Saturday, April 5, 2008

Working Saturday

Its another boring + dull + dreary working Saturday, again... :(
Its true, i got NO MOOD at all to come to work every Saturday. come on, its spelled S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y, its a day when people suppose to get a good rest, go shopping, chilling out wif frens etc etc. okay whatever it is, it definetely doesnt meant for WORKING!!!
anyway, i m just waiting the clock to strike 12.30pm and i ll back home straight. its Cellnique grand opening today so i would like to attend! they said there will be free gifts, lucky draw, great promotions, refreshments etc etc..and the best part i heard, special gift to be given away if you bring along a friend !! so i asked Crystal to come with me tee hee... ;))
well i ve been thinking to go karaoke lately. the last time i went was about a month+ ago. yesterday when msn-ing wif a fren i was suggesting to him going for K tonite. now seems like everyone agreed so i shall call for booking later on. frankly i prefer going with a smaller group of people. everytime i go, its like i need to wait for 659843 minutes to reach my turn!! imagine 20 people in a room with only 2-3 microphones omg...who is going to hear your voice??! at least if there are only half the people, i doesnt need to wait for so longgg la right?
oo ya brother coming back tonight so i shall pick him up. i actually asked dear to come with me cos it s going to be very late when bro reaches. sigh i gotto admit that i m really old already as i find it abit difficult to drive late at night @__@ i remembered there was this time, about 1am++ i went Simpang to fetch my bro, alone. then while on the way home i hit the wrong direction!! i drove into the opposite lane of the road ahaha...yea now i could laugh out loud since its over. but back then i was damn scared okay cos i saw another car coming towards me omg....he dimmed me kaw kaw man...lucky, there was an exit on my left so i quickly turned in there and back to the correct lane. phew....i think my bro was hang on tight that time ;p okay so after that incident i swear i dont want to drive late at night anymore.
early tomorrow morning i shall be going 'cheng beng' with my family. ya its abit late cos almost everyone went already yesterday. but since we gotto wait for bro so we decided to go tomorrow. i guess it should be all right. after all its the sincerity that matters o_0
hey mini pc fair is in town!! i called it mini cos its really MINI....if u got nothing special to buy then i would said you only need about 10-15 minutes to finish the 'tour'. its a small hall actually, compared to KLCC its 100 times smaller okay. ok la i try not to complain too much at least we can take a walk there ;)
okay i shall finish my desktop housekeeping now otherwise i will need to work overtime later.
so people ciao!

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