Thursday, April 24, 2008

Random Me

Yesterday while i was driving to work, i realised there were haze. well i was not sure its haze or what lah..or may be some jungles nearby was on fire again @__@ (which i seriously hope its NOT!!) was able to take 2 photos.

showed this to the bf last night, he warned me not to take photos again the next time i'm driving :p okok yes sirr!

this is a clearer pict. what's wrong hah?

the other day i was msn-ing with a friend and we were discussing about tattoo. no it's not the song Tattoo, it's the REAL tattoo fellas... I've always wanted a tattoo for ages. everytime i go shopping malls i got the urge to purposely pass by those tattoo shops i dunno why. weird huh :S
they say it hurts and once you do it's forever. they say it's even painful if you were to remove it. they say you gotto seek for a real professional and a very hygienic shop to perform the tattoo. they say you gotto bear with the pain for that whole process.
well of cause i know all these. but i think i can bear with the pain and money is not a problem wtf... i used to dream if i hav a tattoo at the shoulder wah damn 'chio' man... ;p cause bare-back and sleeveless are my favourite =) sighh i dunno why i just want a tatoo so badly. so jealous when seeing girls with tatoo on their body. at the waist, shoulder, hand, legs and the back of the neck. damn cool okay...^___*
but there are some people who tattoo all over the body that is too much i guess. but they say its ART la seriously i m not an artistic person wtf. a not-very-too-much one is okay. sexyy and seducing ahaha...
damn after all these dreams i know i'm not gonna tattoo somehow T___T sigh the bf surely will not allow lah :(( seriously i don't blame him since most guys don't want their gf to look that 'naughty' afterall. yea i know its already 2008 a modern world now but what to do, i m not able to change his mind @__@ so i can only continue dreaming. but thank God since there are those temporary tattoo stickers nowadays though they are not as nice as the real ones.

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