Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I miss wat i m missing now

2 more days...and cny will be over. T_________T
y happy moments always pass so fast?! y...tell me....@_@
those cny celebrations, still vividly in my mind..feels like it jz happened yesterday..the memories still there.
gathering wif frens, visited frens' hse, gambled, clubbing, outings, photo shooting....etc...there, still there.
i miss wat i m missing now. shit. :(
u see, cny almost comes to an end. and i feel like there's nth else better to be expected. no more long holidays. all i need to do, is to pay full concentration to my working life, again. damn sien okay. imagine, evryday pass the same.
wake up at 7am-> reach office-> start work for that superrrr long 9 hrs-> bek home-> own activities ( max hrs i hav, is oni 5) -> bed time. thats the life of working. i bet most of u r like this. so so boring...sometimes, i dun even feel wanna get up frm bed early mrng, even when the alarm rings. its oni 7am man....still time to sleep!! life is so meaningless eh?
and wat date is it now?? 19 feb?!! wtf. i still rmb how i celebrated 1/1/08 ok..it s been a mth++ ago, but yet, i still feel as if it happened yesterday.
my conclusion?? time flies man...but y, i feel like the 9 working hrs, is so damn longgggggg....zzzz......
*no pict for 2day, jz my fluctuated mood :( T_T @_@*

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