Saturday, January 12, 2008


This morning while i m driving to work, heard some tranz music thru the radio. felt super refresh..hehe...turn on the volume kinda loud..realy wake me up!! thx to Hitz! ;p
i neva know tranz can be so nice to listen!! used to addict to R&B or hip hop. but now, i got 1 more fav type of music liao...TRANZ ^_*
watched some video clips thru a fren's hp the other day, of a couple shuffling..damn great!! their steps are concurrent. must be practiced hard enuff. or mayb originally they alr got the talent. i wish i can shuffle too. kakaka...(no ler, i oni interested in watching ppl shuffle) but, i like to dance also. esp in the club! realy got feel to dance when listening to those music..hands and legs will started to move automatically...duno y. and i missed clubbing at KL wif my bestie..realy went crazy when we clubbed 2gether. wish to hav this chance soon (and i miss u all too)

haiz..*tik tok tik tok* waiting the clock to strike 12.30pm. @.@

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