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I Wish 'they' Spend Their Life In Jail

What a bad mood to start the day.
my baby City back glass was broken last night.

FUCK THIS SHIT. damn suey okay.

actually i heard bikes and some bangs at 11 smth yesterday night. lazy me thought of nothing special so dint get up and take a look ( i almost felt asleep then) this morning Annie came over to tumpang my car to work. she din't realised anything but me, who always am damn sensitive to every single thing on the car (even bird shits) found that the glass was all broken. and the funniest thing, the brick still lay nicely at the back of the car. but i gotto say that i'm lucky cause nothing's being stolen.

what the fuck is this?!! we know for sure the brick wouldn't fall from the sky itself. stupid brainless retarded sick fckers!!!! why are they so free?? why hit people's car on purpose?? what has gotten into their mind?? so free go to hell lah, please don't go and vandalize people's belongings. grrrrrrrrrr....

what h…

Big Girl Already ;)

Inspired by a few blogger friends, I'm feeling to write about it too ;)

But first, sorry for the blur photos ok =(( blame it to the stupid scanner lah.. i tried for few days already but it still doesn't work!! grrrrr.. i was very fed up last night so i gave up :( i snapped using my handphone instead. once again, minta maaf lah @___@

Taken when i was about 9, heheh smart eh watching people played poker cards ;)

this one was about 10. stood outside my uncle's house.

and ladies and gents, this is ONE-OF-THE ugliest photo. i forgot when was it taken but it was outside my house. look at me!! damn chubby ho?? haih i don't know what's wrong also. and check out my tummy OMG... *faint*
there's more photos back home but trust me you won't want to see them... mind you i was saying 'ONE-OF-THE ugliest photo' meaning there are still many actually. okay lah may be i can show you those which are cute and pretty ones heheh. for once i was veryy chubby and ugly even…

MDG Top 3

I was hesitating for abit before i decided to write this blog. cause i know many already blogged about it. anyway since i'm kinda free today so i'll write la okay =))
so top 3 was announced. seriously i was quite satisfied with the result. hahah cause Hanis was one of them tee hee...*claps claps* the latest episodes up already so go watch lah..*clicks* (haih damn 'fai' la this link, who don't know the Malaysian Dream Girls website right?)


She is my favourite girl so i will start with her first *winks* (damn bias ho?)
she's young, she's pretty, she's humble, she's friendly and she's definetely deserved to be one of the top 3. her posture was so damn good here. she did look good in the batik kind of dress, with her one-of-a-kind expression. i think she need abit more effort and hardwork that'll absolutely make her qualified for commercials, presenter, VJ bla bla bla...whatever that comes to TV la okay. one good thing i feel about Hanis is th…

Random Me

Yesterday while i was driving to work, i realised there were haze. well i was not sure its haze or what lah..or may be some jungles nearby was on fire again @__@ (which i seriously hope its NOT!!) was able to take 2 photos.

showed this to the bf last night, he warned me not to take photos again the next time i'm driving :p okok yes sirr!

this is a clearer pict. what's wrong hah?

the other day i was msn-ing with a friend and we were discussing about tattoo. no it's not the song Tattoo, it's the REAL tattoo fellas... I've always wanted a tattoo for ages. everytime i go shopping malls i got the urge to purposely pass by those tattoo shops i dunno why. weird huh :S they say it hurts and once you do it's forever. they say it's even painful if you were to remove it. they say you gotto seek for a real professional and a very hygienic shop to perform the tattoo. they say you gotto bear with the pain for that whole process. well of cause i know all these. but i think …

Letih nya..

Wah i was so damn hardworking and tired last weekend. so hardworking can u imagine? went for hiking @ Maxwell Hill early Saturday morning. really exhausted and sweaty everyone were complaining when we came down, though it was just about 1 hour+ of exercise. guess we really are old already wtf our stamina was not good enough, plus we used the short cut. it was so slippery and steep, i think we should called it jungle trekking instead of hiking. my leg muscle are still so painful now arghhh....


see see, damn scary right? this took us about half an hour to reach the base @___@

next we went for breakfast together and then back home, bath changed and rest. 1+ we went lunch (heheh think i used lotsa of energy i had 2 meals in 3 hours fuh...) 2pm we went for swimming @ Bukit Jana Golf Resort. yea they allow public to swim there at RM8 per pax. but too bad was raining when we reached there. anyway managed to swim a while later until 5pm. aicks so hugry me i had my dinner very early that …

Forever Friends Award

Tagged by Yan.
umm umm should i start this...
*think deep*

*snapped finger*
okay letmmi tell you about my friends:
Esther, Suan, Catherine, Crystal, Angeline, Samanthaand Tingki.
they are my closest friends of all. the first 5 we had about 11 yrs of friendship and the last 2, 17 yrs of friendship omg....
we used to promise each other that we WILL keep in touch no matter how. yea so glad we did buddies lalalalala...
we text, we call, we laugh, we cry, we hang out, we meet up every now and then... wah so proud ;p
Back school, we used to have 10 sisters tell you what. but slowly the other two(Sc & GH) already lost contact :(( ok la not really lost contact but we seldom meet up already. and kinda weird if we were to meet now, less topics to chat somehow.
we love to chat and gossip alot dont we? =)) not forgetting laughing so loud lah. muaahaha...sighh everytime after our gathering i would complaint about my sorethroat the next day. no i'm not exaggerating i m serious weiii.…

Tao Cuisine

Went to Tao cuisine @ Auto City Juru last night with my colleagues. we already planned for this few weeks earlier but couldnt make it somehow.
we departed from office at about 5.40 and reached there at about 6.30. the place was really nice. the design and environment were really Japanese style and unique. all were hungry in the beginning so the first few dishes were really yummy. but soon, our tummy could not bear it anymore >.< we ordered quite alot of dishes. darn in the end everyone were too full, just laid back and not willing to get up hahaha...but frankly the food were not as good as we expected especially the sushi. i think i will only visit it again at least half a year later heheh.
okay whatever it is, it was nice to be able to dine there and the best part, our MIS dept gathering ^___*

our first dish, grilled salmon

papaya salmon

japanese tofu

fried dumpling

tempura shrimp and veg

fire cracker roll


my favourite dish of all, Miso Yaki *winks*

back home at 10++ and …

Zoo Taiping

First thing first, tell me do you feel i've put on weight?! i had 2 meals of McD as dinner in 3 days!!! omg omg...sigh why is gaining weight way easier than losing weight???? i always say wanna lose weight lose weight but end up, i eat more than i should wtf. i used to have new year resolution which is to exercise more and lose more weight. but damn since these few years i gave up totally cos people said high expectation usually ends with failure wtf. so i m not going to promise that i ll eat less and control my diet anymore now. i know its goin to fail kaw kaw somehow :(( so, eat while i can!! hahaha...
Okay just in case for those of you who keeps wondering how is Zoo Taiping well i can tell you abit now cos i went there yesterday =)) last time i used to nag the bf for not bringing me there but i duno what crossed his mind yesterday he suggested to go since we got nth much to do. frankly i wasnt in t…

Everything's gonna be alright..

I shall start this with a longggg and deepppp strech arhhhhhhhh.............*strench kaw kaw*
Finally, after 4 days of 'battle' i was able to settle everything for Miss S. really damn tired lately..stayed back after work, not going out for lunch and paid my FULL concentration only to this job these few days. of cos, i gotto wait until end of this week to make sure everything is REALLY settled. i m still praying hard so that she dont call me to complain anymore. God if YOU are listening pls bless me. i really am a good girl and did my very best already =.=
*praying veryyyy hard*
last few nights when i was alone in the room i really wanted to cry. so stressed at work and nobody to accompany me :(( dear was at outstation and mummy went to KL. sigh i could not find someone to talk at all T____T dad was at his room watching TV but i dont want to disturb him. Fergie says Big Girls Dont Cry, so all big girls out there tell me you really dont cry?? i believe human beings are 'delicat…

Terrible Monday (part II)

Early yesterday morning i received a call from a user, i told her i m still doing the report she wanted and will hand in to her once finish. she then hang my phone!! damn...i then sent an email to her explaining the whole thing and would appreciate if she pay a lil patience. its a very terrible morning okay to being treated this way, plus its jz Monday..i jz wonder why would some user can be so inconsiderate..neva try to stand in my position and think of my feelings :( yea i know its part of work. people used to advise me that freshie tends to being bullied by the others. so just take it as a challenge, learn frm experiences and gradually become more matured, when there is new staff coming in I can do the same things on him/her. well i think i dont want to be that bad, probably cos i already went through this kind of nightmares. thats y most of the time when there are users like this, i will try my best to control my temper and just accept whatever they say @__@
mum called during lunch…

Working Saturday

Its another boring + dull + dreary working Saturday, again... :(
Its true, i got NO MOOD at all to come to work every Saturday. come on, its spelled S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y, its a day when people suppose to get a good rest, go shopping, chilling out wif frens etc etc. okay whatever it is, it definetely doesnt meant for WORKING!!!
anyway, i m just waiting the clock to strike 12.30pm and i ll back home straight. its Cellnique grand opening today so i would like to attend! they said there will be free gifts, lucky draw, great promotions, refreshments etc etc..and the best part i heard, special gift to be given away if you bring along a friend !! so i asked Crystal to come with me tee hee... ;))
well i ve been thinking to go karaoke lately. the last time i went was about a month+ ago. yesterday when msn-ing wif a fren i was suggesting to him going for K tonite. now seems like everyone agreed so i shall call for booking later on. frankly i prefer going with a smaller group of people. everytime i go, …


I got 2 good news to share!!
First, i got my passport done finally yipee fast that i only spent about 10 mins there. but how come they made my face so chubby one?? so ugly la my photo T___T then i saw the 'maklum balas' form at the counter and i wanted to fill it up actually. but 2nd thought my mind told me it was lazy already so i told myself, nvm la next time @__@ siao one. 300 bucks flied :(( but i guess worth it la. so i ll try to go as many countries as possible in these 5 yrs so that my 300 bucks get paid off okay ^__*
Second, another good fren joined blogging muahaha...first it was Esther and now its Sam. good good, neva thought i would influenced frens to join blogging. o_0
sigh i am super duper duper sleepy now candies finished already i got nth to chew and nth much to do... and its only 2pm now omg omg....i miss my bed la. sumbody pls helpppp... i already yawned 1649 times from yesterday til now ;p somemore i dunno whats wrong wif my Internet connec…

Pleasant weekend

Regardless of this blog title, i wanna say i m N O T feeling pleasant now, not at all !!!!
i went to the immigration just now to do my passport. once i reached i was so happy...cos i saw no customers at all...what popped up in my mind then was yihoo, guess i can finish the things fast! so i went to get my number and passed the forms, documents and passport photos to the officer. then u know what? he told me my photo cannot be accepted!!! grr.....i felt so upset!!! he said my fringe covered my eyebrow too was only 0.1cm over my eyebrow okay!! and then i wanted to take the photos there he said the service only available from 2pm onwards. WHAT!!! i got not enough time okay...that was my lunch time and its my working day today..sigh outta no choice, i jz left T____T sacrificed my lunch time, without taking my lunch, drove all the way there, under the super hot sun, and i got NOTHING wtf!!! omg somebody pls kill me now...
well i know i shudnt blame anyone. sigh wat…