Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Big Girl Already ;)

Inspired by a few blogger friends, I'm feeling to write about it too ;)

But first, sorry for the blur photos ok =(( blame it to the stupid scanner lah.. i tried for few days already but it still doesn't work!! grrrrr.. i was very fed up last night so i gave up :( i snapped using my handphone instead. once again, minta maaf lah @___@

Taken when i was about 9, heheh smart eh watching people played poker cards ;)

this one was about 10. stood outside my uncle's house.

and ladies and gents, this is ONE-OF-THE ugliest photo. i forgot when was it taken but it was outside my house. look at me!! damn chubby ho?? haih i don't know what's wrong also. and check out my tummy OMG... *faint*

there's more photos back home but trust me you won't want to see them... mind you i was saying 'ONE-OF-THE ugliest photo' meaning there are still many actually. okay lah may be i can show you those which are cute and pretty ones heheh. for once i was veryy chubby and ugly even the brother also called me FATTY T_____T and he still do every now and then!! =((

Okay fast forward abit. moving towards my teen i gradually became better looking hahah..
this was taken during my secondary school time, a trip to KL with my girl friends.

this is the me at 24 now. look okay and more lady like, right right?? 0_o lucky no visible wrinkles on my face lah heheh. sigh getting old is not easy -__-


  1. getting old is easy, look young is a bit more difficult.

  2. piko: haha, but i think there are many ways to looking young la...but of cos need some sacrifices...


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