Wednesday, January 23, 2008

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its thaipusam, and i m working :( PM announced Perak is entitle for public holiday rite? but duno y, i still need to come office.
jz a bit update from my last blog. i dint went png on saturday..but changed it 2 sunday. we reached png at bout 11smth. stopped at prangin mall 1st. but we ciao not even after 1 hour. y?? cos we realised, the clothes' style werent ours. very 'la la'..those styles definetely not suit our age. no doubt many are cheap, but jz dun suit us. @.@ i rmb i used 2 go there for shopping bout..err, last 4 or 5 yrs. during my sch time, wif my frens. neva know it has changed like this.
so then, we headed 2 queensbay. started my hunt for clothes!! we shopped for bout 7 hrs++. leg almost patah lo...imagine, wif high heels summo. lucky i spared a pair of sandal in the car. phew...
at the end of the shopping, i managed 2 hunt 3 tops, 2 shorts and a tube. werent so much huh..but plus wif some clothes at home, called enuff for my cny clothes alr. ;D
left the mall at bout 8pm. estimated 9++ can reached tpg. mana tau, freaking jammed near the entrance to the bridge. at 1st we tot it was accident. but it wasnt. the reason? cos too many cars. *sweat* all rushing to leave the island. summo bottleneck at the bridge there..thats y we wasted bout 15/20 mins stucked there.
so we reached home at bout 10pm. so damn tired..after shower, lyed on bed and zzz like a baby liao. ;p
realy need a good sleep lately.
and another update. i permed my hair. small curls. hope it wont make me look old. havent do my color. will dye this weekend. dun like seeing my hair black black..hehe...counting down to cny, 2 more weeks.
same old words, time flies!!
hav u read 2day's news?? heath ledger found dead!! oni 28. wat a waste. see, life is realy unpredictable. i still rmb, watched his show 'Casanova' not long ago. *haiz*
life can be short huh...yet can be long. depends on how u manage it. live life to the fullest. enjoy while u still can cos we neva know, 2mr might not come. :S

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