Thursday, March 13, 2008

KL 2nite

I was kinda bzz 2day, yet my hands r itching to blog and so, here i am!! ;))
hey ppl i m goin to KL 2nite woohoo... ^__* its been 6 mths and 3 days since my last visit to KL. sua ku or not?? ;p
so i m goin 2 shop shop shop!!! hehe...seriously, i hope can meet up my ex coursemates. so miss them ler...but i wonder i got that 'extra' time or not. i bet 2moro i m free la but wat about them?? most are working @_@ then saturday i ll free myself to shopping pula...;p then nite i ll meet up wif Esther & Cat and sunday i ll bek to Taiping. so i realy doubt if i can meet them. or mayb i can call them out during saturday shopping la rite?
wei wei wei stop telling me how nice Step Up II is, okay....and stop tempting me!!! i swear i m goin to watch this in these few days time!!y la Taiping no cinema at all?? tell me tell me!! and evrytime when there are new movies i need to travel to sumwhere else...sigh*
okay la i m gonna leave my blog for few days now...:(
take care evrybody and enjoy ur weekend!! ^__*
(p/s: dont you miss me *blek*)

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