Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday bluezz

okay, so its over. our 12th GE had concluded. and we all are aware of the results now. many were saying that it was such a shock to see the results. i mean, true la, who would expect the results would be so shocking rite? so, the next 4 years will be our most exciting years. let us wait and see, what will our beloved country transform within these 4 yrs. we'll see. ;)
ok enough bout election. i found another photo editing software last nite. i was trying to scanned some photos into the pc, and i actually found out besides scanning, this software can actually edits photo. (ok la, i know i m outdated wtf) its called HP laser jet smth now u know, it is actually a scanner, but then it has some side functions, like err u can edit or create photo albums. its easy, fast and fun. ^__^ so to prove to u my findings, i decided to upload these photos:well, this is me, when i was still a kid. cute bo?! ^_*

we went for paintball games last few weeks.

and this was during karaoke time.

ok la, jz 3 only. consider not bad ler rite, 1st time mer...promise, more picts will be uploading soon ;p
gotto get back to work..its a lazy Monday and ppl are holidaying alr. T__T

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