loads of works to be finish within time frame. i dun even have own time to watch my fav series 'guess guess guess'. hehe..been addicted 2 it liao. realy feels entertaining watching it. funny. and showed me some unexpected stuff thru the whole world.
cny is getting nearer, but how come no mood at all? cos of the short holiday?? hmm, probably. hehe..counting down to cny, exactly 3 weeks. but arr, nth special bout it ler. i mean, nth much for me to do. besides visit frens or meeting up wif them. but definetely wish 2 get more and more ang pau ler..who dun1 ang pau money?? ;p

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