Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's day

got a surprise frm dear this morning...24 purple roses wif a pair of mini bear, and a love-shape box of Forrero Rocher..realy surprise..
;) ;) ;) ;)

receptionist called:
she: 'hello, Ms Ong ada?'
me: 'ya speaking'
she: 'oo ada bunga untuk u kat depan'
me (shocked): 'arr...ok, thx'
so i walked 2 the receptionist, saw a man standing there, wif a bouquet of flower and choco, waited for me to sign.i looked at the card, written Hapy Valentine's Day, frm 'dear's name'. ;D
y am i shocked?! valentine's day i m suppose 2 get flower huh...cos few days ago, told him nonit buy me flower ma..waste money..cos flower will eventualy die @_@ , better get me smth more useful. but neva thought he will buy for me summo.but anyhow, i m happy!! i called and thanked him.
2nite shall have dinner 2gether, then shall help mum to prepare for 'pai ti gong'..and u know wat?! i m on leave 2mr!!! yipee yea....2nite pray sure til 1am++ or 2 lo..and i tink cant get up at 7am la..even if can, will be damn sleepy.
cant wait to go home!!

found these from the web, nice huh...

here, wishing u all...Happy Valentine's Day!! ^_*

p/s: valentine's day not jz meant for couples rite..its for frenship also for those who r still single, enjoy this day as up ur buddies and frens and enjoy!!!
this are my very own valentine's presents!! ^_*

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