Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bad dream :'(

Was having a bad dream this morning, til it woke me up. and it was almost 7am i guess. i became very awake right after that :(
I had two bad dreams actually, to be precise.
the 1st one, was about some stray dogs chasing after me. i was wif a group of frens (but cant rmb who), we were some sort like, visited a seaside. then all of the sudden, some big, black stray dogs ran out and chased after us. and the most funny yet scary thing is, even turtle came after us. i think they were not turtle, some sort like sea monster but looked like turtle. and so we ran. we were climbing up the steel bars nearby the sea. and so we were safe. but we all were hanging up there, wif no ideas wat we gonna do next. then suddenly, a man said we could actualy swing from bars to bars in order to escape. so guess wat?! we realy did. and the dream made the action so easy.. we swing to the end in seconds. funny eh... haha. i bet in real life, we cant swing that easy from bars to bars. ;D and so, thats the end of my 1st dream.
the 2nd one, was about me in a war. scary. some ppl were shooting at us. (again, i cant rmb who i was wif) we were trying to hide, but some of my frens were shot. it was a messy one. and i can hear screaming everywhere. then the next day, those soldiers caught us and chained us up. but strange, i dint see myself being caught, as if i was watching the whole scene. u get me?then i was awaken. @_@
i'm sorry if u confused bout all the above. i m not even clear of the whole things.. blurr...jz felt it s scary. i always hav this kind of blur, messy dreams.i also duno y. wonder if it represents my life?! some dream analysts actually said, watever u dream, represent smth in ur life. i believe so.
i was scared the moment i woke up. but now, i m better alr. o_0

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