Thursday, May 22, 2008

10 random things about me

1. Sometimes when i'm alone, when i'm bored, and when nobody is around, i talk to myself :p (shh.....don't tell ok?)

2. I lurvvee to run my fingers through my hair and count my hair falls. hahah physco :p

3. I will cry myself to sleep when someone i love/care so much hurts me. so you, you and you please don't do that to me cause i hate to see my swollen eyes the next morning :'(

4. I love doing housekeeping ;)) i used to help my friends to clean up their rooms during school/ Uni time, for FOC!!! don't believe??! ask them!!

5. My current bf is my third (last) and i'm also his third (last) tee hee *heart* so coincident hor?? yea i know we are match made from heaven ^__* we started our relationship at Pantai so romantic and movie-like hor? back then, only God knows how difficult it was to paktor and to talk to each other on the phone every nite, SECRETLY. cause i know my parents would strongly disallow this plus i was preparing for my STPM mind you! we only meet during Sundays and that also need Annie to accompany. but after much struggles and debates i officially announced the relationship to my parents 2 months later heheh.

6. I love photo shooting alot!! i used to camwhore secretly so that no one would see, laugh or tease me. but but, i've develop my self-confidence now and will camwhore whenever i like. it just that sometimes i'm so desperate to find a camwhore partner cause almost everyone around me doesn't seems to like photo shooting =( (including the bf)

7. I hate smokers like....seriously!! i just don't understand why smoking is so 'cool'... i absolutely don't see any points that smoking is GOOD for health. according to scientific research, there are over 4000 chemicals of tobacco which can seriously damage the smoker's body. and cigarettes have price raised over the years so why are people still wasting money on them?! and you know who suffers the most?? those non smokers who expose to secondhand smoke lah. we are so 'innocent' so please quit smoking and respect the people around you okay!!

8. My parents once told me that i am their 'unplanned' child heheh...that is why my second brother is 5 years elder than me. but its okay cause we are indeed close to each other =) tank kiew papa and mama for bringing me to this world!!

9. Shopping is my all time favourite!! okay i bet all girls do heheh. i like shopping for tops & bottoms & accessories but not shoes or bags omg... i'm weird i know. that is why i only have 4 pairs of sandal and 2 pairs of heels (not forgetting the new boots i bought last few weeks), and only 3 handbags =_= my friend said i'm stingy and choosy wor...uhmm well i admit sometimes i do. money is not easy to earn baby so i will think 56974 times before i decided to buy something.

10. I had my glasses on since i was 14. seriously i hate wearing specs so muchhh....tell me is there a way i can regain my perfect eye sight without having to spend loads of $$$ ?!

p/s: still too many random things about me. too many so i summarize into 10.


  1. hey next time we camwhore together-getehr k? hehe :P

  2. ok Cryst u said one ha.. dont 'tipu sama wa' ok? (sounds familiar?):p

  3. 10 random things about me..... interesting. Either i'm too dumb or my brain had rusted away, I can't think of 10 things. 1 can ka?

    Oh oh, we are so contradict!! I'm sooooo much into shoes and heels and I have about 12 pairs in my closet and 1 on the way to rubbish dump area. Talking about boots, I search high and low for an ankle/desert boots but to no avail T_T .... your boots is so tempting *drooling

  4. yvonne: hehe u go Sg Wang la, there are alot of boots there, price affordable too ;))

  5. Haha, great post there! My feedback:
    1. That's normal, I even talked to my pets.
    2. Haha, no comments.
    3. -
    4. Can be a future good housewife already.
    5. Great!
    6. Camwhore means you got confidence in yourself.
    7. 100% agree.
    8. -
    9. Zomg... it looks like I need to understand more bout typical girls.
    10. -

  6. Kelv: hehe thx...
    glad that i m still normal la for talking to myself :p


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