Thursday, January 10, 2008

here comes my 1st blog

Finali...i start up my very own blog..hehe..dun hav the tendency to blog, but lurve to read ppl's..
too bored 2day, so...try smth new here ;D
wondering y am i so free ha? i m in the office actualy, and frankly, some jobs queueing to be solved..but erm, since jz sign up to blogspot, let me at least create one simple blog ok..(forgive me, i like to give excuses to myself sometimes *blek*)
been thinking going KL since...err, few weeks ago?? i missed shopping at KL...hehe..usualy did my shopping there last few years. but starting this year, i guess hardly to do so. :( not enuff time to travel there and back..
is there any1 ever doubt about m'sian driving skill? i met this fella this morning. drove a gold kelisa, kinda fast. at 1st was behind me, then started to overtake me. well, i dun mind if u overtake, but pls do it safely ok. dint note whether opposite road got car coming, straight away overtake, then all of a sudden, drive in back the lane again, cos there was a car coming 2wards. and in front of me, was a kancil, she drove quite slow. so this kelisa, suddenly drove back into our lane, i break like* shud have horn the kelisa..(dint use 'she' or 'he' , cos that time, i dunno its a she or he yet) i jz dimmed light kaw kaw. then kelisa drove quite fast in front of me. i beh kam mon, drove fast too, trying to chase, cos wanna find out, its a she or a he. after followed bout 5 mins, found out, its a SHE. ladies, no offend..but jz to remind, pls drive carefully. and be consider bout others on the road as well. u know, ppl used 2 teased us (lady) of driving not as good as man. so pls, prove to them they are WRONG!! dont drive recklessly!
k,i guess thats all for my 1st blog..
till then~ ;p
-back to work-


Langkawi trip 29.12.2007

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