Monday, February 25, 2008

Wish 'you' would see this...

Few times alr, i smelt cigarette in ur room. i m so wanted to find out, did u realy smoke beside during working hours? i duno y, my nose is so sensitive towards this. i was born wif nose which is damn sensitive, esp cigaratte. i asked whether u smoked, u said no. sure la, who will admit rite?wtf. i know no matter how many times i ask u, u not gonna tell me honestly. damn.
u see, promise is a promise. rmb wat u promised b4?! i wonder, did u keep those promises in ur heart? are they important to u? watever related to me, are they important to u?? am i not good enuff for u?! til u would treat me this way?!
i realy realy realy dun like cigarette...(to u smokers out there...sorry, no offend)..esp if my bf smoke...y would i care so much??y would i angry whenever u smoke? simply bcos u r my bf. wtf. the one i always treat number one in my heart. thats y i m so fucking care ok?but y, u would turn me down like this?? do u und my feeling? do u mind bout me at all? tell me, do u?!!!
rmb, how many times we d argued over this issue?? ya la, i know its damn funny, to argue over this small thing. but, even small thing like this also happened between us...wat do u expect me to say?
i m so freaking sad... T___T

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