Friday, January 11, 2008


its 6pm and i m still in the office..sienz....mountain of tasks @.@
dunno y, suddenly missed my Uni mates..used 2 miss them so much..ever since i grad. missed FSKTM, missed KK8, missed burger as supper, missed 'jogging' at 'bkt cinta', missed playing badminton and volleyball, missed warung, missed UM. alot. :(
despite all the tutorials, assignments, vivas, tests, exams bla bla bla..i still missed them sooo come i still prefer study life much more than working life?
sigh* its true that i gained more freedom when studied. definetely. and our lectures were not so tight, at least we able to lepaking around frens' room, watched movies/dramas, and chit chat almost about anything. it was realy fun...i rmb we used to stayed awake whole nite, jz to rush our grp assignment..and by shifting my whole pc set to a team mate's room, least 2 sets of pc and 3 an asgment. T.T
me wif my coursemates

during college nite

but we used to complain about our college. always running out of water supply, and the canteen food were not nice, and rooms being small and spaceless, and college being visited by monyets...;p we used 2 complain. but now, looking back, i find it kinda funny, & 'entertaining' ;=)
3 yrs there, wasnt so long to be frank. yet, i think i hav one of my best memories there. it fills in parts of my brain liao..hehe..
but working life, whole loads differ. blame no1, its part of life. but, sometimes, realy feel stressed, helpless, wish somebody could help me. T.T feel like to escape frm this..go travel, go enjoy wat i called my own life..4get all those troubles, and run wild!! argh....
i always dreamed, that i dun have to work, but yet, there is income evry month..muahaha...funny ha? cannot make this kind of dream too often..(wake up ..wake up)
opps..its getting late..time to go..working 2mr. sob*sob
(p/s: who makes the rule that saturday also is a working day???? S**t)

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