Friday, January 18, 2008

my hometown

finally, its friday...yihoo...can rest for 2 days liao...shall be goin Penang 2mr. contd my shopping there. ;D shopping is my favourite!!shop shop shop..til i drop!!! ;pbut if i dont go, i will clean up my closet..seems 'crowded'. hehe...should clear those unwanted clothes away...gif to orphanage home, better than throw them away rite? many still in good condition, jz that i cant fit it anymore. grow liao ma..size not ngam ady. summo, will stock in new year clothes, so must spare some space mer....hehe.
2mr nite, dunno wat 2 do liao. evry saturday nite, u can see me limteh wif frens. nth else. no place to go, nth better 2 do. no nth.
ppl used 2 ask me, stay at tpg wont bored meh? y not come down KL to work? haiz, i know there r more fun out there. more places to go, many activities 2 do...erm, but smth need 2 consider ler. ah dear dont allow me go. :(anyhow, no doubt tpg s a small town, but its comfortable! lovely place to stay. at least no major jam, like those big cities. not much crimes as other place also. almost evry where is within walking distance frm my home. hehe(my lovely hometown...TAIPING)wish to stay here peacefully wif family and loved ones...^_*
Hotel 'ho peng'

clock tower

lake garden

ok..time to go home..happy weekend evryone!!
(p/s: i promise i will bring those photos as mentioned k) :=)

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