Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pissed off

Today, 11/03/08, marks the 49th day since i blog. ahaha...yala, i know its nth special. i saja wanna calculate exactly how long since my 1st blog. so jz allow me will ya?
ok la, the reason y i m blogging 2day is bcos i wanna tell u some stupidd user i met jz now. the system that i m supporting sent an email to this user this morning, telling him of certain issues he needs to take note. then i duno y la he seems dont understand the email so he replied, and he wrote kinda long grandma stories in the email. so, i thought of being a kind supporter and so i called him rite after that. so i was started to explain to him the real situation from A to Z, but he intercepted telling me the system sucks la confusing la no good la bla bla bla...keep on blaming the system..walau eh, how many yrs hav u been working in the company?! u still dun understand the data flow?? and ok la, even if u REALLY dun understand, pls let me explain slowly and thoroughly to u ok...and stop intercepting wtf. so we 'argued' thru the phone for bout 10 mins and then i was pissed off, so i raised my voice as if i was angry (ok la, i was realy angry that time). but funny, i dint realise my voice is loud enuff til my colleague tilted her head and looked at me. opps, damn paiseh la okay...as if the whole dept was staring at me.
i m a good temper gal and i seldom become this angry la...^__^ so finally, the man seems like knowing my angriness and then he said, 'oo ok la kalau macam tu, harap harap next time system pandai pandai la...' *sweat* after 15 mins of conversation he still havent catch my explaination yet wtf, wasted my energy and saliva. ok la fine i told myself. so i hang up.
u see, sometimes ha, when u meet this kind of stubborn user, u realy cant help urself frm getting mad. my intention of calling him is to explain to him the whole things properly mana tau kena 'sut' pula....T___T thats y, must show him my temper if not he wont afraid.
i pray to God, pls dun let me meet this kind of users anymore. pengsan lo u know.....@__@


  1. aiyo..so kesian...my co also use to have this kind of ppl...usually, if there is interuption when i speak..then i will call his name and said..can you please let me finish my sentence before you ask..or maybe can you listen and if still not understand only ask...
    haha..thats works sometimes..but if he dont, then i will ask him to refer to someone else who have better attitude to serve him..kekeke...i cannot tolerance with this kind of ppl..my api will burn so fast if i keep on speak to this kind of ppl...haha...especially when im in bad mood..kekeke...fierce le... :P

  2. yaya...so fed up la when meet this kind of ppl..always tot he is the right. and dun1 to listen to ppl pula...@_@


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