Friday, May 9, 2008

Looking back...

Have you read the news? a 17 year old gal being murdered. *speechless*
I was discussing this with Crystal while drivin' to yoga yesterday. we both agreed that youngster these days are way different compared to us last time. she is only 17 and already allowed to stay with the bf? should i say it's the parents who are very open minded or the youngsters? imagine if i was in a relationship at 17 and told my parents i wanna stay with the bf.. how would they react?!! unimaginable!! i swear they would kill me lo... >.<

i remember during my teens, i used to wear so kolot with that big ugly glasses haha. together with the girls we hardly talk about make up or fashion or whatever lah... it was just study study and study and just normal t-shirt and short pants whenever i go out, and of cause no handphones. but look at the young girls and boys now, the way they wear is so up to date, their handphones are way expensive than mine @__@, they use laptops during their outings, they are even allowed to go yum char or clubbing until late at nite!! most importantly, they already paktor when they are only 15!! *faint*

FYI i only started to learn about fashion and make up in my pre Uni life (yea i know that sucks). and i only got my handphone when i was 20 i think and that also was Nokia 3310 ahahah... it's an antique already nowadays but when i first got it, it was like so proud and happy okay.. my dad bought that for me and it was about 500-600 bucks back then. i hardly go meeting with friends especially on weekdays. even my weekends were usually spent at home. haiz damn sien one lah. even if i go out with my friends i have to make sure to reach home latest at 10pm otherwise my dad would call and rush me to go back! did you see the freedom i get compared to the youngsters nowadays??!

i can only say youngsters today are indeed very lucky and bahagia. they usually get what they want even if they don't have money heheh. but anyway i know i'm lucky too ;) sometimes we just need to be contented about life and appreciate whatever we have agree?
Anyway off to KL tomorrow for Mother's day celebration tee hee... can't wait!!


  1. at least i started out with a 3210. throw at dog also die. ur 3310 throw at dog will brain damage. nowadays phones you throw at dog, dog avoid, and ran away with your phone and rm30 credit inside.

  2. piko, thx for the comment.
    haha ya, those phones damn heavy and big...

  3. every generation have their own precious moments. our mums n dads have their own version of sweet teen times, probably BW tv, old skool cinemas etc.

    technology has evolved so much, changed the way we all interact with each other. there are things best experienced without the presence of a cell phone or lappy...

    me thinks ;)

    ah, reli miss those times when i wake up 530am in the morning to go play badminton ;P. open air. enjoy the sunrise as you play. nice...


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