Monday, March 3, 2008


Finalli, i was able to watch 'Jumper' wif the bf at Gurney yesterday. the movie was nice..but then, a lil not making sense. i mean, wat would the world become if someone do hav the power like that ?but yala, i understand that its some sort like fiction movie...
the movie tells about David Rice, who is a “Jumper”, a teleporter, who can go anywhere, anytime. He can see 20 sunsets in one day, whisk his girlfriend across the world in the blink of an eye and grab millions of dollars in minutes. amazing huh?! o_0
okay, story line apart...another part that attracts me is the actor himself, Hayden Christensen. *big wink eyes* well, he is not verryyy handsome to be honest..but err, gotto tell u that he s my type!!! haha ;D no la, seriously, jz feel he got those one of a kind look..that kind of attrativeness, in the movie.

next, i m waiting to watch Step up II. i know its alr in the cinema, but this one, i planned to buy DVD and watch at home @_@
while on our way to Penang....
The bf was bzz driving, and i was bzz camwhoring ;p
and then he joined...
and then he was trying to be naughty T.T

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