Saturday, March 8, 2008

Polling day

I felt so bad to neglect my blog T___T but true la, nth much special to blog few days back and the main reason is, i was so damn bzz wif works wtf.
Anyway, its polling day already. there were so many carss at town last nite.....i guess most ppl are back to cast their votes today. seriously, Tpg s a small town, we hardly see traffic jam here (except during working hours la wtf). but still i felt so happening last nite seeing so many carss on the street. muahahaha....
u know, many of my frens dint even go register as a voter. i believe many also like that...and y i m so dutiful to go register wtf??i purposely go post office last few months and register as a voter okay...@_@ anyway, its not a bad thing either. at least i think we should practice our rights and responsibility la rite...cos somehow, the election's result would affects us also. so make sure u register as a voter for the next GE la. ;p
I shall go to vote right after work later. yala, forgive me pls, 1st time cast my vote, so abit exciting wtf :)
and today is IWD aka International Women's Day! just for ur infor, the first International Women's Day was launched on 8 March 1911 in Copenhagen by Clara Zetkin, leader of the'Women's Office' for the Social Democratic Party in Germany. actually i think one of the reason to hav this day is to calling for women's right to vote, correct?! anyhow women, let us celebrate this day and may u achieve what u really want!! ( omg y i sound so serious...) but its not very happening here in Malaysia afterall :(
to all ladies out there, Happy IWD!! ^__^
(p/s: ok la a short blog 2day as i m excited to leave office for voting wtf)


  1. wei...never know that you so responsible wan woh....we also not yet register le..somemore who agains who or who with in what parti also we donno how to vote le...cham..sound like i so iresponsible to country issue...kekeke...sorry la..still young for me to learn...i try my best on the next election la..kekeke.... :P

  2. thats y many ppl out there still havent register as a voter. ur 1 vote can be so important u make sure u jadi voter at the coming GE la :p

  3. U r responsible to have such a thinking to register and vote..

    It is our rights and our duties....If we do not care the rights and voice up using the vote in our hands, who else care??

    People like to blame government's faults in kopitiam but when u ask them, have u registered as voter, some of them will say no, y wan to register?
    It is so irresponsible that, if u dont wan to exercise ur rights to vote and change the government, then pls do not complain..

    Anyway, seldom have girl has such awareness..good to hear that..keep on


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