Thursday, March 20, 2008

No holiday :(

Today, 20/3 is Prophet Muhamad Birthday according to the calendar. suppose to be a holiday. sigh y i dun have holiday Ya Allah......T__T i know many ppl is holidaying msn contact lists reduce frm the normal 40 to only 20++ today and nobody chat wif me in msn :(((so bored that i wanted to bang my head against the wall wtf...grrr...y i hav2 come 2 work today?? i have no idea. omg y la i m so fuc*ing mind about this?! ok la stop it!!
this mrng i checked my frenster profile and i received one msg frm a fren. he asked about how s my relationship lately. the moment i read it i realy appreciate that he is concern about me.but then the last sentence he wrote asking me to change my 'xiao jie pi qi' (translate * missy attitude ahaha) hello tell me since when i acted that way?!for all this while i m usually the one who listen to my bf and follow watever he said ok?!! is this the so-called missy attitude u tell me. ok la i know this fren might be joking wif me only. but somehow i really wanted to defend against this and tell u ppl that i hardly have this 'xiao jie pi qi' la okay....*pout*
y evrytime i heard my frens told me to appreciate my bf , told me he is good enuff la this la that la...hey definetely i know la okay...i wonder did anybody told him to appreciate me, told him i m good enuff this la that come i feel that i m the ONLY one who listen to all this stuffs?!i mean its not fair...i can tell u that i m a good gf myself. *blek* sigh duno la i feel damn sad evrytime i heard this. T___T it makes me feel that i m a bad gf who needs advises frm others, telling me to appreciate the relationship etc etc...pls la u ppl stop telling me about this..i m begging u...
ok i m trying to 4get about this and i wanna do smth that makes me happier. so i decided to eat the chocolate i brought today :))) chocolate makes u happy, agree?


  1. cheers fren... forget the unhappy things... make yourself live happier... in fact only you and him who really known whats really happening... so... :)

  2. hello anonymous, though i duno who u r but thx for the comment ya..
    ya i will try to live happily :p

  3. Hi,you are welcome :)


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