Friday, April 25, 2008

MDG Top 3

I was hesitating for abit before i decided to write this blog. cause i know many already blogged about it. anyway since i'm kinda free today so i'll write la okay =))
so top 3 was announced. seriously i was quite satisfied with the result. hahah cause Hanis was one of them tee hee...*claps claps* the latest episodes up already so go watch lah..*
clicks* (haih damn 'fai' la this link, who don't know the Malaysian Dream Girls website right?)


She is my favourite girl so i will start with her first *winks* (damn bias ho?)
she's young, she's pretty, she's humble, she's friendly and she's definetely deserved to be one of the top 3. her posture was so damn good here. she did look good in the batik kind of dress, with her one-of-a-kind expression. i think she need abit more effort and hardwork that'll absolutely make her qualified for commercials, presenter, VJ bla bla bla...whatever that comes to TV la okay. one good thing i feel about Hanis is the she's very friendly, i think even if she become the winner she still can be your good friend!! haih if i am the judge definetely i'll make her the MDG !!


Well i think Jay is gergous too. she can be very girly or cool at times. i think she did well during the runway. i love her skin colour. yea i used to adore people's tanned skin but i won't like it if i have lah hahah....


I don't really like her. (sorry Adeline's fans...) she look so fierce when she's not smiling. see this photo, her posture is abit cacat come her right leg lift so high one?? but i know she look better other than this photo. remember the Escada adv?? i gotto admit she did pretty well during the shot.


No no no....dont like this picture, why mid-jump? her face looked so 'suffered' here..i never tried taking photo during mid-jump but can imagine, its not easy. so it makes her looked so unnatural here.. kesian her lah.


She used to be my favourite. she looked sweet here don't you think? i think her body is nice too heheh.. but too bad lah why she was not in the top 3? T___T frankly i was shocked lo how come??! i believe she got loads of supporters right..


umm....what can i say... the photo is abit dull u think?? but i like her shoulder heheh. i think she has improved from the beginning, yet her runway still need more effort i suppose. anyway her Escada shot is not bad too lah.

well well let's wait and see for the result. i really hope Hanis can win la heheh.. go watch the video and tell me what you think okay? ;)


  1. Surprisingly... I didn't even know about Malaysian Dreamgirl. Must be too 'nerd' with my working life.

  2. hah actually i dint know until i saw people blogged about it...

  3. I like Hanis too. She's very sweet and has a good potential. But Adeline is not bad too......

  4. helo cheddarina, thx for dropping by!
    ya Hanis is good thats y i hope she wins ;)


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