Friday, March 28, 2008


Ever since last thursday, my legs started to itch. at 1st i was jz ignored it, but seems like it was getting worst. so i went pharm and asked the gal about it. she told me it might be skin allergy (in general). so i bought a cream and some pills to eliminate the itchiness. the pharmacist said i dun have to finish the pills, consume only when the skin itches. so i thought the probs cured so i stopped taking the pills. but too bad, it happened again yesterday morning wtf. T__T so damn itch i cant stopped scratching myself. leg, thighs...its like small lil red spots and damn itch okay. i duno wat causes it. could be the food i eat, the clothes i wear, the bedsheet i sleep on, or worse, i hav been attacked by bed bugs??? omg dun care la, washed my pyjamas, pillow and bolster cases, bedsheet and blanket. hopefully i can say buh bye to the itchiness ASAP!
well, last nite the bf and i brought the router things to the streamyx guy to fix..after that we back home and tried, and things seems to be at a better stage. but the guy said we gotto call to the streamyx center and do the activation. how come so mahuan one?!!! so i called and called and called but nobody asnwer the phone wtf @__@ i could only hear the operator repeated 'sorry, all our agents are still bzz, pls hold...' so after 10-15 mins of trying i lost my patience and hang up. mayb i ll try again 2nite.
oo ya Esther turns 24 this Sunday muahahaha....getting older liao ;p so she will treat us all for seafood dinner 2mr nite yihoo...u better bring enuff cash gal...cos i think that restaurant do not accept credit card transaction *blek* our 2nd round, i guess will be going limteh la. dun wanna go clubbing. we can hardly hear each other when clubbing la okay. and i m afraid 'that' incident would have happen again sigh...
okay i shall update u next week ~ hav a great weekend people!! ^__*

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