Monday, May 26, 2008

My encounters with City 08'

1. She was hit at the back, some time in March/April.

2. I lost one of her tyre nuts while trying to fill in air the other day, funny right? (okay, it was the bf, to be precise)

3. The glass was broken on 29/04/2008. :(

4. Back tyre punctured today.

Note: all of the above happened just AROUND ME.

Sighhh why like that one you tell me??! or shall i pay RM3.60 to the fortune teller may be he can tell me why i have such a bad luck with Honda City this year?? then may be i shall stop driving her already wtf.

damn sueyyy.


  1. No worry, ppl say good things will follow eventually :)
    Perhaps another half of the year turns out better

  2. yvonne: yea, i hope so!! :)

  3. What a luck... Just be more careful.

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  6. Car is just a type of vehicle. It worn out and faded when time goes by. As long as you can stay healthy, sweet and pretty always, that's god blessed already. So, do not need to feel upset about it at all. Cheers.

  7. kelv: ya what to do, like u said, just be careful...

  8. yan: hehe ya, u got ur points too...anyway, thx oo ;))


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