Monday, March 17, 2008

I m back!

Hello ppl i m back! ;p
here are some updates for my last weekend...
i rushed back home after work on thursday and got prepared. departed to KL at 8pm and it was raining heavily and we hardly see the road @_@ then we had bak kut teh at kepong at 11pm. (4got to take picts*) i can tell u i hardly had bak kut teh this late heavy food la...i wanna diet leh summo ask me eat so heavy food as supper. :(
friday morning fetched dear to shah alam, a plc named NKR. so damn complicated la..we had map in hand but we still searched for bout 2 hrs. the training supposed to start at 8.30 but he went in at 11.30 we dropped him and off to Bangsar. so i was able to shop at a few boutiques at Bangsar, as recommended by a fren. and i bought a dress ;D next we went 1u for a walk and q for tickets. watched 10,000BC at nite. so so oni la the movie.

the 3 items i bought during my 3 days of shopping (i m so good least id controlled myself frm spending much, claps claps*, 3 items in 3 days of shopping ok?). and that necklace is the lovely souvenir frm HK!!
saturday we had our brunch at dragon-i at pavilion, so damn nice la their 'xiu long pau'. i wanted to take picts but i m afraid ppl might see as sua ku so i gif up la. walked for the whole day, frm pavilion to sg wang to low yat. lucky i wore sandal that day ;) then i met up wif esther and frens at Friday The Curve. but i left earlier as i needed to catch Step up II at 1U. (told u i m goin to watch this ;p) yeah it was nice! its like u feel that u wanna be part of them in the dance when u r watching it. sunday, we went to mid valley and it was so nice to be able to meet up wif perng ling and frens, my ex-coursemates. miss them soo soo much!felt so warm to chit chat wif them though the gathering was short. meeting wif Perng, Kean and Yen!! miss ya gals...

then we left Damansara at bout 5 in the evening. it was so hot and i hardly open my eyes when driving. @_@
so thats about it, my trip to KL. (ok la its not like i m goin UK or Australia so stop sua ku-ing la wtf)
its a very blue monday today and i hate my stupid mouse...feel like wanna bang it hard on the table..grrrr.....

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