Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Most boring blog

I ve been blogging continuosly since Monday cos i m kinda free. duno smth to be proud of or wat...@_@ too free, i ll be bored to death. too bzz, i ll be stressed to death. so how u tell me.
sometimes, i feel that life is very meaningless. i know i'd mentioned about tis b4 and i m repeating it again wtf. its like evryday after u wake up, u dun have any better things to do except for goin to work. and for me, its so damn bored looking at the clock, and keep telling myself 'haiyo, now oni 9 in the mrng, need to wait for how long summo??!' u might suggest that i can surf the net...yala, i did. frester-ing, facebook-ing, yahoo-ing, and of cos, msn-ing..and then?!
i surf the net EVERYDAY okay. but nth special wert.....i even fear that one day my boss will come and tell me that i have been onlining too much during work and would stop me frm accessing the internet wtf. the more u surf, the boring u become. sometimes i even feel sick thinking that i need to face the monitor for 8 hrs per day. my eyes can realy become
like this ----> @_@ my frens used to ask me y am i so free when working?! i also dunno hahah...kinda relaxing huh my job...true also la, sometimes...
i used to tell ppl to live life to the fullest, enjoy life la bla bla bla...but funny, i hardly do so. if life is boring, how 2 live to the fullest??
ok la i dun1 to bored u anymore so i would jz stop here.
(p/s: omg y am i so emo 2day) T__T


  1. is not just you..but me too..sien hor...dont feel wanna wake up early in thhe morning also...kekeke...but lucky..wwhen i feel bored i will find thing to clear..kekeke..try to find something like clean ur desk ah...that will help though...kekkee

  2. oo clean desk also wont take one whole day la...haih, duno la..jz feel very sien and boring....

  3. when u evrytime every day doing and repeat the same things..Life become bored..

    Have some aims for your life like u r aiming for a trip or getting higher achievement of ur career... all planning some special events with ur dear.. all of these will cheer up and enlighten ur life to be wonderful..


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