Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Wish 'they' Spend Their Life In Jail

What a bad mood to start the day.
my baby City back glass was broken last night.

FUCK THIS SHIT. damn suey okay.

actually i heard bikes and some bangs at 11 smth yesterday night. lazy me thought of nothing special so dint get up and take a look ( i almost felt asleep then) this morning Annie came over to tumpang my car to work. she din't realised anything but me, who always am damn sensitive to every single thing on the car (even bird shits) found that the glass was all broken. and the funniest thing, the brick still lay nicely at the back of the car. but i gotto say that i'm lucky cause nothing's being stolen.

what the fuck is this?!! we know for sure the brick wouldn't fall from the sky itself. stupid brainless retarded sick fckers!!!! why are they so free?? why hit people's car on purpose?? what has gotten into their mind?? so free go to hell lah, please don't go and vandalize people's belongings. grrrrrrrrrr....

what has happened to Malaysia nowadays?? or shall i say, what has happened to Taiping nowadays? it's no longer tai-ping anymore. no where is safe anymore and no one is safe. how am i gonna park the car outside my house in future? hire some guards during the night? put on CCTV? wtf wtf.... feeling so insecure and damn scared now.

well you might thought it's a small case. but can you imagine the heartache-ness i have now?! what's more, it's not my own car.

i hope those stupid fckers who broke my car will spend their life in jail. or being beaten up, or....whatever it is lah, just give them some lessons lah... (cruel ho?? ya lah who ask them break my car?!)

Tomorrow is a holiday, but i ain't in the mood already =((( my poor baby T__T
the so called 'spider web'
the proof...
the worst part, left side of the glass T___T
damn sad okay *sob sob*


  1. Never Mind my dear friend, as long as you are safe. And its lucky that you are not in the car....Thank God

  2. kelian kelian..i know how you feel cos me and HC also experience wat have you go through...the feeling was stund when you get to know is your car..and donno how should you react...totally understand...just think that "poh choi tong choi" lo...wat to do its already happen and we could not do anything. so how much have uu repair the mirrow..luckily ur cd player was not stolen..otherwise more smth like HC...lost even more then us...Take care la anyway...wat u need to do pay more attention to wat happen outside in the future...especially ur area was quite quiet at night time...ok...

  3. angeline: yea thinking back, i m lucky enuff despite the unlucky..
    vampire: haih ya, i know it alr happened, nth can be done. but i m sure u und the heartache i hav. be careful? haih teach me how ..sometimes we careful, but sad accidents happen as well..
    but anyway, thx frens!!


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