Thursday, April 17, 2008

Forever Friends Award

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umm umm should i start this...
*think deep*

*snapped finger*
okay letmmi tell you about my friends:
Esther, Suan, Catherine, Crystal, Angeline, Samantha and Tingki.
they are my closest friends of all. the first 5 we had about 11 yrs of friendship and the last 2, 17 yrs of friendship omg....
we used to promise each other that we WILL keep in touch no matter how. yea so glad we did buddies lalalalala...
we text, we call, we laugh, we cry, we hang out, we meet up every now and then... wah so proud ;p
Back school, we used to have 10 sisters tell you what. but slowly the other two(Sc & GH) already lost contact :(( ok la not really lost contact but we seldom meet up already. and kinda weird if we were to meet now, less topics to chat somehow.
we love to chat and gossip alot dont we? =)) not forgetting laughing so loud lah. muaahaha...sighh everytime after our gathering i would complaint about my sorethroat the next day. no i'm not exaggerating i m serious weiii...its because we REALLY talk so much and laugh alot heheh...
we are the main attraction everywhere we go (okay this one i exaggerate @__@ ) but it is real fun and i enjoy every gathering we had.
i cannot imagine what will our gathering become in the next 20 yrs or so. shall we bring along our sons daughters cucu cicit along?? and shall we dress like we are still 20s but actually we are 50 already?? hahah...arghhh i really cannot imagine. aging is so terrifying wtf...
anyway maintaining a friendship is not that hard i suppose. its the sincerity that matters even we are far apart, even we are too busy wif our own life.
gals just wanna say i m so proud to have you in my life..thanks for being there and lend me a shoulder whenever i m down. i really appreciate our friendship (eh sounded so uncool...)
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