Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Terrible Monday (part II)

Early yesterday morning i received a call from a user, i told her i m still doing the report she wanted and will hand in to her once finish. she then hang my phone!! damn...i then sent an email to her explaining the whole thing and would appreciate if she pay a lil patience. its a very terrible morning okay to being treated this way, plus its jz Monday..i jz wonder why would some user can be so inconsiderate..neva try to stand in my position and think of my feelings :( yea i know its part of work. people used to advise me that freshie tends to being bullied by the others. so just take it as a challenge, learn frm experiences and gradually become more matured, when there is new staff coming in I can do the same things on him/her. well i think i dont want to be that bad, probably cos i already went through this kind of nightmares. thats y most of the time when there are users like this, i will try my best to control my temper and just accept whatever they say @__@
mum called during lunch time said she s going KL wif aunty. guess she wont be back so soon. gonna miss her for days already T__T
Okay, remembered i mentioned about the Cellnique opening last Saturday? well, Crystal and i went there at about 2 that day. at 1st there were only a few of us, so the gals started to explain to us the promotion they have and of cos, trying to convince us to take those packages. one realy drew my attention, RM1188 for 7 times facial with machine, exclusive wif neck and eye treatment and also, nearly RM200 products to take for FREE. so with much persuasion and after a longg consideration i decided to take this package (which i seriously damn regret now wtf) darn i realy shudnt take this ler...what had gotten in my mind back then? i would think 2431 times before i decided to buy a RM70 dress but i only took no more than 10 mins to take that facial package...bro jz reminded me to save as much money as possible nowadays but looked at what i ve did??!! i realy hope the saloon people can accept my request to transfer this back to the normal package i always take =.= oo ya just forget about the lucky draw, both of us dint get anything :( (p/s: definetely its not lucky for me cos i neva get anything from lucky draw in my life) anyway i'd fulfilled the wish and went for K at nite. sorry no picts for the activity. cos everyone were too bzz singing la so pls forgive us ;p

facial masque products from Cellnique

starter kits

buffet lunch...

Sunday we reached grandparents' graveyard at about 8am. lucky there were not too many people and was able to find parking. after prayed we went to the Taiping memorial park to pray my uncle. it was kinda tired. whats more i went to Ipoh in the noon to watch 'Three Kingdoms'. well as i'd expected its a boring movie for me. But Maggie did looked good in the movie ;)

the big rock in front of the graveyard..omg it seems to grow bigger and bigger and bigger ...


grandparents' graveyard

opps my name wasnt in there @__@

sigh its going to be a lonely day again. dear went outstation and will back only on Wednesday. what a black Monday for me T___T

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