Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tao Cuisine

Went to Tao cuisine @ Auto City Juru last night with my colleagues. we already planned for this few weeks earlier but couldnt make it somehow.
we departed from office at about 5.40 and reached there at about 6.30. the place was really nice. the design and environment were really Japanese style and unique. all were hungry in the beginning so the first few dishes were really yummy. but soon, our tummy could not bear it anymore >.< we ordered quite alot of dishes. darn in the end everyone were too full, just laid back and not willing to get up hahaha...but frankly the food were not as good as we expected especially the sushi. i think i will only visit it again at least half a year later heheh.
okay whatever it is, it was nice to be able to dine there and the best part, our MIS dept gathering ^___*

our first dish, grilled salmon

papaya salmon

japanese tofu

fried dumpling

tempura shrimp and veg

fire cracker roll


my favourite dish of all, Miso Yaki *winks*

back home at 10++ and was kinda tired already...zzzzz...

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