Tuesday, January 29, 2008


ok..updates frm last weekend.
counting down to cny, exactly a week. finali applied my leave for 6th..hehe...so my off day will be from 6th to 10th, 5 days ;D but ok la, not very long holiday. shud be enuff for me.
last saturday, worked half day. then took my car for alignment checking, so damn hot that time...waited for half an hour, wif tummy grumbling.then went back home, had my lunch. went saloon dye my hair, err, til 6++. punggung also sakit. hehe..quite like the color, darker brown.then went for last minute jogging wif crystal. nite, dinner wif dear and his family. then limteh lo..then went Ipoh at bout 10smth. watched midnite show of 'Rambo'. oni one word 2 describe 'awesome'!!
u know, at 1st i tot it s a boring movie, and afraid that i cant understand cos heard the story continues frm previous episodes (i dint watch the last few episodes)but then, after watching it, felt its a nice movie. u shud watch it !
it tells bout terrorism and violence in Myanmar, how those bad polices tortured and killed the people.young boys were being caught and became slave; women were being raped; man were being kicked and beat to death.they showed no humanity at all. heard its wat realy happened back then. suddenly feel so grateful as we dint experience this at all here.thx GOD for that. then the movie also tells how Rambo and good men took the risks and save those innocent ppl. kinda 'kan cheong' also. ^_* thumbs up!!
we reached home at bout 2am++..then zzz.sunday morning, b/fast wif dear and his frens. then jln jln ard..hehe, guess wat? i bought one more dress and 3 pairs of earrings.keke..haih, wat to do, hands itchy..cant stopped myself frm buying. but tis time, realy enuff liao. realy need stop liao.cny clothing are enuff. pk lo :(then bek home watched 'guess guess guess'..hehe..funny la jacky wu. nite time, dinner lo..then i bek home kinda early.rest early, too tired. simple sunday huh...o_0
tis coming sunday, guess will be a bzz one. need finish up final shopping for cny, not much time left. get prepared.
waiting for 5.30pm..wanna go for yoga class. hehe..my favourite time of the day.
till then~ hav a nice day!

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