Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I realize i m alr addicted to blogging. it feels like blogging is everything now omg, and i hate the fact the my blog remains un-updated evryday i see it. @_@ so die die must write smth la ;p tell me is there any1 who blog as often as me?? i hope i m not odd.
i ll be doing manicure this coming thurs, FOC!! hahaha....my this colleague who took up the course wanted some models la so i volunteer myself kekke...so i ll sacrifice my lunch time and let her manicure me! good too as i ll b attending shirley's wedding dinner this saturday. ^_*
hey i ve been searching for an issue this whole morning and still cannot find any outcomes. can anyone tell me whether blogspot support password-protected blog entry?! forgive me la as i m still beginner here ;p i know there is smth we can set to limited viewers but if doing so, ALL my blogs will be made private. i m thinking wanna make oni ONE blog entry as private. so pls anyone of u know pls tell me ya....thx..
its 5 o'clock and i m starving alr wtf....i had laksa as lunch jz now and thats y i m starving now. T__T i got yoga class need attend later and i think i m goin to pass out. @_@ sumbody pls be kind and offer me some food wtf.....
p/s: i realize i am addicted to akon latest, 'what you got' ft colby o donis. damn nice man... ;D

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