Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pleasant weekend

Regardless of this blog title, i wanna say i m N O T feeling pleasant now, not at all !!!!
i went to the immigration just now to do my passport. once i reached i was so happy...cos i saw no customers at all...what popped up in my mind then was yihoo, guess i can finish the things fast! so i went to get my number and passed the forms, documents and passport photos to the officer. then u know what? he told me my photo cannot be accepted!!! grr.....i felt so upset!!! he said my fringe covered my eyebrow too much..wtf wtf...it was only 0.1cm over my eyebrow okay!! and then i wanted to take the photos there he said the service only available from 2pm onwards. WHAT!!! i got not enough time okay...that was my lunch time and its my working day today..sigh outta no choice, i jz left T____T sacrificed my lunch time, without taking my lunch, drove all the way there, under the super hot sun, and i got NOTHING wtf!!! omg somebody pls kill me now...
well i know i shudnt blame anyone. sigh wat 2 do..guess i hav2 go there again 2mr, and gotto make sure the photos i m taking 2nite is 100% passed!!

Okay as promised, updates for last weekend.
Saturday, we departed to Matang seafood restaurant at about 7+, at 1st i reckoned there would be 8 paxes,
too bad la 2 of them ffk-ed last min :( so we went wif one car instead.
well, we ordered 5 dishes, namely crabs, prawns, 'lala', fish and vege for RM116. (thx to Esther for the treat) but too bad the cook mistaken our order, so the crabs were wasted sigh. next we went for tea. (aicks so clumsy me 4gotten to buy Esther a birthday cake T___T how can a birthday called birthday without a birthday cake?!!) we ciao at about 11smth, since almost evry1 need to go 'cheng beng' the next morning. anyway i went another 3rd round, hehe..clubbing at JR. it was Boon's birthday..so we chilled and was homed at about 2+ in the morning *sigh no photos for this yet :( *
Sunday, not able to do much. jz onlined for a while, and watched 'P2', half way. think not goin to finish the whole dvd la, too bored @__@

wif Singaporean gal Eve (ahaha, kidding she is frm Taiping too)

nice pict but i think tingki wasnt ready yet ;p

wif dear at JR

well i duno y, i felt myself being weird in this pict wtf...

and oh, today's 1st of April, so Happy April Fool's Day people... ;p

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