Friday, February 1, 2008

cant wait for cny!!

it rained this early i tapao my b/fast, planned bring over to office to eat and departed earlier. guess wat? i m still late!! freaking bad jammm...i knew there would be many cars than usual alr, so i purposely depart earlier..but cos of the stupidddd long jammm, i m late to work. arghhhh.....and i dun understand y, those cars can drive soo soo slow...evry1 were rushing like hell...(including me) its alr 8.16 when i clocked in. *damn* (for the past 7 months i ve worked, its the 1st time i m LATE) summo, my car parked superrr far 2day..when i came into office, almost evry1 were alr here. so i quickly turn on pc, get ready. and i got no mood to hav my b/fast..probably bcos too rush, and heart beats, i end up nibble some bread oni. not feeling hungry at all.
just hope thing like this wont happen again!
bad news...i m working half day on the 6th... :( :( :(
y?? dun ask y....jz bcos i have to. so no choice, cancelled my previous leave and re-apply half day for 6th.
anyway, counting down to cny, 5 more days. and esther and i alr planned our bestie gathering during cny. woohoo...kinda looking 4ward to it!!gotta be fun i suppose. 6th nite, limteh. then 8th, go pai ni (guess it will take us the whole day to finish). next, 9th nite, will have our very own 'lou sang' (i know its a bit early)..hehe..after that, gals happy hour !! but still duno where to go yet @@then 10th evening, my sch mate wedding dinner! well, it will be another great moment for us to gather 2gether, and take lotsa photos!!realy cant wait for cny!! must get loads of loads of ang pau duit this year...;D
wishng u: gong hei fat choy~ sam xiong si seng~ o_0

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