Monday, April 14, 2008

Zoo Taiping

First thing first, tell me do you feel i've put on weight?! i had 2 meals of McD as dinner in 3 days!!! omg omg...sigh why is gaining weight way easier than losing weight???? i always say wanna lose weight lose weight but end up, i eat more than i should wtf. i used to have new year resolution which is to exercise more and lose more weight. but damn since these few years i gave up totally cos people said high expectation usually ends with failure wtf. so i m not going to promise that i ll eat less and control my diet anymore now. i know its goin to fail kaw kaw somehow :(( so, eat while i can!! hahaha...
Okay just in case for those of you who keeps wondering how is Zoo Taiping well i can tell you abit now cos i went there yesterday =)) last time i used to nag the bf for not bringing me there but i duno what crossed his mind yesterday he suggested to go since we got nth much to do. frankly i wasnt in the mood cos got a bad gastric in the morning. arghh so painful i need to bend down my body while having breakfast T__T but thank God i was getting better after taking the pills. we reached at 11+ and it was so damn HOTTT....clever me thought of bringing an umbrella along ;) pity Fong and the gf why they dint carry umbrella with them? not much picts for this cos as mentioned, it was so mood wanna take picts, plus we were sweating like hell @__@ anyway, zoo Taiping is kinda a great place to visit. despite the hot sun and bad smell la heheh.. adults entrance fees is RM10 and children RM6. if you are bringing camera or video cam they will charge you another RM5. haiyah the RM5 not worth paying la. just put it into ur pocket or bag and walk in like you did nth wrong lah...where got people so stupid go and tell the guard 'saya ada bawa kamera' one me the guard is not going to spotcheck your bag *winks* by the way there are about 8 mini trains in the zoo so if u are too tired or lazy to walk jz hop on it. for more information about zoo taiping
*click click*

so tired i napped from 2pm to 4smth. FYI i hardly nap in the afternoon ;p

they said my face looked like them wtf thats why i took this photo @__@

i dunno what this called. buffalo isit??

skinny crocodile...

i like this bear he is so cute..he made some sounds actually i duno how 2 describe. dear said he was 'paiseh' thats why he sounded like that wtf

giraffe and ostrich

the next time you visit zoo Taiping tell me how is it ok ^___*


  1. So, did you gain weight then? I try gaining weight so much but end up losing money without gaining weight, not even 1kg. Anyway, nice trip there!

  2. Kelv i dunno. you see me got become fatter now?? hehe...
    ya i always heard u said u wanna gain weight but come ha??
    anyway thx for the comment!!

  3. Well, you still look ok in ya pic. I hardly can gain weight. Difficulties in finding time to eat, workout and rest.


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