Friday, May 2, 2008

Getting Better

Despite the heartache-ness both of us have, the bf somehow agreed to take me to Penang yesterday for a walk and a movie :) so the mood is getting better. though the bf kept comforting me, telling me it's not my fault; telling me after the glass is fixed, everything will be alright.. yea i know his intention, but words just simply can't describe how i feel deep down :((

Anyway, we watched 'Iron Man'. damn nice!! instead of calling it action movie, i think we should call it comedy also hahah.. cause there are a couple of scenes i found pretty funny! :D just wonder, are those so-high-end technologies REAL?? or only appear in movies? or only exist at the US? *link*

I was looking for a pair of boots actually before the show. we went from shop to shop, but too bad i couldn't find any that i like =( the bf also complained 'why you so yim chim one??' :p hello hundred over for this, of cause need to buy one that i really really like wert... in the end, i bought some Body Shop products at a very good price, since they are having Mother's Day promotion tee hee...also i bought a box of green tea ;)

the bf will bring baby City to the workshop some time today. heard the cost for this is about 400 bucks, money fly away for nothing know what i heard from my uncle, his friend had the same case happened at the same night, somewhere around the neighbourhood also. coincidentally, his car is also BLACK. tell me are those fckers hate BLACK car?? or they just did it for fun?! whatever it is, i'm praying to God to bless the safety around the area, we definetely not hoping for cases like this to happen again @__@


  1. I watched Iron Man last night. Good movie. Like the story and how they make it 'real'. But dislike the fighting scenes which is too simple and boring. Well, in the end got Nick Fury, so perhaps will see Iron Man again in Avengers.

  2. ya is a nice movie. lucky its not a very 'robotic' type of movie at least got funny parts.. ;D


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