Monday, May 19, 2008


*edited - photos updated*

Been MIA for about a week. haiz what to do life's bored and bzz too. i m still feeling tired because of not enough resting and sleep @__@ worst, i feel like i m falling sick ever since my KL trip last weekend :'( *restless*

Anyway i attended Aisyah's wedding on Saturday noon, with Crystal and Angeline. there were only us, only 3 chinese in the whole hall.... kinda paiseh lah. thats why we left earlier than we estimated.
Aisya is shhooo pretty isn't she??
i like their 'pelamin' so much... looks elegant rite rite? ;)

us with the newly wed, Aisya and..... her hubby :p

was able to meet the rest of the ex-school mates too!!

Watched Narnia on Sunday with the bf and family. ummm not a very nice movie to me :p
By the way there is Big Apple at Jusco Ipoh and since its NEW so we decided to give it a try. seriously i was abit lazy to queue cause there were loads of people. however we bought 2 dozens in the end, 1 for us and another for Nickson & friends. i think it's only best to eat while it's hot. nth very special to me heheh i dont understand why everyone is dying for it.

told ya the queue was longgg...

sorry lah photo skill not good enough the donuts here doesn't seems yummy ;p

we left in the evening and was tired but still went for yum char at night great huh..
sorry for the short post i don't know why i m getting sleepy already though the nite is still young @__@ proof that i m kinda exhausted lately and of cause, OLDER hahah ok lah shall stop here nitez.

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