Monday, March 24, 2008

Their wedding nite ;)

Hello was ur weekend? me? i had a wonderful saturday and a boring sunday sigh..
i got myself prepared by 6 on saturday evening, then headed to dear 's was raining then. we reached the restaurant at 6.45pm, waited the rest and we went in together. the actual dinner started at 8pm and i remembered i was starved that time to 4get my hungriness i kept taking photos wif the rest :))
wow wow...xue li is so damn pretty...ya i know all brides are pretty weii wtf...we had a realy enjoyed shooting, crapping around, drinking bla bla bla..and the main attraction that nite was, we all went up stage and sang 2gether wif the couples!! so paiseh okay...i looked at the crowd down stage, oh man dunno how many thousand pairs of eyes were watching us....-_- but too bad evryone were bzz singing that time and no 1 took photo for us wtf T__ T too bad too bad......

As promised, more picts (pls ignore the sequence..i duno y i cannot drag the picts to the bottom most wtf)
see the top right most pict..ahaha..we were still sober okay...

2 by 2 ;)

brokeback mountain wtf

Random combination 1 ( can u see those ang pau s?) *big wink eyes*

random combination 2

me wif the bride

us wif the couples...isnt she pretty? ;D

us again ;p

xue li is so pretty we cant stop taking photo wif her heheh...

well that was how i spent the last saturday..and y i said i had a boring sunday? dear was not here :( he went SP wif his dad for some working purpose. and we only met a while at nite..our one and only off day was wasted like that :(( come on its a sunday, the only day we can spend 2gether, i mean WHOLE day...
but he brought me a good news last nite. guess what?! he s bringing me to Spain this July!!! damn big girl 1st time ever travel oversea...okay la, not our own trip to be precise, its actually his company trip. his dad asked us to go. i can tell u i m dying to go....but i cant promise whether i can really go T__T i mean, i m afraid the boss will not allow me to take so many days of leave in one shot. sigh God bless me...i realy hope i can go...i bet the experience will be damn precious. o_0
more picts will be uploading soon..gotto get back to work now @_@


  1. when is your turn?

  2. hello..
    my turn arr...erm eh um....
    hehe cant tell u myself also @_@


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