Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Weekend Trip

Back from KL and am totally worn out!! >.< now that i realized travelling to and fro in 2 days is so tiring!! my eyes are still tired cause of wearing lens for long hours omg...
anyway regardless of the tiredness, i found the trip worth as was able to have family and relative gathering and most importantly, shopping!! ;D
Went to Sg Wang with Janice on Saturday noon and was manage to grab something nice.. she also bought a lovely bag for her mummy for Mother's day. After our shopping session we went for dinner together with aunties and families. there was this small cut-cake session too at aunt's house heheh. Happy 'belated' Mother's Day for all mummies ^___*

these 2 little monsters are so naughty!! but i like them so much they are so cuTeeee don't you think??

my happy family.. i notice that mummy has aged and thinner now T_____T surely its because of her migraine. i really pray that mummy can get away from this real soon.

Late that night we went Red Box @ Sunway with siew li and friends. we sang from 12am to 3am++.. i was kinda sleepy already then.

siew li and i ;)

whose finger is that at the back?!

Up at 9+ on Sunday morning. breakfast at SS2 then headed to Bangsar then Mid Valley. we shopped several boutiques at Bangsar but end up, i din't buy anything =( but anyway i finally got my pair of boots tee hee...
we had our lunch at Teppanyaki and they fetched me to pudu then. can't really sleep well while on the way back Taiping though i was tired.

nah some stuffs i've shopped.. i think i made record this time for buying only these few things hahah.. honestly i wanted to buy somemore but what to do, couldn't find anything nicer @__@ nvm lah at least like this i can save some money *try to think at the bright side wtf*

Alrite gotto get back to work now. i'm blogging from office mind you...


  1. difficult to imagine 'got money nothing to buy'.

  2. haha simple..let me explain..
    it means u got enuff monye in ur wallet but even after u shopped for few hours still couldnt find anything that u realy likes.
    well it was what happened to me >.<

  3. i see. you can always let some 'paper' tumpang in my wallet if you think its making yours too thick to handle ;)

  4. Ah ha, come KL didn't find me clubbing, haha. Anyway, catch up with ya some other time.

  5. piko: haha, funny funny..
    Kelv: haih sory ler, like i said, i was in a rush..not able to find time to meeting u all >.<


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