Friday, March 21, 2008

Nail Art by Angeline

So at last, Angeline did manicure for me. It wasnt long, only about 65 mins time. she is so kind that she came my hse and manicured for me...seriously i felt paiseh la cos she charged me 0 cent yet she came my hse. i tot i was supposed to go her hse, but she insisted so nvm la :)) and for the whole 65 mins dear was there and watched us doing the manicure. ok la he might not watched the WHOLE process cos he was reading newspaper then ;p
well today i was alr prepared myself to receive any kind of comments frm colleagues ard me. a few said it was too complicated,some said it was nice. but of cos majority said it was nice!! frankly i like the colors and designs. i felt it matched wif my dress well ;D
tell me isit nice? hehe..ok la this photo makes no difference la wtf..after i edited then only i realized that the 4 picts r the same wtf..

closer look to both hands.
cant see clearly? well, its actually grey and black as base, topped wif hand-drawn red rose, finished wif some sparkling lil beads.
u know my dad teased me 'wah ahh neh ho arr, chia tui lai qu jor...' (direct translate * wah so nice arr, can 'invite' back home and do) @_@ oo dad u r damn funny...^__^
honestly i could not complain anymore. eh ppl do FOC for me okay and how could i complain?! so once again, thx Angeline! i believe more business will be coming to u in future ^__*
* p/s: i hope 2mr my nails will stay as nice as today ;)

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