Friday, March 28, 2008


Ever since last thursday, my legs started to itch. at 1st i was jz ignored it, but seems like it was getting worst. so i went pharm and asked the gal about it. she told me it might be skin allergy (in general). so i bought a cream and some pills to eliminate the itchiness. the pharmacist said i dun have to finish the pills, consume only when the skin itches. so i thought the probs cured so i stopped taking the pills. but too bad, it happened again yesterday morning wtf. T__T so damn itch i cant stopped scratching myself. leg, thighs...its like small lil red spots and damn itch okay. i duno wat causes it. could be the food i eat, the clothes i wear, the bedsheet i sleep on, or worse, i hav been attacked by bed bugs??? omg dun care la, washed my pyjamas, pillow and bolster cases, bedsheet and blanket. hopefully i can say buh bye to the itchiness ASAP!
well, last nite the bf and i brought the router things to the streamyx guy to fix..after that we back home and tried, and things seems to be at a better stage. but the guy said we gotto call to the streamyx center and do the activation. how come so mahuan one?!!! so i called and called and called but nobody asnwer the phone wtf @__@ i could only hear the operator repeated 'sorry, all our agents are still bzz, pls hold...' so after 10-15 mins of trying i lost my patience and hang up. mayb i ll try again 2nite.
oo ya Esther turns 24 this Sunday muahahaha....getting older liao ;p so she will treat us all for seafood dinner 2mr nite yihoo...u better bring enuff cash gal...cos i think that restaurant do not accept credit card transaction *blek* our 2nd round, i guess will be going limteh la. dun wanna go clubbing. we can hardly hear each other when clubbing la okay. and i m afraid 'that' incident would have happen again sigh...
okay i shall update u next week ~ hav a great weekend people!! ^__*

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Can anyone tell me is March considered as rainy season? it rains almost evryday here sigh...seriously i prefer sunny day over rainy day. so inconvenient...wanna go anywhere definetely u ll need an umbrella..and the worse part i hate is to get into the car while its raining. one hand holding umbrella, another hand opening the door, then while u alr seated down u need to keep ur umbrella..its like evrything is getting wet..(yes i am very particular about the cleanliness in the car -_-)* if u know what i mean*
it was raining so damn heavy yest'day while driving to the yoga center. the sky was so dark, the wind blew so strong and everywhere were flooded...imagine i was driving only 20 or 30 km/h on the road. i thought if sum1 horned me behind i dun care also la...i hardly see the road okay even my wiper was set to the fastest..i even scared the water might flow into the car wtf..i wanted to snap some photos actually, wanna show u how heavy the rain was. but 2nd thought, if i were to take photo then who s goin to hold the steering for me rite? ahaha. y la it always rain bout 5+?? how come when ppl wanna off frm work then only rains??
ok enuff about the rain. remember i told u about the trip to Spain? the exact date was not known, but shud be somewhere ard 2nd week of July. and we gotto confirm the pax by this 31st. funny, they only gif such a limited confirmation period yet neva announce the trip duration and the dates. @__@
i received mails from a fren and found this pretty interesting. wanna share wif u... ;)) its actually true story at China.

they said China ppl dont charge handphone, they electrify it ahaha...

so are we suppose to go through the wall to take the lifts?? @_@

nice vocab...'fucks'....

did u notice 'many privates'? haih really direct translate man....

and finally, 'be careful of landslide', instead of be careful of wet floor....*sweat*

Monday, March 24, 2008

Their wedding nite ;)

Hello was ur weekend? me? i had a wonderful saturday and a boring sunday sigh..
i got myself prepared by 6 on saturday evening, then headed to dear 's was raining then. we reached the restaurant at 6.45pm, waited the rest and we went in together. the actual dinner started at 8pm and i remembered i was starved that time to 4get my hungriness i kept taking photos wif the rest :))
wow wow...xue li is so damn pretty...ya i know all brides are pretty weii wtf...we had a realy enjoyed shooting, crapping around, drinking bla bla bla..and the main attraction that nite was, we all went up stage and sang 2gether wif the couples!! so paiseh okay...i looked at the crowd down stage, oh man dunno how many thousand pairs of eyes were watching us....-_- but too bad evryone were bzz singing that time and no 1 took photo for us wtf T__ T too bad too bad......

As promised, more picts (pls ignore the sequence..i duno y i cannot drag the picts to the bottom most wtf)
see the top right most pict..ahaha..we were still sober okay...

2 by 2 ;)

brokeback mountain wtf

Random combination 1 ( can u see those ang pau s?) *big wink eyes*

random combination 2

me wif the bride

us wif the couples...isnt she pretty? ;D

us again ;p

xue li is so pretty we cant stop taking photo wif her heheh...

well that was how i spent the last saturday..and y i said i had a boring sunday? dear was not here :( he went SP wif his dad for some working purpose. and we only met a while at nite..our one and only off day was wasted like that :(( come on its a sunday, the only day we can spend 2gether, i mean WHOLE day...
but he brought me a good news last nite. guess what?! he s bringing me to Spain this July!!! damn big girl 1st time ever travel oversea...okay la, not our own trip to be precise, its actually his company trip. his dad asked us to go. i can tell u i m dying to go....but i cant promise whether i can really go T__T i mean, i m afraid the boss will not allow me to take so many days of leave in one shot. sigh God bless me...i realy hope i can go...i bet the experience will be damn precious. o_0
more picts will be uploading soon..gotto get back to work now @_@

Friday, March 21, 2008

Nail Art by Angeline

So at last, Angeline did manicure for me. It wasnt long, only about 65 mins time. she is so kind that she came my hse and manicured for me...seriously i felt paiseh la cos she charged me 0 cent yet she came my hse. i tot i was supposed to go her hse, but she insisted so nvm la :)) and for the whole 65 mins dear was there and watched us doing the manicure. ok la he might not watched the WHOLE process cos he was reading newspaper then ;p
well today i was alr prepared myself to receive any kind of comments frm colleagues ard me. a few said it was too complicated,some said it was nice. but of cos majority said it was nice!! frankly i like the colors and designs. i felt it matched wif my dress well ;D
tell me isit nice? hehe..ok la this photo makes no difference la wtf..after i edited then only i realized that the 4 picts r the same wtf..

closer look to both hands.
cant see clearly? well, its actually grey and black as base, topped wif hand-drawn red rose, finished wif some sparkling lil beads.
u know my dad teased me 'wah ahh neh ho arr, chia tui lai qu jor...' (direct translate * wah so nice arr, can 'invite' back home and do) @_@ oo dad u r damn funny...^__^
honestly i could not complain anymore. eh ppl do FOC for me okay and how could i complain?! so once again, thx Angeline! i believe more business will be coming to u in future ^__*
* p/s: i hope 2mr my nails will stay as nice as today ;)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

No holiday :(

Today, 20/3 is Prophet Muhamad Birthday according to the calendar. suppose to be a holiday. sigh y i dun have holiday Ya Allah......T__T i know many ppl is holidaying msn contact lists reduce frm the normal 40 to only 20++ today and nobody chat wif me in msn :(((so bored that i wanted to bang my head against the wall wtf...grrr...y i hav2 come 2 work today?? i have no idea. omg y la i m so fuc*ing mind about this?! ok la stop it!!
this mrng i checked my frenster profile and i received one msg frm a fren. he asked about how s my relationship lately. the moment i read it i realy appreciate that he is concern about me.but then the last sentence he wrote asking me to change my 'xiao jie pi qi' (translate * missy attitude ahaha) hello tell me since when i acted that way?!for all this while i m usually the one who listen to my bf and follow watever he said ok?!! is this the so-called missy attitude u tell me. ok la i know this fren might be joking wif me only. but somehow i really wanted to defend against this and tell u ppl that i hardly have this 'xiao jie pi qi' la okay....*pout*
y evrytime i heard my frens told me to appreciate my bf , told me he is good enuff la this la that la...hey definetely i know la okay...i wonder did anybody told him to appreciate me, told him i m good enuff this la that come i feel that i m the ONLY one who listen to all this stuffs?!i mean its not fair...i can tell u that i m a good gf myself. *blek* sigh duno la i feel damn sad evrytime i heard this. T___T it makes me feel that i m a bad gf who needs advises frm others, telling me to appreciate the relationship etc etc...pls la u ppl stop telling me about this..i m begging u...
ok i m trying to 4get about this and i wanna do smth that makes me happier. so i decided to eat the chocolate i brought today :))) chocolate makes u happy, agree?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Good Luck My Fren

Sigh i m blogging again. forgive me as i cant stop myself frm blogging here -_- dun get me wrong as i m not competing for the 'Most Frequent Blogger' award. i simply wanna blog blog blog.
seriously what do u think about differ-race relationship?? i got this fren rite, she has been dating an Aussie guy for the past 3 1st she seems to be so in love wif him and they looked very loving. and i was so jealous wtf...that Aussie guy is so cute!!! we met b4 and i can tell u he is damn nice and gentleman and caring and.. .. .. ..;)) (i think my bf is goin to kill me if i cont'd to praise ;p) i m thinking if they were to marry in the future then their children will be damn gorgeous!!! mix okay...sure look outstanding..pretty girls and handsome then i will wan to be their 'kai jie', or 'kai ma' ok la...muahaha....
but then few days ago i heard they broke up. T__T i realy felt sorry for her. i duno what to say...i saw her msn written 'back to single' and i really cannot believe what i saw. i asked her and she told me evrything...she said the reason they broke up, cos the Aussie guy could not stand chinese tradition anymore...*sweat* then how did he went thru wif her, for this 3 yrs++ omg!! its not that he needs to practice those cultural stuff evryday, i mean he oni meet the gf once a month ( FYI, he works at Singapore and only visit her once a month i suppose) and by the way, what kind of chinese tradition he could not stand ha?! no doubt the gal's family is kinda conservative la but i think they accept the daughter's relationship alr. the relationship is made public right after few mths since they were seeing each other. sigh i dunno la mayb there are some hidden reasons behind. i jz felt that its a modern world now and i thought evry1 will see this kind of relationship as very common. anyway i think i better not comment much on this issue la, i jz felt very sorry for them.
and now the gal stays at KL and i heard the ex-bf went back to Australia. dont u think there s smth fishy goin on?? i mean he could have stay at Singapore even after breaking up...but y did he return to Australia?? haih dunno la..i jz wish her to be strong in the coming days and may time take away her pain...i believe time could heal the wound into a scar. and i jz wanna tell u that i m always on ur side Michelle. all da very best to u!!! ^_* miss ya soo soo much....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I realize i m alr addicted to blogging. it feels like blogging is everything now omg, and i hate the fact the my blog remains un-updated evryday i see it. @_@ so die die must write smth la ;p tell me is there any1 who blog as often as me?? i hope i m not odd.
i ll be doing manicure this coming thurs, FOC!! this colleague who took up the course wanted some models la so i volunteer myself i ll sacrifice my lunch time and let her manicure me! good too as i ll b attending shirley's wedding dinner this saturday. ^_*
hey i ve been searching for an issue this whole morning and still cannot find any outcomes. can anyone tell me whether blogspot support password-protected blog entry?! forgive me la as i m still beginner here ;p i know there is smth we can set to limited viewers but if doing so, ALL my blogs will be made private. i m thinking wanna make oni ONE blog entry as private. so pls anyone of u know pls tell me ya....thx..
its 5 o'clock and i m starving alr wtf....i had laksa as lunch jz now and thats y i m starving now. T__T i got yoga class need attend later and i think i m goin to pass out. @_@ sumbody pls be kind and offer me some food wtf.....
p/s: i realize i am addicted to akon latest, 'what you got' ft colby o donis. damn nice man... ;D

Monday, March 17, 2008

I m back!

Hello ppl i m back! ;p
here are some updates for my last weekend...
i rushed back home after work on thursday and got prepared. departed to KL at 8pm and it was raining heavily and we hardly see the road @_@ then we had bak kut teh at kepong at 11pm. (4got to take picts*) i can tell u i hardly had bak kut teh this late heavy food la...i wanna diet leh summo ask me eat so heavy food as supper. :(
friday morning fetched dear to shah alam, a plc named NKR. so damn complicated la..we had map in hand but we still searched for bout 2 hrs. the training supposed to start at 8.30 but he went in at 11.30 we dropped him and off to Bangsar. so i was able to shop at a few boutiques at Bangsar, as recommended by a fren. and i bought a dress ;D next we went 1u for a walk and q for tickets. watched 10,000BC at nite. so so oni la the movie.

the 3 items i bought during my 3 days of shopping (i m so good least id controlled myself frm spending much, claps claps*, 3 items in 3 days of shopping ok?). and that necklace is the lovely souvenir frm HK!!
saturday we had our brunch at dragon-i at pavilion, so damn nice la their 'xiu long pau'. i wanted to take picts but i m afraid ppl might see as sua ku so i gif up la. walked for the whole day, frm pavilion to sg wang to low yat. lucky i wore sandal that day ;) then i met up wif esther and frens at Friday The Curve. but i left earlier as i needed to catch Step up II at 1U. (told u i m goin to watch this ;p) yeah it was nice! its like u feel that u wanna be part of them in the dance when u r watching it. sunday, we went to mid valley and it was so nice to be able to meet up wif perng ling and frens, my ex-coursemates. miss them soo soo much!felt so warm to chit chat wif them though the gathering was short. meeting wif Perng, Kean and Yen!! miss ya gals...

then we left Damansara at bout 5 in the evening. it was so hot and i hardly open my eyes when driving. @_@
so thats about it, my trip to KL. (ok la its not like i m goin UK or Australia so stop sua ku-ing la wtf)
its a very blue monday today and i hate my stupid mouse...feel like wanna bang it hard on the table..grrrr.....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

KL 2nite

I was kinda bzz 2day, yet my hands r itching to blog and so, here i am!! ;))
hey ppl i m goin to KL 2nite woohoo... ^__* its been 6 mths and 3 days since my last visit to KL. sua ku or not?? ;p
so i m goin 2 shop shop shop!!! hehe...seriously, i hope can meet up my ex coursemates. so miss them ler...but i wonder i got that 'extra' time or not. i bet 2moro i m free la but wat about them?? most are working @_@ then saturday i ll free myself to shopping pula...;p then nite i ll meet up wif Esther & Cat and sunday i ll bek to Taiping. so i realy doubt if i can meet them. or mayb i can call them out during saturday shopping la rite?
wei wei wei stop telling me how nice Step Up II is, okay....and stop tempting me!!! i swear i m goin to watch this in these few days time!!y la Taiping no cinema at all?? tell me tell me!! and evrytime when there are new movies i need to travel to sumwhere else...sigh*
okay la i m gonna leave my blog for few days now...:(
take care evrybody and enjoy ur weekend!! ^__*
(p/s: dont you miss me *blek*)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Most boring blog

I ve been blogging continuosly since Monday cos i m kinda free. duno smth to be proud of or wat...@_@ too free, i ll be bored to death. too bzz, i ll be stressed to death. so how u tell me.
sometimes, i feel that life is very meaningless. i know i'd mentioned about tis b4 and i m repeating it again wtf. its like evryday after u wake up, u dun have any better things to do except for goin to work. and for me, its so damn bored looking at the clock, and keep telling myself 'haiyo, now oni 9 in the mrng, need to wait for how long summo??!' u might suggest that i can surf the net...yala, i did. frester-ing, facebook-ing, yahoo-ing, and of cos, msn-ing..and then?!
i surf the net EVERYDAY okay. but nth special wert.....i even fear that one day my boss will come and tell me that i have been onlining too much during work and would stop me frm accessing the internet wtf. the more u surf, the boring u become. sometimes i even feel sick thinking that i need to face the monitor for 8 hrs per day. my eyes can realy become
like this ----> @_@ my frens used to ask me y am i so free when working?! i also dunno hahah...kinda relaxing huh my job...true also la, sometimes...
i used to tell ppl to live life to the fullest, enjoy life la bla bla bla...but funny, i hardly do so. if life is boring, how 2 live to the fullest??
ok la i dun1 to bored u anymore so i would jz stop here.
(p/s: omg y am i so emo 2day) T__T

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pissed off

Today, 11/03/08, marks the 49th day since i blog. ahaha...yala, i know its nth special. i saja wanna calculate exactly how long since my 1st blog. so jz allow me will ya?
ok la, the reason y i m blogging 2day is bcos i wanna tell u some stupidd user i met jz now. the system that i m supporting sent an email to this user this morning, telling him of certain issues he needs to take note. then i duno y la he seems dont understand the email so he replied, and he wrote kinda long grandma stories in the email. so, i thought of being a kind supporter and so i called him rite after that. so i was started to explain to him the real situation from A to Z, but he intercepted telling me the system sucks la confusing la no good la bla bla bla...keep on blaming the system..walau eh, how many yrs hav u been working in the company?! u still dun understand the data flow?? and ok la, even if u REALLY dun understand, pls let me explain slowly and thoroughly to u ok...and stop intercepting wtf. so we 'argued' thru the phone for bout 10 mins and then i was pissed off, so i raised my voice as if i was angry (ok la, i was realy angry that time). but funny, i dint realise my voice is loud enuff til my colleague tilted her head and looked at me. opps, damn paiseh la if the whole dept was staring at me.
i m a good temper gal and i seldom become this angry la...^__^ so finally, the man seems like knowing my angriness and then he said, 'oo ok la kalau macam tu, harap harap next time system pandai pandai la...' *sweat* after 15 mins of conversation he still havent catch my explaination yet wtf, wasted my energy and saliva. ok la fine i told myself. so i hang up.
u see, sometimes ha, when u meet this kind of stubborn user, u realy cant help urself frm getting mad. my intention of calling him is to explain to him the whole things properly mana tau kena 'sut' pula....T___T thats y, must show him my temper if not he wont afraid.
i pray to God, pls dun let me meet this kind of users anymore. pengsan lo u know.....@__@

Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday bluezz

okay, so its over. our 12th GE had concluded. and we all are aware of the results now. many were saying that it was such a shock to see the results. i mean, true la, who would expect the results would be so shocking rite? so, the next 4 years will be our most exciting years. let us wait and see, what will our beloved country transform within these 4 yrs. we'll see. ;)
ok enough bout election. i found another photo editing software last nite. i was trying to scanned some photos into the pc, and i actually found out besides scanning, this software can actually edits photo. (ok la, i know i m outdated wtf) its called HP laser jet smth now u know, it is actually a scanner, but then it has some side functions, like err u can edit or create photo albums. its easy, fast and fun. ^__^ so to prove to u my findings, i decided to upload these photos:well, this is me, when i was still a kid. cute bo?! ^_*

we went for paintball games last few weeks.

and this was during karaoke time.

ok la, jz 3 only. consider not bad ler rite, 1st time mer...promise, more picts will be uploading soon ;p
gotto get back to work..its a lazy Monday and ppl are holidaying alr. T__T

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Polling day

I felt so bad to neglect my blog T___T but true la, nth much special to blog few days back and the main reason is, i was so damn bzz wif works wtf.
Anyway, its polling day already. there were so many carss at town last nite.....i guess most ppl are back to cast their votes today. seriously, Tpg s a small town, we hardly see traffic jam here (except during working hours la wtf). but still i felt so happening last nite seeing so many carss on the street. muahahaha....
u know, many of my frens dint even go register as a voter. i believe many also like that...and y i m so dutiful to go register wtf??i purposely go post office last few months and register as a voter okay...@_@ anyway, its not a bad thing either. at least i think we should practice our rights and responsibility la rite...cos somehow, the election's result would affects us also. so make sure u register as a voter for the next GE la. ;p
I shall go to vote right after work later. yala, forgive me pls, 1st time cast my vote, so abit exciting wtf :)
and today is IWD aka International Women's Day! just for ur infor, the first International Women's Day was launched on 8 March 1911 in Copenhagen by Clara Zetkin, leader of the'Women's Office' for the Social Democratic Party in Germany. actually i think one of the reason to hav this day is to calling for women's right to vote, correct?! anyhow women, let us celebrate this day and may u achieve what u really want!! ( omg y i sound so serious...) but its not very happening here in Malaysia afterall :(
to all ladies out there, Happy IWD!! ^__^
(p/s: ok la a short blog 2day as i m excited to leave office for voting wtf)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Hey people, sch holidays is coming...yet again. jz last month, they were holidaying rite wtf...being a kid or a sch teacher is damn fun okay...where u can get approximately 80 days of holiday per year. (u might think i m smart to know the total of days, but i actualy searched for this infor thru the net wtf) and i was regret y i m a programmer but not a teacher wtf. for ur infor, my childhood ambition is to be a teacher. haha. biasa la, most kids would choose teacher, doctor, police etc as ambition. u know, we used 2 write essay or karangan bout own ambition rite? like, wat do u hope 2 do when u grow up?? or sometimes being called by teacher in a class, asking u to share ur ambition wif the rest of ur classmates...and my answer is always, teacher. @_@ i remembered was holding to this ambition for, err, 4 to 5 yrs wtf. whenever my teacher asked me bout my ambition, i would say 'teacher', even when writing essay. how come my thinking is so so simple??i remembered some of my ex-class mates said they wanna become IT specialist la, lawyer la when they grew up. woo hoo, those were damn 'high end' least for a primary sch kid.
anyway, after my form 5, i neva even thought of goin colleges to futher my studies. cos of my financial support wtf. my family esp my bro dint agree for me to go colleges..seriously, i DID NOT blamed them okay. i understand the situation back then. and to be honest, my results were not good enuff for me to apply for a scholarship or loan. damn. so wat did i do?! i followed my frens' decision, which is to cont'd Form 6. (haha, i think i was lost that time, miserable, duno wat shud i do) and so, i spent 2 yrs in Form 6. usually if u finish ur STPM, u would cont'd to University rite? otherwise i guess u will jz wasted the previous 2 yrs. so, it was another headache time. which Uni to chose?! and what course to take?! the end, i chose UM as my 1st choice, then USM...guess what was my 1st choice for course? haha...civil engineering!!! come on, tell me i m smart...i mean, seldom gals chose this course. if i m not mistaken, i chose the 1st three to be civil eng. then my 4th choice, Com Sc. and the govn assigned me this. i dun even know what is Com Sc back then, jz simply tick. but ok la, glad that i took this course...cos now, IT era rite, shud hav knowledge about IT too. ;D
now that i ve grown up, no longer hav ambition anymore @_@

Monday, March 3, 2008


Finalli, i was able to watch 'Jumper' wif the bf at Gurney yesterday. the movie was nice..but then, a lil not making sense. i mean, wat would the world become if someone do hav the power like that ?but yala, i understand that its some sort like fiction movie...
the movie tells about David Rice, who is a “Jumper”, a teleporter, who can go anywhere, anytime. He can see 20 sunsets in one day, whisk his girlfriend across the world in the blink of an eye and grab millions of dollars in minutes. amazing huh?! o_0
okay, story line apart...another part that attracts me is the actor himself, Hayden Christensen. *big wink eyes* well, he is not verryyy handsome to be honest..but err, gotto tell u that he s my type!!! haha ;D no la, seriously, jz feel he got those one of a kind look..that kind of attrativeness, in the movie.

next, i m waiting to watch Step up II. i know its alr in the cinema, but this one, i planned to buy DVD and watch at home @_@
while on our way to Penang....
The bf was bzz driving, and i was bzz camwhoring ;p
and then he joined...
and then he was trying to be naughty T.T