Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Can anyone tell me is March considered as rainy season? it rains almost evryday here sigh...seriously i prefer sunny day over rainy day. so inconvenient...wanna go anywhere definetely u ll need an umbrella..and the worse part i hate is to get into the car while its raining. one hand holding umbrella, another hand opening the door, then while u alr seated down u need to keep ur umbrella..its like evrything is getting wet..(yes i am very particular about the cleanliness in the car -_-)* if u know what i mean*
it was raining so damn heavy yest'day while driving to the yoga center. the sky was so dark, the wind blew so strong and everywhere were flooded...imagine i was driving only 20 or 30 km/h on the road. i thought if sum1 horned me behind i dun care also la...i hardly see the road okay even my wiper was set to the fastest..i even scared the water might flow into the car wtf..i wanted to snap some photos actually, wanna show u how heavy the rain was. but 2nd thought, if i were to take photo then who s goin to hold the steering for me rite? ahaha. y la it always rain bout 5+?? how come when ppl wanna off frm work then only rains??
ok enuff about the rain. remember i told u about the trip to Spain? the exact date was not known, but shud be somewhere ard 2nd week of July. and we gotto confirm the pax by this 31st. funny, they only gif such a limited confirmation period yet neva announce the trip duration and the dates. @__@
i received mails from a fren and found this pretty interesting. wanna share wif u... ;)) its actually true story at China.

they said China ppl dont charge handphone, they electrify it ahaha...

so are we suppose to go through the wall to take the lifts?? @_@

nice vocab...'fucks'....

did u notice 'many privates'? haih really direct translate man....

and finally, 'be careful of landslide', instead of be careful of wet floor....*sweat*

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