Monday, February 11, 2008

My 2008 cny

yoo~ back to work 2day.
time flies so fast...cny passed jz like that. still rmb few days b4 cny, i was bzz preparing and helping my mum..and also get prepared myself for cny. but 2day, its alr the 5th day of cny..and guess wat, i m back to work!! @_@ feel so lazy and reluctant wanna wake up tis morning. previous days woke up late, but 2day need to up at so tired and sleepy now.
recalling back...wat i did for the past few days...
6/2 - worked til 12.30pm, then bek home had reunion lunch wif family. next went wondering ard at town and bek home in da evening. did my final round of manicure and facial. after dinner, went out wif frens for gathering til 12am++. next followed dear to his fren's shop and chat til 1am++. then bek home zzz lo...

7/2 - its the 1st day of cny!!! gong xi fa cai!!! hehe, got myself up at 9smth and get ready. then went to dear's hse, took ang pau. ;D went to his grandma and grandpa hse at 11smth. many of his relatives asked us 'when wanna marry?' 'stil dun1 marry arr??'..aiyo, tell me how 2 answer?? so i jz kept smiling nia @_@ then bek home watched 'guess guess guess' til evening, so damn hot outside. nite time went limteh, and 2nd round we went JR. soo soo crowded lo..and felt so hot...had some beers, dance a lil..but sweat alot..;p we left at 2am ++. i was not drunk, but sleepy and a lil blur, luckily still able 2 drive home, safely. siewli, her mum and me

8/2 - 2nd day of cny. went for lunch at 11smth. next went to Cat's hse at 2pm and started our 'journey' of taking ang pau s..hehe..all of us ciao at about 5smth. dinner wif my aunties and family. nite went a fren's hse again, watched 'CJ7' and had some drinks. also gambled. (opps..its legal rite?? ;p) but i lost. few ringgit. haha. lucky.
oo ya, here s the photo, of me wif little rottweiler (4get wats its name >.<) so cute....and i left at 1am+, too tired liao.

9/2 - 3rd day of cny. went for b/fast wif dear and a fren. evrywhere were crowded, kopitiam la, restaurant parking summo..but lucky we able to find 1. had dim sum. yummy. then went to this fren's hse and played wif the kids..but the daughter was very shy la. cant even touch her, she would cry. normal la, small kid, see stranger sure cry.then went for reunion lunch wif frens at 1pm. then visited esther and crystal's hse. and stayed at my hse til evening. nite had dinner at home. next went limteh again wif my bestie. 11smth we went clubbing. this time its GG. the environment and music were quite nice..enjoyed our nite actualy. but too bad, some 'incident' happened. made evry1 down. stupid man..non-educated. *shit* we left at 2smth. and i slept at almost 5am. @_@

10/2 - 4th day, also last day 2 enjoy b4 bek to work. had b/fast wif dear and his family. noon actualy wanna took a nap, but failed. bek home in the evening and get prepared, its yen's wedding nite! we reached the restaurant at bout 6smth. then dinner til 10pm. was super tired. so after dinner straight bek home and zzz luu....;D

well, thats all for my cny updates. kinda bzz one..and tiring. but its worth cos able to spend time wif frens and family. and now wat?! waiting for cny 2009?? haha..wish 2 hav a lucky and smooth year for me..may God bless me! ang kong poo pee wa....;p
last pict of the day, nah~ syok sendiri... *blek*

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