Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Money money money

Okay, i know i ve said this hundred times ago..but i gotto admit that, TIME REALLY FLIES!!! its alr end of Feb...and also the date i got my salary paid. haha. ;-D
last nite, was checking my cash balance at the ATM...and one thing that made me proud, for the past 9 mths (since i ve worked), its the 1st time i got the highest balance of all !!! woohoo....u get me?! i realy had managed my finances better lately. good good..i was telling myself, keep up the good work! ^_^ realy need to save is important for least for now..wish to get myself a car, and my initial plan is to go Sabah this August. ;) so i seriously need some savings. y wasnt i born wif 'gold key' ?! *blek*
On top of that, i was msn-ing wif Esther jz now..she asked whether to donate fund for our ex sch. she said the sch wanna buy chair, smth like that. err...needless to say, i straight reject la ok. (sorry)
y? cos 1st: for ur infor, we left sch for bout 7 yrs alr. y suddenly asked me pula?!
2nd: even if i donate, i m not gonna hav the chance to use the facility also rite?!
and 3rd: i believe, still many generous ppl out even if i dint donate, sum1 else will do so rite?! ;p
so, can u see my stinginess now?? ;p anyway, i m trying not to be so stingy la ok. jz that i realy need to start saving now. no choice. the world is getting materialistic, and ppl used to say, no money no talk. correct rite? @_@

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