Thursday, April 3, 2008


I got 2 good news to share!!
First, i got my passport done finally yipee fast that i only spent about 10 mins there. but how come they made my face so chubby one?? so ugly la my photo T___T then i saw the 'maklum balas' form at the counter and i wanted to fill it up actually. but 2nd thought my mind told me it was lazy already so i told myself, nvm la next time @__@ siao one. 300 bucks flied :(( but i guess worth it la. so i ll try to go as many countries as possible in these 5 yrs so that my 300 bucks get paid off okay ^__*
Second, another good fren joined blogging muahaha...first it was Esther and now its Sam. good good, neva thought i would influenced frens to join blogging. o_0
sigh i am super duper duper sleepy now candies finished already i got nth to chew and nth much to do... and its only 2pm now omg omg....i miss my bed la. sumbody pls helpppp... i already yawned 1649 times from yesterday til now ;p somemore i dunno whats wrong wif my Internet connection today its so damn slow!!! grr.... so boring it keeps me waiting. i need to refresh 10 times each time i load a page oh my God.
actually i got another news..i think i dint tell ya b4 that i won something frm participating a contest frm CLEO. a gal called up and told me this. its actually a free 3-days 2 nites stay at a resort at Penang. i searched net then i found out this resort actually exist, but i doubt shud i trust ahh?? cos i dont remember at all that i took such a contest *blurr* she said i m suppose to go there and collect those vouchers. so should this be a good or bad news u tell me.


  1. The same Esther and Sam that I know from UM?

  2. kelv, of cos no...they are my sch mates actually hehe...


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