Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Good Luck My Fren

Sigh i m blogging again. forgive me as i cant stop myself frm blogging here -_- dun get me wrong as i m not competing for the 'Most Frequent Blogger' award. i simply wanna blog blog blog.
seriously what do u think about differ-race relationship?? i got this fren rite, she has been dating an Aussie guy for the past 3 1st she seems to be so in love wif him and they looked very loving. and i was so jealous wtf...that Aussie guy is so cute!!! we met b4 and i can tell u he is damn nice and gentleman and caring and.. .. .. ..;)) (i think my bf is goin to kill me if i cont'd to praise ;p) i m thinking if they were to marry in the future then their children will be damn gorgeous!!! mix okay...sure look outstanding..pretty girls and handsome then i will wan to be their 'kai jie', or 'kai ma' ok la...muahaha....
but then few days ago i heard they broke up. T__T i realy felt sorry for her. i duno what to say...i saw her msn written 'back to single' and i really cannot believe what i saw. i asked her and she told me evrything...she said the reason they broke up, cos the Aussie guy could not stand chinese tradition anymore...*sweat* then how did he went thru wif her, for this 3 yrs++ omg!! its not that he needs to practice those cultural stuff evryday, i mean he oni meet the gf once a month ( FYI, he works at Singapore and only visit her once a month i suppose) and by the way, what kind of chinese tradition he could not stand ha?! no doubt the gal's family is kinda conservative la but i think they accept the daughter's relationship alr. the relationship is made public right after few mths since they were seeing each other. sigh i dunno la mayb there are some hidden reasons behind. i jz felt that its a modern world now and i thought evry1 will see this kind of relationship as very common. anyway i think i better not comment much on this issue la, i jz felt very sorry for them.
and now the gal stays at KL and i heard the ex-bf went back to Australia. dont u think there s smth fishy goin on?? i mean he could have stay at Singapore even after breaking up...but y did he return to Australia?? haih dunno la..i jz wish her to be strong in the coming days and may time take away her pain...i believe time could heal the wound into a scar. and i jz wanna tell u that i m always on ur side Michelle. all da very best to u!!! ^_* miss ya soo soo much....


  1. hai...cannot comment so much gela...dont said diff race la..even same also got prob wan la...i guess the guy just given a reason to broke off just that he wan to be back to aust..or maybe there are some other reasons la...but really too bad for both of themm right...but frankly one month meet monce really not encourage lo..this long distance relationship is not so good.there must be some lacking between them lo...believe or not there was just both of them keep quiet only lo....

  2. thats y i said there might be some hidden reasons behind lo...yala i und cannot comment much, jz that she is my good fren so i felt sorry and wasted for them...:(


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